Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani from where the acid smell is coming. Vivek looks at them and shouts Kalyani. He calls Aao Saheb. Kalyani says you are misunderstanding us, something went in my eye. Vivek blames Malhar for trying to trap Kalyani again and asks do you want to shoot her again. He says your wife is pregnant and you are doing this. He then asks Kalyani if she didn’t think about family’s respect once and was with this man in daytime. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani asks him to stop and tells that something have gone in my eyes and I was shouting for help and he helped me. Aao Saheb signs Anupriya. Anupriya says you will not mend your ways and will prove that you are Madhuri’s daughter. She says you will not feel peace without ruining Avni’s home. Kalyani says I don’t want to ruin Avni’s home and knows how it feels of a broken home. I have seen you breaking and don’t want to give these feelings to anyone. Anupriya says I don’t trust you. Kalyani says what to do to prove my right intentions. Anupriya asks her to do Sakarpura with Vikram so that she agrees that her upbringing is more than Madhuri’s blood and then she will agree that she is her daughter. Kalyani agrees and says if you accept me as your daughter because of this relation then I am ready for this sakarpura. Malhar gets upset.

Anupriya comes out of her house and cries, says why did I become curse in my daughter’s life. She cries and thinks her love become a poison and kills her dear ones. She eats chillies kept there and coughs. She asks God why did you make me inauspicious, I can’t be strict with Kalyani and will broke up. Aao Saheb smiles seeing her crying badly and eating chillies. She then acts and asks what is this? She asks her to drink water. Anupriya drinks water. Aao Saheb says why you are punishing yourself, you are doing this for your daughter. She asks her to wipe her tears and tells that Damini will be coming. She gets the smell and asks what did you apply? Anupriya tells that she had taken bath with rose water. Pallavi tells Godaveri that Anupriya’s face will be burnt. Swara makes Kalyani ready for Sakarpura. Kalyani tells that she don’t want to make her Aai upset. She agreed for Aai. Swara says Godaveri had said that she will ask Vikram and you to dance together. She asks her to refuse if she don’t like. Malhar hears them from outside. Kalyani looks at him and says I will be happy to dance with him. She says I never met someone who danced with my steps. She tells that she has no objection to dance with him and will dance happily. Malhar gets upset. Kalyani recalls teaching dance steps to Malhar. Swara is surprised and tells that I am sure that Vikram will not break your trust like Dada. Kalyani says I don’t want to hear his name. Swara pacifies her. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to come inside. Swara gets nail paint remover smell from Kalyani and asks her. Kalyani says no. Aao Saheb calls Swara and tells that Damini and Vikram came. Swara goes.

Pallavi tells Swara that the programme today will be memorable and Maayi will take the burn marks on her face always, and says she is waiting for her to go near the burning diya.

Kalyani gets Pawar’s call. She couldn’t get network and goes out of room. She goes to storeroom while talking and tells that they need proof, no parking board to cancel Malhar’s suspension and tells that there were no shops also, so CCTV was not there. She asks him to do one thing and asks him to find out if someone else challan was cut. She didn’t see the no parking board kept there and asks Pawar to do it. She thinks Malhar ji don’t want to say anything and hits her hand on the no parking board. It falls down. She is about to pick it when someone calls her. Kalyani says she is coming.

Aao Saheb appreciates Vikram’s values after staying in America for many years. Pallavi says even she want to go to America. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to meet her would be damad. Vikram touches Anupriya’s feet. Damini asks her to come to her house. Anupriya says they will come. Vikram tells that they have grapes garden…you will like it. Pallavi asks Swara about the diyas. Swara tells that diyas will be lit altogether when Kalyani and Vikram exchange the rings. Aao Saheb comes to Malhar and asks him to go to Kalyani’s room and brings engagement stuff from her room. Kalyani is upset and throws the bangles. Malhar comes and it falls on his feet. He looks at her. Aao Saheb comes and asks Malhar to take all the stuff. She asks Kalyani to get ready nicely and goes. Malhar picks the thrown bangles from the floor and comes to her. Marjaaye song plays…..He holds her hand and makes her wear bangles.

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