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Taneja Mansion

It was night everyone was in their respective rooms. Twinkle was sitting on bed with her Boat headphones in ears. She was listening music and was snapping her fingers in dancing way. The song end and she looked at the watch . 

Twinkle: Ohh Gosshh it’s 10:40 I have to study also. She moved towards her study table she played study music and started studying. She was a professor so she used to study atleast 2 hrs a day. While studying also she used to listen music it was her habit.

In Lert room, they both were discussing something. 

Rt: Leela one family has came Amritsar from New York they are very good family. Manohar Sarna one of my buisness parter. He has a younger son who is not married. 

Leela: Soo… You wanted him to get married with Twinkle right !! 

Rt: Yes I have heard alot about the boy he helps his father in buisness very obedient boy sincere towards his work. Also I have seen him once he looks nice his name is Kunj. He is perfect for our Twinkle. 

Leela: Yaa but you know how Twinkle is. And how she reacts when we talk about her marriage. 

Rt: Leela one day or other she has to get married so this boy is good for her. He shows her Kunj’s pic. 

Leela: Munda toh bada sohna hai. Twinkle ke saath iski jodi acchi lagegi. 

Rt: Hmmm thats why I am saying na. We wont get good family than them. 

Leela: I understand but Twinkle is stubborn she will not agree. 

Rt: See I will talk to Manohar if he agrees then both the families will meet. When everything will be decided then we will inform her. We don’t have any other option than this. 

Leela: Okay as you say. Then they both slept. 

Sarna Mansion

Kuvi were playing billiards, Ishaan was playing with Hero and Nandini was cheering them. 

Yuvi: Kunj you are gone today. He said targeting the black ball. He slightly hit cue ball and ball rolled hit black ball. Yuvi made winning smile the ball was about to go in pocket but it changed its route. Yuvi looked at Kunj while he smirked. 

Kunj: Ooooo sad baby now see me. He said teasing Yuvi.

Nandini: Yess Bhai now you’ll win. She said cheering Kunj. 

Yuvi: Oyeee Bhai ke chamchi sirf wahi tera Bhai hai. 

Nandini: You are also Bhai but he is my superrrr Bhai. She said joyfully and Kunj smiled. 

Yuvi: Tu na abhi 2 chocolate me bik jayegi. Nandini ignored him.Kunj slightly hit cue ball with cue , ball rolled and hit the front. (Now Ishaan’s attention too was on game). Then ball rolled back and touched black ball. And the black ball finally got into pocket. Nandini, Kunj and Ishaan hooted loudly Hero also barked loudly seeing them. Bebe also came there hearing their voice. 

Bebe: Kya kare raho tum log niche tak shor jaa raha. She shouted and everyone stopped. 

Ishaan: Dadi chachu jeet gaye. 

Yuvi: Huhh so what we’ll play again and I will win. 

Kunj: In your dreams. They again start the game and Bebe was also watching them. 

Yuvi: By the way why we came here ?? I don’t like Amritsar we were good in New York. No hot girls here just boring Aunties. He said making irritated face. 

Kunj: Just know this only flirty man. He said throwing Hero’s ball on him. But really I don’t like to be here Yuvi is right we were good in New York. 

Bebe: Oyeee Angrezi chidiya tum logo ko ki pata yeha ke baare me. 

Yuvi: Mujhe lagta hai yeha pe Bebe ka koi purana pyaar reh gaya hai. He said laughing and all started laughing. 

Kunj: Bebe we left our everything there even Nandu’s study also stopped. 

Nandini: Don’t worry Bhai I was just preparing for my exams which is after 1 year so chill. 

Bebe: Kunj or Yuvi jo yaha haina vo waha nhi milega. 

Kunj & Yuvi: Acha aisa kya hai jo yaha milega waha nhi. Bebe come towards them. 

Bebe: Tum dono ke vuhati yeha milegi waha nhi. Waha toh besharam aur badtameez ladkiyan hain. Toh wahan ke ladkiyon se tum dono ke shaadi hogi nhi. Mujhe toh apne Kunj ke liye sundar, sanskari aur samajhdar ladki chahiye. Kunj and Yuvi were least interested in this talks so they continued playing. 

In Ushar room, Usha was keeping clothes in wardrobe and Manohar was sitting on bed. 

Manohar: There is a well know buisness man family here. Raminder Taneja one of the top buisness parter of mine. He has a daughter who is not married. I wanted that girl to be our Bahu. Usha stopped working and turned towards him. 

Usha: Whatttttt. 

Manohar: I have asked some people about that girl. She is traditional, beautiful and has good values. She is a professor. She is perfect for our Kunj. 

Usha: But how can she marry Kunj. You know naa I have promised Jaya that our Kunj will get married to her daughter. We came here she must come any day. 

Manohar: Usha I don’t like her daughter. Our Kunj will not marry her. 

Usha:  Why she is very nice girl and Kunj also likes her. And what about my promise. 

Manohar: Kunj doesn’t like her he just talk with her because of you. About that   promise we will think later. 

Usha: How can you say this if I broke promise what about my self respect. 

Manohar: I don’t know anything I like this girl and I will talk to her family. 

Usha(thinks) : But I will not let any other girl marry my Kunj. If other girl marries her then she will control my Kunj I know she is good for Kunj. They both didn’t say anything and slept. 

Back to billiards game, like always Kunj again won the match. They all were sitting Ishaan was on Kunj’s lap and Hero beside him. 

Kunj: Nandu how’s your music classes going on. 

Nandu: Awesome Bhai I love very much. 

Yuvi: You are just doing timepass. Wanted to become pilot and learning music. No sense at all. 

Nandini: You stupid my teacher always used to say that a person should know to play a instrument it is beneficial for us. 

Kunj: Absolutely right. 

Yuvi: Beti tu yaha haina isiliye yeh sab kar paa rahi hai warna Mama Mami kabhi nhi maante. 

Nandini: Vo toh hai mere Bhai. She said and side hugged Kunj. So Nandini and Kunj shared good bond .Nandini always wanted to be with Kunj because he supported her. After Kunj settled in buisness he called Nandini to New York. He convinced her Mami to leave Nandini with him. She agreed and Kunj did everything for Nandini he beared all expenses of her study and all. That’s made Nandini love him more. 

After their chit chat they left to sleep. Kunj was sleeping on bed cuddling Hero. He closes his eyes and Twinkle’s smiling face came. He opens his eyes immediately. 

Kunj: Why her face is coming ?? Her smile is so nice and how nicely she thanked me. Not like that lusty girls of NY. Bebe is right here girls are different compared to there. Thinking this he slept. 

Twinkle shut her books and went to her bed. She laid on bed and was thinking about Kunj. 

Twinkle: Who was he ?? How can a stranger help any stranger ?? He didn’t knew me but still saved me. He behaved nicely with me not like other boys. I should have asked his name and thanked him properly. She also slept after this. 



That’s it guys. Hope you love reading the episode please vote. And yaah tell me should I write in Hindi or in English please do tell. 

Next part soon. 





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