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Anika it would have been more good if pinky mom and shakti uncle should be with Shivaay on this occasion.

Both left this world and Shivaay soon eariler specially Pinky mom, on his day of birth. Poor baby only saw his mom in pictures ” Tia spoke sadly”

He losted all his close one. From mom, dad and know you too will get far from him.

Anika eyes gets watery to hear that. She from net gazes him who’s smiling on Rudra drama.

Shiv !! ” Anika mumbles”

Shivaay hearts skips the beating hearing his name from his love mouth.

Anika was about too stepped towards Shivaay when she felt dizzy and with in a blink she fell on floor.

Anika / di/ Anu…… ” All said in union and ran towards her”.

Shivaay without caring about others picked Anika in arms and hurriedly walked towards room with leaving his gaze from her face.

After few minutes

Mom I…..

Shut up Anu. There’s no compromise on health you know that. Then why you skip your breakfast ha?

Your business is more important than your health ” Ankita yelled”

Anika like innocent baby nods positively cutely gazing her mom.

Ankita glare Mr Raizada who was hidding behind Gayu.

Happy now? Business come first than health same like you ” She scold him”

After all she’s my daughter
” He said proudly”

And our didu ” Gayu pouts”

Shut up you trio.Now she not your daughter and didu but someone wife and daughter in law to be.

Don’t you know for girls their diet is so important. Many complications can took place don’t you know ” She turns and glare Anika who was trying to run from there”

Don’t run Anu. This is your last night in mansion. After that you won’t have to run from me and my scoldings
” She cries”

Maa ” Anika hugs her tightly ”

Leave me Anu. I don’t want to talk to you ” Mrs R tries to free herself”

Aww !! My darling got angry with me ” Anika smiles and peck her cheeks”

Does my annoyances matters to you? ” Mrs R asked turning her face”

Aww!! Ankita you are looking so cute. I lo… ” Mr R said pulling her cheeks”

Don’t be so cheesy ” Mrs R playfully slaps him”

No your annoyances don’t matters to me. Because I know my maa can get angry with these two devils but not with her Anu. ” Anika said keeping her head on her shoulder”

Don’t be so over confidence di ” Gayu said “

It’s not my confidence devils. It’s universal fact. That ( Anika swirls Ankita towards her )

Dr Ankita Raizada loves her Anu more than herself.

But you know Dr ji. I was not running away from you but i was running because…. ( Anika smilingly steps back)

Meri haldi abhi bakhi hai. Aur , aur….

Hahaah !! Dad safe me please stop our lady Hitler

Anika said running here and there from Ankita who was running behind her to chase her.

Guests room

Shivaay why you are doing? Why you are marrying Tia, when you love Anika? ” Om shouts”

I’m not answerable to you Om. ” Shivaay said coldly scrolling his fone”

Why? Bhaiya why you are not answerable to us?

Bhaiya we just not grown up by eating organic food. But seeing love in your eyes for Anika di.

Sorry, i know for you all Rudy is immature but i’m not that much stupid bhaiya.

Rudy grew by learning love from his superhero who love my inspiration my Anika di like…

Person love it’s sight. If your sight is not without you , yet then being in light only see darkness.

Please bhaiya go and tell everyone that you love Anika di and will marry her only.
” Rudy cries”

Rudra theek keha raha hai Shivaay.

Go and tell everyone that you can’t live without Anika. ” Om tries to explain”

No, it cannot happen ” Shivaay said”

Why it can’t happen? ” Rudra yells”

Because i’m saying and leave me alone i’ve to make important call ” Shivaay commands”

Fine, you sit here and do your business call. There down today i myself will tell that Shivaay loves Anika ” Om told draging Rudra out”

You won’t do anything. Did you hear? ” Shivaay said pulling them”

No, we didn’t and why should we hear you? When you are not listening us? ” Om jerk him”

Fine go and tell everyone that I love Anika. Then what will happen, huh?

What everyone will get shock expect Anika. ” Shivaay sadly chuckles “

What you mean, expect Anika? ” Om asked”

Shivaay was about to tell them that he confess when a knock distrube them.

All are waiting for you, Anika is feeling better now so come we have to start tia and Anika haldi too. ” Jhanvi told”

Mom you just go we are coming ” Om said”

No, come with me right know. All guests are asking for Obros ” Jhanvi drags them”

Badi maa you all go. I’m just coming i’ve to use restroom
” Shivaay said”

Come soon ” jhanvi smiles and left with omru”

Soon Omru and Jhanvi left the room someone entered the room and shouts on Shivaay.

How come they came too know about it? How? ” Person shouts”

I didn’t told them, trust me, you know I never lie and I too don’t know how omru came to know ” Shivaay said “

Leave them. But what about Anika?

Yes, I confess….. splash

You told Anika that you love her. From last thirty years i’m stopping you and you….
” person shouts pasting fingers on Shivaay cheeks”

Shivaay was about utter something when person slaps him again…

Apna muh band rakho jesa rakhte aye ho. Tum ney agar Tia se shaadi na ki tu. Jante ho kya ho ga ?

Shivaay tightly shut his eyes and cries.

Clean your face and come down. Right after ten minutes ” Person commands”

Shivaay lifts his gaze and smirks evilly flicking his hairs.

He took fone out of his pocket and calls someone.

After an hour

Shiv are you there inside” Anika knocks”

Anika ” Shivaay said in soft tone”

Shiv please open the door. I need to talk to you please open the door ” Anika request”

Anika what happened why you came here ” Shivaay opens the door and turns his face”

Shiv you are turned your face. Look here ” Anika commands “

Mera muh hai. Meri marzi hai main is ko kisi bhi angle may ghumaou. ” Shivaay said sternly”

Wase muh nahe gardan ghoomti hai ” Anika chuckles”

Shiv look I understand more than understand I respect your feeling

You are important part of my life Shiv, but I’m sorry I can’t call you my life.

You are my best friend and will always remain that only.

May be your love is pure for me but I consider it only friendship.

Then today let me change this perspective of friendship for you ” Shivaay said pulling her close wrist”

Shiv what you are doing? Leave me ” Anika yelled”

Shhhh!!! ” Shivaay shh her in deep dangerous voice”

It’s mine and your Haldi !!

But dadi said, groom and bride should not meet each other.

So see me covering my eyes with this blindfold. Remember it’s the same blindfold that you use to tie on my eyes and me use to find you.

Now come let me drench you haldi ” He said scooping her in arms”

Same like that I’ll cover my eyes and then I, your Shiv will apply your favourite Chocolate as Haldi on you and then me gonna clean you. ” He whispers huskily “

Shivaay leave me what are you doing? ( she wiggles and hits him on chest) Damn it I’m your friend your Anika…..

Shivaay kiss her tears and gently place her in bathtub filled with liquid Mars chocolate

Shiv. No ” Anika pleads”

Tia room

Whole room is filled with darkness. Only candles are lighten to vanish darkness but they are also melting.

Mom, how long it will take to start the generators ” Tia said irriratedly “

Tia beta don’t get irrirated servants are checking. You just relax otherwise your face won’t glow…..

Mom what glow? My Haldi was left in the mid and you think my face will glow ” Tia yells pushing candle on floor”

Tia you wait here let me check myself and find why light is not coming ” Mrs Kapoor said”

Hurry mom hurry ” Tia shouts”

Guest room

Shivaay wept his tears with his shirt sleeves and with his shivery hands coated with dark liquid rubs it on Anika bare waist

Shivaay leave me I beg you
” She cries”

How can I leave you Anika, how? I’ve lost everyone but failed to hold them for me, but at that time, I was too young to hold them.

But no more loss Shivaay will bear this time. Today for whom I learned to live again and learned to believe on love. I won’t let her go away from me.

I won’t be called a lonely person !!

“Shivaay cries while applying chocolate come Haldi over Anika body”

“Anika tries to push him but his grip was getting tighter on her”

You are mine Anika. You are just mine ” Shivaay laughs pulling her more in him”

Anika bites on his hand and runs from there

Anikaaaa ” He shouts and run after her”

Inside the room

Anika was trying to open the door when Shivaay hold her and come on top of her while throwing her on bed.

Just leave me you Rascal !!
” She shouts”

I didn’t hold you to leave you, my love ” He said licking liquid from her ears”

Anika was whizzing under him, she tries to push him but he held her hands above her head

I told you love, Shiv will clean you but don’t worry my eyes are still cover and I won’t see you before our specially night.

I hate you !!

Your love and hate are both for mine. He said sucking chocolate from her eyes, cheeks, nose and traveling down he took her chin in his warm mouth and suck hardly”

Ummm ” She moans”

See you love my touch and denies that you love that giraffe ” He said lick her waist”

Anika was shivery when he came close to her face

Don’t me afraid from me Anika. Trust your Shiv, he won’t steal your first kiss as along with you, me too safe my first kiss for my Anika only for first night.

Saying this he made her lie on her stomach and slowly eat all of the chocolates from her back leaving her in sobs and moans.

Her sobs were making his heart bleed but at the same time her presences was healing his wounds too.

He in a swift motion again made her lie on her back and cup her face in his hands.

Don’t get frighten of me, my love. I’m your Shiv and he knows his limits

Nor I’ll kiss your lips, nor gonna gaze your assets and nor I’m gonna touch your beauty. ” He said lovingly pecking her forehead”

Then what you want? ” She shouts”

Your soul “He said huskily licking liquid from corners and outline of her lips”

Anika moans titling her neck

Delicious !!! ” He whispers making patterns on her milky waist”

Anika cries

Don’t cry Anika you know Shivaay can’t see your tears.

Then why you are doing this?


He said leaving his mark on her crook of neck.

Aahhhhhh ” She realize a deep moan clutching his shirt”

You are mine now. ” He said smooching her crook”

Anika was crying and hitting him when Shivaay peck her hands for last time and move away from her removing blindfold for his eyes.

Anika covered herself and runs from there but stops near door.

She turns back and with bloodshot eyes gazes Shivaay who with tears was looking at her.

Anika while crying vigorously screamed…..

You know why you are alone. Because you don’t deserve to be loved.

That’s why your mother die the day she gave birth to you.

And your father too die because you are curse on each person who is born to love you but loving you always give death to that person.…..



Your lust got dust Mr. Rascal.

Now what you are looking at me. Won’t you congrates Mrs Vikram.


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