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You are right Anika, you said correct whoever fall in love their end is only death.

And that’s what you have given me the day you proposed Vikram infront of whole college, infront of my eyes.


Oh!! Shivaay baby what you are doing here? Come with me and see what a history is going to written in the history of Kings Edwards College.

Leave this bore history and come with me let me show you the most romantic history to be created ever ” Tia told snatching book from Shivaay”

Stop it Tia. I’m not interested in any history expect my nation and stop doing this kiddo stuns and give my book back. I’ve to study ” Shivaay commands”

Yeah! I really know you and your patriotism baby but come just for five minutes.

And don’t worry about history lecture there’s no single class today ” Tia told draging him”

What you are saying?

“No single class” is that any kind of joke and if it’s not than it’s impossible that history prof will not take class ” Shivaay laughs”

Indeed !! But you know what? You have forgotten that, the day AR stepped in our College everything changed and now if I’m not wrong by baby Shivaay is too part of that change.

Right Mr SSO? ” Tia nudged him”

No, you are wrong Tia. SSO is himself a change. He never changes for anyone but his surrounding change themselves according to my waves. ” He said with his famous Tadi”

Like always it’s a lie. But look at the crowd there and you’ll get to know who’s the real boss of changing the surrounding of her finger tips. ” Tia smirks “

Anni!! What Anni did this time, Tia ? ” Shivaay asked gazing the crowd”

Something heart breaking baby ” Tia chuckles “

Oh !! God Anni please I know you are the trouble inverter for yourself.

But don’t do something else now. It’s my birthday Anni and before cutting cake with you. I don’t want Anuty ji ( Anika mom) cut me into pieces
” Shivaay blunders running inside the crowd”

The whole college what students, servants and Professors even Principal of College was part of ring and was staring the charm, the inspiration of every girl and Cinderella of all boys was standing in the center with her weapon with whom she can kill anyone at the spot.

Yup !! Anika’s cute yet killing smile that’s carpeted on her face.

What’s this mad girl is upto?
” Shivaay said pushing people aside”

Hey !! Shivaay you also came. Come come I think only you were missing and would have missed Ms. Anika Raizada new stun ” Principal giggles”

Sir, instead of stopping her. You are too enjoying Seriously !! ” Shivaay glances him with shock”

Yeah !! Every seriously I’m enjoying and you too enjoy with us. After all you have to give her journal to Mrs Raizada.

You are impossible sir. I’ve to stop her myself. Shivaay said moving ahead when girl held his hand.

O !! The dream boy of each girl dream including me please stay with me next turn will be mine to purpose you.

And let this Cinderella too purpose her Prince Charming
” Girl told doodling him”

Purpose, what? ” Shivaay gets dumbstruck”

Yes, that’s what was tell you baby and guess what who’s the Prince Charming of this Cinderella ” Tia asked”

Me…… Shivaay was about to spoke when someone else name echoed in his ears than his.

History professor Vikram Aditaya, please baad main mar li jiya mere muh par thappad

Par jasie main har roj sunti hoon ap ke boring kisaye except saturday aur sunday.

Aaj phir hai monday aur pata hai mujh ghar jaa kar khaane hai mummy ke dande because you know I hate ande.

But I truly Love your pyaar pyaar do nain. Like I love my biology ma’am because she teaches me bio.

But poorly I can’t do practical with her as it will create wrong history.

You know Anika Raizada never does wrong expect writing history.

And if you want your favourite student to create a eternal history.

Then accept my marriage proposal as I believe we hold great chemistry and don’t worry about history as we gonna create romantic history that we’ll conclude together to our babies.

But to teach our babies, history we have to make babies and it’s only way is to practice biology according to morality.

But as my life never gets kick without creating tragedy so here’s my new bugatti urf, chandni.

Joh main chahti hoon ap ko phenani. Please aaj na kehi toh manu na nii

Aur ek waari manu hass ke keha de…

Haan ji !!

Flashback ends

Shivaay opened his eyes that were oozing fire that fire in which Anika was burning.

You made me dead Anni, you made me dead that day.

I was just breathing before your arrival but your brith give me life.

That life which I dreamed to live with you and you destroyed everything before I can turn into reality and you said..

I finished what we created?


Anni, no that was you only, who ruined everything before it’s beginning.

You wanted to create history with that Vikram?

When you that , you are my only Shivaay Singh Oberoi destiny.

Now if you try to erase me yourself destiny you can never do so because you been marked Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Anika!!

SSO writes it’s own destiny Anika Raizada. And he has written you in his destiny.

Kismat ney itihaas likha hain

Itihaas ney kismat nahi

Joh khud ki kismat likhte hai wohi mohabbat ki kaamayaab
dastaan likhte hain



Anika, it’s your Haldi puttar first light was missing and then you.

Where have you been and is that you cried? ” Dadi asked making her look at her”

No, Dadi ji I didn’t cried. Sorry for troubling you and now stop scolding me infront of all and began the function.

See look at Tia face. If you all didn’t apply haldi on her she will die on the spot ” Anika chuckles trying to hide her tears”

Shut up you b*t*h !! And you are already dead ” Tia grins”

Yes, you are right Tia I’m dead know “Anika mumbles reminiscing what happened with her”

Where you get lost Anika? Go and settle down we have to end this soon.

See it’s already ten and we have to leave also. ” Jhanvi told”

Gayu smiling made Anika settle down next to Tia.

Thanks babe light is back otherwise our haldi would left incomplete ” Tia said “

Anika was lost in her own thoughts and in heart she was shading million tears. She tightly closed her eyes and only Shivaay face was flashing infront of eyes.

She opened her as she felt someone hands on her cheek.

She stares the person and her eyes gets moist. Her heart was saying to crush her mom in hug but mind was saying don’t fall weak.

Ankita bhabhi what are you waiting for apply haldi to your Anu as we all are too waiting to cream Anika cheeks ” Jhanvi said pulling Anika cheek”

Ankita softly peck Anika head and place her hand in haldi bowl.

She was about to apply on Anika face when Anika held her hand.

Anu !!

Mom! I need to use restroom
” Anika whispered”

No, Anika after this we are already late. Control for minutes ” Ankita smiles

Mom please it’s not that wala control. I think my date changed ” Anika pouts”

Ufff !! Why you are so careless Anu. Why you didn’t told be before? And what if you are on? We have to postponed your marriage  ” Ankita told”

Me not any baby more and please don’t question me more and let me go and I said I’m just going to check ” Anika said”

Ok, but i’m sending Bhavya with you so you don’t fly somewhere else again. Nor trouble Bhavya understood ” Ankita commands”

Anika nodded positively.

Bhavya come here and directly take her to rest room and bring her in minutes ” Ankita told”

What happened Ankita ji? ” Mrs kapoor asked”

As usual girly problem
” Ankita replied smiles ”

Oh!! Poor Anika at this time. Seriously I hate this think here it’s some event is on head and we get this ” Jhanvi nods negatively”

Thanks god I’m already free from this. Otherwise my first night will get spoil ” Tia shouts in excitement”

All glanced her as she had grown horns on her head

Tia !! ” All shrugged

Such a shameless girl you are. Infront of your mother Tia you are taking about your first night ” Mrs Kapoor slaps her”

Like you didn’t talk ever ” Tia pouts”

Mrs Kapoor gets shy and start looking here and there.

It’s ok aunty ji don’t shy. Just tell me what you did on your FN” Gauri teases her”

That you planned with omkara. ” Mrs Kapoor gave back”

Mom please give me some tips. Not only you but dadi ji you too ” Tia winks dadi”

Haye Rabba !!    ” Dadi cupped her mouth”

All burst into laughter and splash whole bowl of haldi on Tia


Bhavya give me your phone
” Anika commands”

Di you lied to mumma? You came here to call jiju huh? But I won’t mumma order me. You do your romance tomorrow after all will be your….. ” Bhavya tease her”

Just shut your mouth Bhavya. You are younger just stay that and don’t you dare to talk to me like this. Got it ” Anika shouts”

Anika di I…….

Stop it and I said give me your phone ” Anika commanded”

Bhavya with sobs handover phone to her

Leave ! And don’t you dare to open your mouth infront of mom ” Anika orders snatching phone from her”

Bhavya cries and  runs from there.

Anika shuts the door and cries as much loud she can sitting with door support.

I hate you Shivaay. I hate you and will keep on hating you.

She shouts hitting her head against door.

She wiped her face gulped all her lump and dail someone number.

Hello !! It’s me Anika please come I want to meet you. Right know ” Anika told over call”


Next Day

Today was wedding day and according to Ankita wish. Mandap for marriage was set in Raizada villa.

Two beautiful and classy mandap were set in the center of yard.

Anika and Vikram mandap was decorated with white Lilies.

Shivaay and Tia mandap with orchids.

Grooms were already present in mandap and were chanting mantras after panditji.

After chanting mantras pandit ji commands bride parents to bring brides to mandap’s.

Mrs Kapoor and Mrs Ankita nods and command Gayu to bring them

Gayu nods and walk inside the villa.

Seeing Gayu walking inside. Rudra rushes to Shivaay and pleads

Bhaiya please stop this marriage. Tell everyone you love Anika di just speak up bhaiya.

I join my hands infront of you. ” Rudra pleads stone”

Rudra behave yourself whole media is surrounded you. Just get up from here ” Shivaay commands”

Bhaiya please ap ko meri kasam hai ” Rudra cries”

Om. Take him away ” Shivaay signal Om”

Om glare Shivaay and stood next to Yash.

Shivaay shut his eyes tightly and took a deep breath ,breath got hitched inside hearing Anika’s chand bracelet sound.

He turns his face to right while smiling, he lift his Sehra and gets lost in her beauty.

Anika was royally walking in mid of Ankita and Gauri in pure red lehenga with red net duptta over her face.

Where Tia was in golden lehenga walking with Bhavya and Mrs Kapoor beside her.

Tia was staring Shivaay with broad smile
where Anika was bride with no emotions.

Soon both were made sit next to their partners and panditji began chanting mantras.

Shivaay’s constant gaze was on Anika where Anika was just staring fire.

Panditji commands parents of both brides to do Kanyadaan.

Both came forward and did Kanyadaan of their daughters after that they began taking rounds against fire.

O !! Please kuch karo yaar. Anika di ko mujh bhabhi bol na. Shivaay bhaiya ki dhulhan kehna hai please O rukwa de yeh shaddi ” Rudra cries over his shoulder”

Rudy!! We can’t do anything. Stop cry whatever is happening it’s was destiny ” Om said wiping his tears”

But lady baba is not my bhaiya destiny. That girl in red
lehenga taking rounds with that giraffe is my bhaiya destiny, his everything ” Rudra cries “

We are helpless Rudra ” Om told”

After taking rounds both grooms were instructed to fill their brides hairline vermilion and tie mangalsutra around their neck.

Both did it as instituted and panditji announced that wedding is over and they are husband and wife from today.

They took blessing of elders and love from younger.

Anika was about to hug Rudra when he ran inside crying.

Anika gots shocked and so were other over Rudra action.

What happened to him? ” Vikram asked”

Nothing Vikram. You know na he loves Anika a lot so got emotion ” Om told”

Cry baby !! ” Vikram laughs”

Shivaay was staring Anika who was standing clutching Vikram hand tightly.

Shivaay baby come let us congrats Mr and Mrs Vikram Aditaya Thapar ” Tia said”

Sure come ” Shivaay said walking to them”

Hello !! Babe heartily congrats ” Tia congrats Anika taking her in hug”

Same to you !! ” Anika wishes her”

Excuse !! History prof please will you congrats us ” Tia said”

Off course !! Congrats man you got your universe
” Vikram pulled Shivaay in hug”

No, sir my universe is still far from me ” Shivaay pov gazing Anika”

I think Anika you too have to congrats your Shiv. After all you won’t be able to hug him again. Go and hug him then don’t complain me for this ” Tia said pushing Anika on him”

Shivaay grasp Anika tightly from waist and hugs her as much tight he can as his whole life is on it.

Your lust got dust ,Mr. Rascal.

Now what you are looking at me. Won’t you congrates Mrs Vikram. ” Anika whispered in dead tone”

Congrats Mrs…….. ” Shivaay smirks”



What does Shivaay’s smirks means.

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