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This is Nati here. Hope so you people remember me. I was on of ishqbaaz writer here years back but after shivika character was killed we move to another platform i.e. wattpad where we are still writing on shivika and from now will again update here once more. 




“Getting married? ” He asked with fire in eyes

Yes!!! She coldly replied

“When? “

Obviously when you’ll be taking rounds with Tia, I’ll be taking rounds with Vikram ” She replied wearing her shoes.

Then you’ll be called Mrs Vikram Aditay Thapar. Right? He futher interrogators while helping her fixing her shoes.

No!! I’ll be called Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi. She chuckles loudly passing by him.

I’m getting married to My lambu, you chotu so it’s obvious na I’ll be called Mrs VAT ” She proudly screams “

He fist his hand in anger and moved closed to her.

Doesn’t the first one sounds more attractive to hear ” Mrs SSO” He whispered husky against her ear

It sound attractive but Mrs VAT sounds more attractive like a ” Drug ” She nudged him

Like you are for me ” He spoke in rage pulling her close to him.


Twenty six years, ten months and fifteen days I’m inhaling you like my own breath.

But you always exhaled me like i’m a messy.

Anika I’m loving you the day you called me Shiv from thin lips years back ( He spoke sensationally rubbing his thumb on her lips)

And from years back i’ve stop consuming sweets

“You know why? “

You are diabetic ” She trembling replied”

No, my Anika. I was never diabetic. “He confess fanning his hot breath on her trembling lips”

He from years was lying to us. But why he lied? And wait he hates to lie and hate those who lies. And know he himself confess he was not diabetic.

What? He lied to us to me. ” She pov while shockingly staring him.

You fool, you choti height waley. Why you lied to me huh? She begins playfully hitting him.

Why Shiv, why you lied to me? You know the day I came to know you got diabetes. How much i cried?

I cried that know i won’t be able to share my chocolate with you anymore.

I stopped eating them and whenever i used to get them. I never munched them again Shiv.

How can you do this to me? She cried and kept on beating him

Yes, I do lied. ” He sternly spoke twisting her hand back.

I was never diabetic at all. But i’m “Addictive” for sugar for…..

The pure one Anika!!

You are my sweet. Your lips are my all time favourite candy and i’m gone fill my starving for sweets by eat your sweetness. ” He husky spoke with desirous eyes.

Shut upppp!!!! She shut his disgusting desires by pasting her finger prints on his hard cheek.

I’ve never thought that you have such a lustful gaze on me. If i knew that, earlier i would have taken your sight by beating your eyes with my ” Chambali”

How can you say those dirty words to me Shiv?

An…..She cuts

The one who never tasted sweets. What else I can except from him to shower other then poison.

blo*dy lusty man. You are stain on the name friendship.

Don’t you dare to give my love the name of lust Anikaaa!!!! He pushed her against wall.

And friendship is called the ever first step towards ” Love”

I don’t love you. And let me remind you Mr Oberoi….

Anika Raizada loves Vikram and soon my hairline will be filled with Vermilion of my love, Vikram names. I’ll proudly be walking swinging his name nuptial here around my neck.

And you Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi fullfill your hunger with Tia Kapoor. ” She spoke pushing him away and marches out”

“I will ruin her for me only !!!” He said all under his breath flick his hairs.





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