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Shiv what you are doing? Leave me ” Anika yelled”

Shhhh!!! ” Shivaay shh her in deep dangerous voice”

It’s mine and your Haldi !!

But dadi said, groom and bride should not meet each other.

So see me covering my eyes with this blindfold. Remember it’s the same blindfold that you use to tie on my eyes and me use to find you.

Same like that I’ll cover my eyes and then I, your Shiv will apply your favourite Chocolate as Haldi on you and then me gonna clean you. ” He whispers huskily “


Shivaay leave me I beg you
” She pleads”

I told you love, Shiv will clean you but don’t worry my eyes are still cover and I won’t see you before our specially night.

I hate you !!

Your love and hate are both for mine. He said sucking chocolate from her chin.

Ummm ” She moans”

See you love my touch and denies that you love that giraffe

Shiv…… he cuts

Don’t be afraid from me Anika. Trust your Shiv that he gonna steal your first kiss as along with you, me too safe my first kiss for my Anika only.

Nor I’m kiss your lips, nor I’m gonna gaze your assets and nor I’m touch your beauty.

He said huskily licking liquid from corner of her lips.

Delicious !!!

Anika cries

Don’t cry Anika you know Shivaay can’t see your tears.

Then why you are doing this?


He said leaving his mark on her crook of neck.


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