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The way he was approaching me, I felt he’s going to snatch me from the crowd like a predator grasped his favourite prey out of others. But to my shock, Shivaay hugged Vikram tightly with warm smile advising him to take care of me.

To which Vikram assure this devil like a real husband walking towards parking that yes, he’s will keep me like flowers unaware of the reality that this devil who always become my father, got to know about everything that I facade infront of him and now he’s……..

We were just approaching parking when Shivaay stopped us infront of Oberoi Mansion. I looked up at OM where I spend my most of childhood, crying and laughing with one who in yesterday was my sun but in today and in upcoming tomorrows, he’ll just be Eclipse

“What is cooking in his mind now?”

I questioned my ownself when Shivaay with his devil smirk gave me some clue that I was unable to figure out that, what he’s planning next to ruin me?

When I heard police siren not just me but the police siren got audible to all of us not just siren got eared to us, but the voice of police officer echoed in the red sky.

Mr Gaurav and Vikram Aditay Thapar you both are under arrest “

This socket got under estimated for all of us when officer told standing infront of Gaurav uncle. Dad, bade papa and Omru ran towards officer to know what led them to utter out except Rascal, who was looking up at all the drama with straight face.

Gaurav” What rubbish you are talking, officer? What we’ve done?”

PO” You well know what you have done, Mr Thapar. Please cooperate and come with us. Constable go and get Mr Vikram too”

Vikram ” Excuse me Officer what the hell is happening what we have done?”

Vikram asked pushing constable aside who came to arrest him

Anika with tears glance Shivaay who turned his face to other side.

PO” Please Thapar’s cooperate otherwise…….

Gaurav” Otherwise what you’ll do huh, what? Don’t you know who I’m?”

Gaurav shouts

Officers” I got it who are you, Mr Thapar. Constable handcuff their wrist”

Tej” Officer you can’t do that with them and what they have done?”

PO” They very well know what they have done Mr Oberoi. Now you all corporate with us otherwise I’ve to arrest you too”

Yash” Excuse me Officer mind your language. First tell us on what note you have came to arrest my son in law and his father?”

PO” I’m sorry Mr Raizada but I think you are unaware about dirty deeds of your daughter husband and father”

Shivaay” Officer look don’t cross your limits you don’t know about whom you are talking about. I can make you sweep our house if you try to stain their image”

Shivaay spoke sternly caressing officer shoulder

O” Their image is already stain Mr SSO and I don’t believe Mr Raizada how can a person like you can give your daughter hand to people like them who are just……

Yash” Officer enough stop who the hell you are to make me think that Yash Singh Raizada took wrong decision for his daughter. Now spell the beans otherwise you’ll regret for point fingers on Thapar

Officer glance Gaurav and told all that Thapar’s are involved in money laundering and human trafficking too. None was ready to believe as both Oberoi‘s and Raichand know Thapar’s from years. Still they didn‘t believed them but then officer commanded his constable to get the laptop. He connected pen drive with laptop and with in few minutes, a clip got played in which Gaurav is having conversation with Chinese over girls smuggling.

Anika with tears glances her mother who took in her side hug consoling her. Anika cleaned her tears harshly glaring Shivaay who was acting innocent and sweet with Vikram.

Anika” Mom leave me”

Anika said removing Ankita hands

Ankita” Anu

Anika” Mom I’ve fine. Badi maa, Gauri, Bhavya please take dadi and mom from here I’m coming”

Anika told walking to Vikram

Yash” Anu you go beta. I’ll handle them. Ankita take Anu inside “

Anika” Dad I’m fine and let me handle them.”

Shivaay” Anika”

Anika” You just shut your mouth Mr Oberoi. It’s my hus….

Before Anika could complete Shivaay one glare that’s more sharp than any knife or trigger zipped Anika mouth

Shivaay” Aunty ji handle her and officers you can’t take them with you.

Shivaay said sternly glaring Anika

Bhavya” Look have you witness yourself today that Bhavya sixth sense was also right about this Gaurav uncle. He’s not what he looks but nor Gauri di believed me nor you Om bhaiya”

Bhavya whispered in Gauri and Om ear

Gauri” Shhh….. say quiet Bhavya it’s not time for all this”

OmExcatly Bhavya and we can’t believe what we witness.”

Bhavya” Sorry bhaiya”

ACB officers ” sorry Mr Oberoi we have to take them and these are money laudering proof you can have check on them and let us do our jobs

Shivaay checked the papers and gets socket he forward papers to Yash who showed his hand to them gesturing as it’s not need. Yash walked to Vikram and asked for explanation who told innocently that it’s someone sabotage against them.

Yash don’t want to believe on anyone but knowing that if he let Thapar’s got arrested it will not only harm his business as Gaurv is legal adviser in his business but his daughter dignity will be ruined too. He can bear the lose in business but he can’t tolerate to lose twinkle in Anika’s eyes and whatever happened with Anika day back shudder Yash as he knows that his daughter who’s acting strong from outside, how broken she’s from inside. Though he don’t want his daughter to be with them but he’s well aware about Gaurv disgust nature too, as today if he didn‘t supported him, then he’ll play with them keeping gun on Anika’s shoulder.

Yash for once glance Anika and spoke,

Yash” Shivaay call Home Minister and infrom him about this. I want their bail in fifteen minutes”

Yash told extending his phone to Shivaay who smiled inwardly dialing HM number

PO” Mr Raizada…..

Yash” It’s matter of my daughter officer now you listen to me. I’m not denying these proofs but look I can’t accept these footage too, it can be moped too.”

Shivaay” Officers Home Minister call for you”

Officer nodded taking phone from Shivaay, having conversation with HM for few minutes both ACB officers and police officer gave lease to Thapar but they commanded both that they can’t move out of country nor even Mumbai till charges imposed on them don’t get clear.

In between this ACB told Gaurav that their properties and all assets are taken by them now Thapdar were left with no penny that shocked them to core and rest too expect one who had victorious smile on his Greek face.

Vikram” You son of pigs I’ll numb you”

Yash” Vikram control yourself let them do their jobs. Officers you do your work but they will come to police station after sometime, my daughter just got married”

Officers” Fine Mr Raichand bring them tomorrow. We’ll take your leave now. “

Soon they left Gaurav held his head in tension that where he’ll go now and what he’ll do as he is left with no penny. Yash and Tej console him saying that they are with him. Shivaay giving warm gesture to Vikram excused himself.

Gaurav” Where I’ll live….my imagine….my reputation everything is ruin. It’s just because of this bad omen “

Gaurav shouted points at Anika

Tej” Gaurav

Yash” Gaurav don’t call my daughter bad. Thanks her that in her love I stopped officers otherwise they would have dragged you and let me clear you if you proofed to be culprit then I’ll break all ties with you. Get that in your disgusting brain”

Vikram” Uncle… uncle please cool down I’m sorry from dad side. You know him, he never thinks before speaking and dad you should be thankful to uncle that on his saying we are standing free. Come with me I need to talk you please excuse us for while and Anika you don’t worry nothing will happen to me”

Mrs Kapoor” Jhanvi what’s happening here? There Tia is waiting for you people and you all…….Anika you are still her beta everything fine?”

Mrs Kapoor said approaching Jhanvi but she gets surprised to see Anika still here.

Mrs Kapoor” Ankita bhabhi ji what happened?”

Ankita told everuthing happened in few minutes that shocked Mrs Kapoor too.

Mrs Kapoor” Now what you’ll do? Where they’ll live?”

Yash” Bhabhi ji. My fairy will live in her dad’s house like always she had been living. Right little fairy?”

Yash with smile said embracing Anika in hug.

Bhabhi ji you go to Tia she needs you and maa ji too she’s standing here for long time

Anika ” Dad”

She cries rest her head on Yash chest

Yash” No fairy no you won’t cry now come let’s get back to home. Your dad’s home”

Yash told pecking her forehead.

Ankita” Yash ji you can’t take Anu back like this”

Yash” Why?”

Ankita” She’s Suhangan Yash ji , few minutes back she kept her foot back and now without keep her foot in husband house, she can’t step back to her parents house again it’s not good ”

Ankita lovingly said caressing Anika cheek who held her mother hand tightly resting head on his father chest.

Yash” Ankita stop it yaar being educated lady you still talk like village people.”

Ankita” This lady is now mother too Yash ji. I always listened to you but now you have to listen me. Anu won’t step back to Raichand Villa till she don’t enters his husband house.”

Yash” Ankita what foolishness is this. Gauri, Bhavya go and get all arrangements done , she’s going to live with her dad and it’s final”

Gayu nods positive marching back to RV

Jhanvi” Yash. Ankita is saying right it’s not about intolerant or tolerant but sometimes we have to believe on what our ancestors sayings”

Dark Room

My baby where are you come here see I’ve brought your favourite food. Come here and have your dinner” Manly voice came entering the room

“No, first you tell me have you brought my bhabhi?” Girl asked innocently playing with makeup kit

“Yes I brought your bhabhi.”

“Then where she’s?”

“She’s in her room . Now come have your dinner” Man told extending morsel towards girl but she jerk his hand shouting at him

“No. I won’t have it, just go from here I don’t want to talk with you. ” Girl told sobbing

“Why baby why you don’t want to talk with me now? “

“Because you promised me that that my bhabhi will come here….. she …..she will come to meet me. But you came alone”

“Don’t cry my doll you know I can’t see you in tears. It hurt me ” He told cleaning girl face

I’m sorry bhaiyu please you don’t cry ,like you, I too can’t see you in tears. It hurts me here ” She said point to her heart”

“Sorry doll sorry I won’t cry. I know my doll hate tears in her bhaiyu eyes. See I’m not crying…..I’m not crying look I’m smiling….. my doll like her bhaiyu smile haan na?” He told fakely smiling clean his eyes with shirt sleeves

“I too won’t cry see bhaiyu your doll is too smiling “

“That’s like my doll.” He said lovingly pecking her forehead

That’s like my bhaiyu” She smiling said pecking his cheek

Boy chuckles on girl antics, taking girl in his lap he lovingly stuff morel in her mouth when after few bites, Girl innocently asked stuffing morel in his mouth.

“Bhaiyu! Do bhabhi too hate me?”

“No, who said she hates you?” He asked keeping spoon in plate

Who’ll say that bhaiyu when expect you nobody comes to meet me. But you said that after you’ll bring her to this house, then she’ll come to meet me and will love me too. But……

Girl gets upset bending her head down when boy made her look into his eyes.

Tell me whose sister you are?

“Shivaay Singh Oberoi” Girl said excitedly

“Yes, you are SSO sister and like SSO loves you more than anything your bhabhi too will love you even more than me.”

“Sachi ,bhaiyu? Bhabhi will love me”

“Muchhi. Bhaiyu doll”

“Bhaiyu but what if she won’t love me and like them, she’ll too beat me?”

“No…no it never gonna happen you know, why she won’t beat you nor will hate you?”


“She only hates and beat me”

Shivaay pov sadly chuckles his mehndi night when Anika slapped him

“Bhaiyu tell na why you got salient? Tell me why she won’t hate

“Your bhabhi she can never hate anyone not even her enemies, understood. Now finish your dinner fast baby, your bhabhi is waiting for her dinner”


After heated argument between Ankita and Yash finally Ankita give up infront of YSR as Gaurav and Vikram too agreed to live with them even though Jhanvi and suggested Yash to keep Anika and Vikram at OM but Yash deined and happily embracing Anika in his secure arms turns to get back to RV when Gayu ran back to Yash.

Gauri” Dad….dad”

Yash” What happened Gauri? Why you both came back?”

Bhavya” Dad, there’s no electricity at home?”

Gauri” And no artificial supply is too working dad. Electrician is saying that he called electric house and he told that grid caught fire and it will take one month in it’s repair


Everyone got shock to listen that. Ankita with accusing eyes looked at Yash who himself was trying to understand that what’s happening with them.

Rudra” But Gauri di look OM lights are on”

All switch their glance to OM and get surprise to see whole house was lighting

Jhanvi”  I think now you should agree with Ankita and us too, it’s gods symbol and now you should accept this and let Anika stay in OM and even you have all have to live with us. Right Tej?”

Tej” Indeed. And if Gaurv ji if you don’t have objection”

Gaurav” No, I don’t have”

Anika” But I have.”

Yash” Anu what objection you have?”

Anika” Dad I’m married now and how can I stay at OM. It’s okay we’ll book hotel for us. You did my bidaai now whether I live on road or home it’s my destiny “

Ankita” Shut up Anu don’t you dare to talk like that otherwise no one will be bad than me. You are living in OM infront of my eyes. Is that clear to you?”

Anika” M…

Jhanvi” Anika beta your mom is right and this OM is your house too. And it will be blessing for us that at same day two two brides will enter our house. Gaurav bhai sahab I know circumstance are not good for all of us yet if you don’t have issue can we do Anika’s Griha Pravesh at OM

Gaurav was about to mouth wrost when Vikram clutched his hand

Vikram” Yeah aunty ji that will be so nice if….

Anika” Vikram but…

Tej” No ifs and buts Anika, along with Shivaay and Tia, yours Griha Pravesh will be too done. Omru go with Gayu and prepare Anika’a Griha Pravesh ritual. Vikram is also part of this house and our son too. ”

Guest room

Mrs Kappor was telling all the incident happened with Anika to Tia who felt pity on Anika. They where exchanging words when maid came and informed Mrs Kapoor that all are waiting for Tia for Ghar persvash ceremony.

Tia jumped in happiness, she without caring about her mother ran out in excitement leaving Mrs Kapoor shouting and running behind her.

Mrs Kapoor” O hello miss universe hold for your mummy please behave like brides”

Mrs Kapoor chuckles.

Outside OM

Both couples were standing at doorsteps. Vikram was standing to right of Anika, where Tia was to Shivaay’s left and Shivaay and Anika where standing side by side to each other. Shivaay was on ninth cloud where Anika was glare him . Jhanvi was doing Anram aarti where Ankita was doing Ishita aarti.

Anika was cursing her destiny staring OM door that how much far she wants to be from that man who had ruined her life but still her fate always make her stand infront of him, whose face she don’t want to see in her whole life but today she has to live with him that too under one roof. She was lost in cursing her fate when Shivaay brought her out from that zone whispering

Shivaay” Welcome home my sunshine”

He whispered in her ear

Anika” This sunshine will darken your world”

She whispered in dead tone.

Both Jhanvi and Ankita ended up doing their aarti and instructed them to take Dadi ji blessings both couples bend down to taking blessing from dadi ji when Shivaay whispered holding Anika hand

Shivaay” Wrong jaana, my world was already dark but now with your presences in my life, my world will shine”

Anika jerk his hand and stood straight.

Jhanvi” Anika and Tia know tilt this pot laden with rice with your right foot and get in. Shivaay and Vikram beta you entering the with them keeping right foot”

Tia and Anika nodded they tilt the rice pot. Shivaay with victorious smile glance Anika and his foot that they both kept foot together in house shocking Anika.

Ankita” Now grooms will lift their brides and will keep their feet in this plate of Alta and then Tia you and Anu you’ll walk in home leaving your behind auspicious red footprints which is symbolic of the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.”

Ankita told smiling

Bhavya” Wow how romantic this ritual is. Rudra when you’ll pick me like this?”

Bhavya asked smiling leaving all chuckles on her expect Anika whose eyes where just on Shivaay

Ankita” Bhavya bohat jaldi hai shaddi ki?”

Ankita asked turning

Bhavya” Mom not me in hurry but look at this Rudy he’s getting olddy.”

Rudra” Haye how dare you call me olddy huh? You monkey”

Bhavya” Don’t call me money you donkey”

Rudra” You black……

Gaurav” Look at them here we are in such a trouble and these too are in their on gala land. How ridiculous?”

Dadi” Rudra behave yourself”

Dadi ji scold him

Ankita” Bhavya I’ll see you after this”

Ankita said glaring her

Both Rudra and Bhavya exchange upset look with other than with murderous look glare Gaurv mumbling together..

” It was good officers take him with them”

Gaurav” Please finish this ritual. I can’t stand for long”

Bhavya” Why? Have you borrowed these foot from hen? I can stand for long…..”

Bhavya mumbles mimicking Gaurav making Tej chuckles who heard her

Tej” Not hen Bhavya, his feet are of lizard ”

He chuckles doing hi-fi with her

Mrs Kapoor” Boys what are you waiting pick your brides and do the ritual fast. The more fast you’ll compete the ritual the more time you’ll of celebration

Mrs Kapoor told winking at Grooms

Anika’s heart skipped a beat with a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She  looked at Vikram and than Shivaay who was whispering something in Tia ear.

Jhanvi” Shivaay pick Tia you’ll get whole night to stare her and same goes with you Vikram ”

Jhanvi teases them

Shivaay from corner of eye glances Anika while with his nod signal someone. Soon he nodded lights of whole house got off, taking the advantage of darkness Shivaay scooped Anika in arms, she tightly clutched his collar shutting her eyes that brought smile on Shivaay face who gently kept her feet in Alta walking back to Tia not before whispering and pecking her feet.

Mere ghar main to tune apne kadam rakh diya hai

Bus mujhe intezar hai us pal ka

Jis pal tere dil may meri dastak ho gayi……


Anika beta will you do favour for me?

Dadi ji why you are requesting just order

Anika please go to Shivaay room and give this bag Tia her mother left here.

No give it dadi ji I’ll give her her

Anika matches to Ishita room but soon she opens the room……


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