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At 7 a.m.


A beautiful lavish mansion is shown lets peep into it. There a room is shown where many gym equipments are kept and a shirtless man is doing pushups. Muscular man with perfect biceps looking fire.


Another man: Kunj bas kar Bhai. So the person is revealed to be our hero, our one only Kunj Sarna. Kunj stood up his perfect body fully covered with sweat and he takes dumble.


Another man: Ufff this man will never change.


Kunj: Yuvi you know me I’ll stop when I am satisfied. So the another man is Yuvi.


Yuvi: Do this only don’t go office. He said and left from there while Kunj continued.


Other side another mansion is shown lavish like first mansion. A room is shown with colour combination of grey and pink. Tring tring, tring, tring alarm rang , a hand slide from the duvet and stopped the alarm. A girl sat rubbing her eyes.


Girl: Chal Twinkle uth jaa subah ho gayi. So the girl is our punjabi patakha Twinkle Taneja.


She came out from bed and goes into bathroom. After sometimes she came out wearing cream Kurti (one which is in introduction) wiping her hair with towel. She got ready and went downstairs.


Arijit: Good morning Twinkie.


Twinkle: Good morning Bhai and Papa. She came towards Arijit and Rt. Arohi was busy watching Simple Samosa in T. V

( my fav show 😁😁).


Twinkle: Oyee Jalebi ki bacchi. She snatched remote from her hands and played music channel.


Arohi: Kya hai Guru ki bacchi. She said making faces. Patola song played on T. V. and Twinkle jumped with happiness.


Twinkle: Yehhhh Guruuuuuu. Arohi snatched remote and changed the channel.


Arohi: Hushhh Bua. Twinkle makes puppy face and looked at her.


Twinkle: Meri pyaari Aruu baby laga do na please you are good girl na. Please change na I will give you chocolate. She said caressing her hairs buttering her 😆😆😆. Arijit gave them impossible look and switched off T. V. Twinkle made frustrated face and stood up.


Twinkle: Huhhh you only watch I am going Gurudwara. She said and left from there.


Sarna Mansion


After completing workout Kunj was getting ready infront of mirror. He was wearing white shirt with black trouser combing his hairs. He wear his watch and black coat looking handsome as usual 😌😌. He came downstairs as he came down a dog came running and jumped in his arms all see this. Kunj smiled and hugged him.


Kunj: My Hero.(as you know Sidhant’s pet dog name). Hero barked at him.

Nandini came towards him.


Nandini: Heeyy Bhai morning.


Kunj: Morning Nandu. He pulled her cheeks and Nandini smiled.


Usha: You both trio we are also here. She said taking their attention.


Bebe: Iss Kunj ka bass chale toh yeh sirf Nandu aur Hero se hi baat kare. Hum toh kuch he nhi. Kunj came towards them.


Kunj: Areey meri Bebe agar yeh dono dil hain toh aap sab meri dhadkan.


Bebe: Acha puttar hum teri dil ke dhadkan hain toh tu apni vuhati (wife) ko kya banayega.


Kunj: Bas Bebe subah hui nhi ke chalu ho gaye . He said making faces.


Yuvi: Ha hume bhi new Babhi chahiye. Bored with this Nikki Bhabhi. He murmured.


Nandini: Someone should be with you Bhai as your life partner. Ab Bhabhi laa do.


Nikki: Ha mein bhi akele kaam kar karke thak gai hu. She said wiping her fake sweat.


Bebe: Ha ha kyu nhi pure ghar ka kaam toh tu karti he.


Ishaan: Ha ha mujhe bhi mera bhai chahiye. Mumma kehti he ke jab Chachi aaayengi toh phir mera ek chotu baby bhi aa jayega aur mein sabko dikhaunga. He said excitedly and everyone laughed.


Kunj: Shaadi se pehle he mujhe baap bana diya. He murmured.


Bebe: Tune kuch kaha puttar.


Kunj: Nahi Bebe mein Gurudwara jaa raha hoon. He said and left.


Bebe: Khota kahin ka.




Both Twinj reached there but didn’t saw eachother also they didn’t knew eachother. They both sat and joined their hands infront on Waheguru far away from eachother.


Twinkle: Waheguruji keep my family safe and happy always. Apni blessings hum sab par banaye rakhna.


Kunj: Waheguruji keep my family together and happy. Give strength so that we can solve our problem happily. Aur haa mere family ke sar se meri shaadi ka khayal haata do please please.


They both did prayer then went towards lake. Twinkle was looking at the lake and listening to peaceful waves of it. Kunj was sprinkling water around his head. Twinkle stood up and was about to take a step just then childrens playing there pushed her. She fell into the lake, water splashed on Kunj’s face making him shock. Twinkle didn’t know swimming she became afraid and shouted for help as lake was deep. She was drowning and tried to comeout by moving her hands and legs.


Twinkle: Please help.. Help… Help. Kunj without thinking anything jumped into the lake (he knew swimming). Kunj come towards Twinkle. Twinkle came near him and hugged him tightly she felt so peaceful don’t know why ?? Kunj took her in bridal style and came out of lake. He laid Twinkle away from stairs and sat beside her. Twinkle also sat there she was breathing heavily.


Kunj: Are you okay ??He about to kept his hand on her shoulder but stopped.


Twinkle: I am fine thank you soo muchhh. Twinkle said joining her hands.


Kunj: It’s ok. Should I bring water for you. Twinkle made are you serious face 😒😒😒.


Twinkle: I was drowning in water and you are telling me to drink water seriously. Kunj chuckled.


Kunj: Sorry. They both stood up and looked at eachother.


Twinkle: Once again thanks.


Kunj: It’s ok bye. They both left for their home. Twinkle entered home and everyone was shocked to see her condition


Aditi: Twinkle you went gurudwara or for swimming. Twinkle was stuck now what she should tell.


Twinkle: Ammmm vo…vo Babhi vo….actually kisine galti se mujh par paani gira diya.


Arijit: Acha tujhe dekh kar lag raha ke tere upar paani nhi tu paani ke upar gir gayi 🤭🤭🤭.


Twinkle: Huhh mein change karke aati hun. She went to change.


Sarna Mansion


Kunj entered everyone looked at him.


Usha: Kunj tumhara yeh haal.


Yuvi: Bro flood aa gaya kya gurudware mein.


Kunj: Nhi vo actually ek ladki lake mein gir gayi toh usse bachane ke wajah se ho gaya.


Yuvi: Ohh ladki 🧐🧐🧐.


Usha: Koi na tum jao change karlo varna bimar ho jayoge. He was going to his room but Yuvi came in between.


Yuvi: Ohhoo Bhai ladki aur tu lake mein waaah. He winked at him.


Kunj: Chup kar mein sirf usse bachane gaya tha.


Yuvi: Acha acha waise ladki kaise thi hot, cute or beautiful.


Kunj: I am not like you. He punched on his shoulder and left. After sometimes he had his breakfast and left for office.


Otherside Twinkle get ready again and coming down from stairs very fastly. She came towards everyone took tiffin from dinning table.


Twinkle: Maa I am going college.


Leela: But do your breakfast first.


Twinkle: No Maa I am already late. She said and take a juice bottle.


Arijit: Kisne kaha tha tujhe swimming karke aane ke liye. Twinkle glared at him and left for college.



1200 words.

So that’s it guys hope you love reading it. Sorry for this Hinglish combination. Please vote and comment if you liked the episode.

Next part soon.


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