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Your lust got dust ,Mr. Rascal.

Now what you are looking at me. Won’t you congrates Mrs Vikram. ” Anika whispered in dead tone”

Congrats Mrs……..
” Shivaay smirks”

Anika lift her eye lashes , she gets little frighten of his smirk as she knows when ever he smirks , it’s the gesture of SSO victory.

Shivaay whispers ” one cost chocky for Annie, two cost ice cream for Annie and three cost scream for …….

Anika gets shocked to hear manly roar. She hits him hard and turns her gaze to Raichand Villa entrance.

So does the rest did but before they can have a view of person, whole press and media block the view of person who was approaching ahead taking long steps ignoring press and media.

Press and media ” Mr Thapar…. Mr Thapar you here please tell us, who you are here…. we were told you are out of country…. but you came….. what’s going on…..

Mr Raizada ” Gaurav came Tej , what a suprise he gave. Come Tej let us recieve him.

And omru you please go and shoo this media and press from here now. I don’t want them to shoot any scene that this Gaurav will definitely will

“Omru nods positive and ran to shoo press and media”

Mr Raizada ” And you my wifey do the arrangements for your daughter FIL. “

Mrs Raizada” I know Yash ji. Please go and recive him before they create any scene.”

Jhanvi please come with me I need your help.

Jhanvi” Yeah, sure come let us go”

Bhavya” Mom, I’m also coming.”

Gauri laughs ” hahha. Bhavya you get scare from Gaurav uncle like this that he’s your FIL.”

Bhavya” Shut up di. Before having FIL like him I’ll love to die single.”

Bhavya ” Stop it di and go to Anika di. She needs you”

Anika runs to Vikaram ” Vikram what’s this? How come uncle is here?”

Vikram” I don’t know Anika and don’t worry Dad will not eat you. You wait here and let me recieve dad”

Anika glare Shivaay who was smilingly setting Tia necklaces glancing Anika from corner of eyes.

Gauri ” Anika di, what you are doing here? Come mom is calling you inside.”

Anika ” Why mom is calling me? She asked murdering Shivaay with her sharp look”

Gauri” Because your FIL is calling you”

Gauri ” Yup! Now come with me. Otherwise she will scold you for coming late in his count.”

Saying this Gauri drag Anika who was just look at Shivaay.

Shivaay” Tia, you go and rest and Aunty ji you are also looking tired so rest in Raizada villa. Soon after Vikram bidaai you have to do bidaai of Tia too”

Mrs Kapoor ” Shivaay beta it’s Anika bidaai not Vikram’s”

Tia” Mom, Shivaay baby mean the same. And please take me in now, I’m really tired and this dress..

Mrs Kapoor ” Come with me. And Shivaay you aren’t you coming in?”

Shivaay” I’m coming just going to OM to check arrangements there”

Tia whispers ” Our FN arrangements baby”

Shivaay No, someone final destruction arrangements”

Shivaay” Nothing, go now your mom is waiting for you”

Soon Tia left with Mrs Kapoor.

Shivaay let out a laugh, trying hard not to cry yet his tears of sarrow betrayal him blurring his vision.

Mr Thapar ” Anika take this papers and sign them”

Yash” What papers, Gaurav?”

Mr Thapar ” Divorce papers !!”

Family with popped eyes were staring him but Mr Thapar was standing with stern face glancing Anika who was in tears standing with support of her sisters

Vikram ” Dad, what is this? Will you explain us?”

Mr Thapar ” That’s what I need from you Vikram. But right now I need your signatures too.”

Sign these papers hurry, the registrars and media is waiting out.

Ankita ” bhaisahab, why you are doing this? Kids relation was knotted with your yes.”

Then why today? You are breaking this marriage in few minutes. It’s just today they got married, and today you are talking about divorce ?

Dadi ” Puttar, this is marriage not any contract or deal that by signing the papers you got it contract or withdrawal the deal.”

Mr Thapar ” Look I don’t want to hear anything. You all now my time is perious for me and I’ve the habit to take decisions snap.”

So sign this papers I’ve to make official announcement in media too that my son is still single and I’ve no relation with Raizada any more.

Tej ” Gaurav, this is not done.” And why you are doing this, what’s the reason behind this stunt of yours?

“Will you care to explain us?” Because without that I won’t let you spoil or stain Anika’s life and Raizada’s reputation.

Yash yells ” Gaurav. Tell us what’s the matter. Before I lose my coolness just speak up, damm it “

Vikram ” Yes, Dad speak up”

Mr Thapar ” Ask your daughter Yash Singh Raizada.”

What happened with her on haldi night? Ask her Vikram to tell you what marks she’s hidding from you and you all too.

Ankita ” What nonsense you are talking?”

Mr Thapar ” It’s not what nonsense. I’m talking Mrs Raizada but it’s true.”

See this footage you’ll get to know that I’m not lying. Now see this why you are looking at my face.

Ankita grasp the phone from Gaurav and watch it for minute. Tears roll down from her cheeks, yet she didn’t believed it and slams the phone of floor

Ankita ” This is all……. Gaurav cuts

Gaurav ” Break phone or floor but you can’t change the reality and after seeing all this from my own eyes “

What you are expecting for me? Knowing about your daughter being molest or it’s that she was too enjoying bec…….

Anika cupped her mouth and with sobs ran upstairs .Ankita deadly glare Gaurav running after Anika leaving rest shocked to core.

Yash clutched Gaurav collar
” just shut your mouth Gaurav, just shut your mouth before I don’t give you chance of taking second breath”

Gaurav ” just leave my collar Yash. And before grasping my collar, just sweep before your on door Mr Yash Raizada.

Meri zindagi se zayad tumhari khud ki izaat daao par lagi hui aur zindagi se zayada izaat Anmol hoti hai, “Anmol ”

Anika was miserly crying, harshly scrabbling her hands on face.

Ahhhaaaa !! Why you did this with me Shivaay?

Why you come in my life? You ruin me a………

Ankita kneel down and kept her hand on Anika shoulder. Anika like innocent kid half turns and with new fresh tears glances her mother, she let a loud grizzle and threw herself on her mother like a toddler.

Ankita gently wraps Anika in her warm embraces, back to back pecking and caressing her head and back.

Ankita ” Anu, stop crying just stop crying and look at me and answer my question”

“Anika hides her face deep in Ankita and cries tightening her grip over Ankita”

Ankita was losing her patience now. She was trying her best to calm and questioned Anika but she was just crying and crying.

Finally Ankita forcefully pulled Anika out of her embrace and with bit loud tone scolds her, harshly cleaning her face while taking her face in hands.

Ankita ” Just stop crying Anika just stop crying. I don’t want to her more sobs , no more silence Anika no more. Just speak what I want to hear from you.

“Am I clear to you? ”

Anika suppress her lips to control her sobs but she failed brutally.

Ankita nods negatively and secure her in her self like she secure her in womb.

Why you didn’t tell your mumma Anu, why you hide from me?

Ankita cries rocking her in lap ” Why you didn’t told me that day baby?

I questioned you too. But you said nothing happned mumma.

Why you didn’t told me?

Anu I’m your mother, baby your eyes speak everything that you can’t say in words.

I knew something happened to you but I…….

No, no I ran before mumma…. he didn‘t ruin my dignity he didn‘t….. Anika cries reminiscing Shivaay words

I didn‘t ruin your beauty Anika, I’m just marking you mine…….”

Anu look here and tell me who was that person Anu? Just tell me, I swear on you Anu that person will face hell.

Anu, have you seen the face of person? Who was he?

Yes, tell who was he? Do did this with you?

You are Anika Raizada, you don’t need to be afarid from anyone tell, who was he?

You have ruin me na SSO then let me too go and tell your family specially your brothers, Omru.

That whom they consider Ram. In real he’s Ravan, Ravan, wolf in sheep clothing.

That all these years you were lying to all, that you are diabetic.

You were not diabetic from sweets but you were lusty, lusty for bodies that didn‘t let to taste sweets.

Because you want to have bodies… SSO is a moron a moron.

Go, who have stopped you Mrs. But before showing my face to all specially Omru.

Then before telling them think about Gayu and Omru lifes too.

Meri zindagi aur dil to phele barbaad aur tod he chuki ho tum.

Meri zindagi to phele se he andharo main hai.

Jao sab ko baatao aur mere sath sath char char zindgaiya aur andharo ki nazar kar do.

Go Anika go tell everyone that Shivaay is beast.

Then what will happen after this huh?

Everyone will get far from me, all will hate me and I’ll left alone in this world?

“Then let me tell you Anika Raizada”

Shivaay hate himself, he don’t need anyone else hatred to curse me.

And whether Shivaay is in crowd, he’s still alone in this world. Because no one is mine nobody came down for me, to whom Shivaay can call his, only his Anika expect you. But you…..

Tu ney bhi kisi aur ko apna keha diya

Bhari mehfil may mujhe begana kar ke

Ankita” I’m asking something from you Anu?”

Anika ” I don’t mom. Who he was, his face was covered”

Ankita hugs her and spoke pecking her face.

Tej ” Yash leave Gaurav. Look media is here.. just leave each other”

Yash and Gaurav were clutching eachother collar. Press and media was click there pictures, Omru and Gayu were pushing them out.

Vikram ” Dad please leave Yash uncle collar and come with me I need to talk to you. Please come with me.

Vikram said dragging Gaurav.

Dadi ” Yash puttar control yourself. Ga…..

Yash” Maa ji that blo*dy pointed finger on my Anika. My pride, bloodly hell still lives in orthodox century.”

I’ll destory him…. I’ll destory his whole family… nobody will know who were Thapar….

They don’t know what Yash Raizada can do.

Yash said rubbing his nape.

Jhanvi ” Bhai sahab control yourself. This is not the time for all this.

First we have to think about Anika and reputation of Raizada’s

Yash ” I don’t care about Raizada’s reputation expect my daughters.”

Now I’ll show this Thapar my power. He will cry rubbing his nose on my door.

Vikram ” Dad what was the need to mess with Yash uncle don’t you know him he’s……

Gaurav ” Just shut your mouth Vikram and I’m too not less then him. I’m Judge of Supreme Court.

I’ll drag them in such a dirt that they will ask for death.

And you, it’s good I came to know about that stain girl otherwise……

Vikram ” Dad. Not a word against Anika.”

Gaurav ” She’s none to you, have you understood? Now sign these papers

Vikram ” I won’t sign them”

Gaurav ” Shut up Vikram. I’m your father and I won’t let you to join your name with that girl now. She’s not worthy for being Thapar bahu.

Sign them and end this relation here. And don’t expect me to come in your words Vikram.

Vikram ” Dad there is…….

Gaurav “She cheated you Vikram. Tell me have she told you that she’s……

Vikram ” Dad I know but first listen to me and then react”

Anika didn’t cheated me. She told me everything happened with her…..

Gaurav slaps him hard ” still you married her”

You want to have use girl for yourself?

Aren’t you shame? Or you are just a m……

Vikram ” Dad it’s not like that.”

Listen to me now……. muted

Anika” Mom. Please leave me alone for sometime “

Ankita ” No, Anu I can’t “

Anika screams ” Just go from mom. Leave me alone from sometime.

Stop treating me like babies always. I’m grown up girl…. I’m not any infant. I’m not.

Anika cries locking herself in restroom

Ankita banging the door ” Anu open the door”

Anika roar ” Just go from here mom just go. Otherwise I’m gonna kill myself”

Ankita cries ” Fine, I’m going. I’m going, Anu”

Anika pushes the wall, drenching herself under showers cries screaming..

I loathe you Shiv….. I loathe you Shiv !!

Nafrat karni hai toh mujhse itni shiddat se karna

Ke labo par bhi naam na aye

Warna kahin suna hai humne

Log usi ka naam aayato ke jaise dohrathe hai

Jiney woh khud se bhi zayada mangte hai

Anika with jolt open her eyes hearing the unwanted voice and person standing closr to her wearing his dangerous smirk.

She gets shock and was about to scream when Shivaay pulled her closed tightly shutting her mouth.

Shivaay” Don’t scream babe”

Anika bites his hand and shouts clutching his collar

You did all this with me? You called Gaurav uncle…… you gave that footage to him….

Your destruction is in my hands.

I’m Anika Vikram Aditya Thapar. You blo*dy Rascal forgotten so soon.

I took seven rounds and oaths with him and soon I’m going with him too. Spending my first night with……

About which seven oaths and rounds you are talking about?

Let me think? Shivaay acts like thinking.

O! Yes, now I got it that just held down right?

Two hours, five minutes and exact forty three seconds.

Mr Vikram Aditya Thapar filled your hairline and tied nuptial around this swan like neck after taking seven oaths and rounds.

But if I’m not born dumb and people call me “Smart Singh Oberoi then wasn‘t it was all………


Aaaahh Shivaay please leave me I beg you.

Don’t do this with me. You are doing wrong…..

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