Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Malhar shoots Kalyani in rage

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani to go and catch Trilok. Kalyani says she will not go leaving him. She thinks Aao Saheb had once told that snake gets attracted seeing milk and asks him not to move. She goes out and takes milk in the vessel. Malhar asks what are you doing? Kalyani asks him not to move and give his phone to her. Kalyani plays the snake music. All the snakes come to the milk pot and drinks milk. Kalyani goes to Malhar and hugs him. They leave from there. Kalyani asks Malhar if she is fine? Malhar asks her to go home and tells that Kaka needs her. Kalyani recalls Trilok’s threat.

Malhar gets a call informing him about madhav’s accident. Malhar comes to the hospital and tells Aao Saheb that Madhav is fine, but Nal has to go to PS for sometime. Nal refuses to go to PS and tells that whatever he did was to save Moksh. Malhar asks her not to worry and says you just have to give a statement. Aao Saheb says if they put him in juvenile home. Malhar asks her not to worry and asks Pawar to take him. Aao Saheb says I won’t let Nal go to PS. Malhar asks her to understand. Aao Saheb asks Nal to run. Nal runs on the road and collides with a truck. He gets injured. Aao Saheb shouts Nal. They rush him to the hospital. Malhar asks Aao Saheb not to worry and tells Pawar that nothing shall happen to Nal. He goes to search Moksh. Nal operations ends.

Kalyani comes to Divya and tells about Trilok’s threat. She asks her to come with her to save her son. Malhar comes there. Kalyani tells that she has no option now. Malhar says Divya’s life will be in risk. Kalyani tells that she has a feeling that they are losing Moksh. She cries and tells that Moksh will be scared if she is not around her and tells that he needs her. Malhar says Kalyani…Divya says there is nothing big than Moksh’s life. She asks him to plant audio device with her. Malhar says ok, we have work together on this plan. Doctor tells Aao Saheb that they couldn’t save Nal. Aao Saheb says Deshmukh family’s heir died. She blames Malhar for taking revenge on her, says you are a murderer, you had killed my husband first and now my heir. She says I will never forgive you. Kalyani and Divya are running and comes to hanuman tekri temple. They hear phone ringing and picks the phone kept there.

Trilok says you have increased chances to get Moksh. Kalyani tells that she has done as he said and asks him to return her son. She says he must be very scared. Trilok asks her to send Divya in the car silently. Kalyani says I will not send Divya. Divya says Kalyani..don’t worry, I will go. Malhar comes there and asks Divya to stop. He says Divya will not go anywhere. He asks Kalyani how dare she to bring her here. They act. Kalyani says nobody can come between me and my son. Divya says nothing will happen to me. Kalyani says our son’s life is in danger, trilok will do something to our son. Malhar recalls telling kalyani that they shall act and she shall hit him with stone to make Trilok believe that she brought Divya here against his wish. He aims gun at Divya and asks Kalyani to pick the stone.

Kalyani picks the stone and tells Malhar that she can’t hit him. Divya sits in the car and shouts Moksh. Kalyani tells Malhar that Moksh is in the car. They run towards the car, when the bomb explodes in car. They get shocked to see the explosion. Moksh and Divya both lose their lives. Kalyani blames Malhar for Moksh’s death and picks his toy from the ground. She shouts Billu. Malhar is also shocked and says Moksh…Kalyani says my Billu is gone leaving me. She blames him and says I shouldn’t have agreed to your sayings. She blames him. Malhar looks on shocked and says I am his father. Kalyani sits and cries. He tries to talk to her. Kalyani asks him to move away and blames him for Moksh’s death. He says nothing will happen to our son and asks her to come with him. Kalyani argues with him standing on the cliff. She says you have killed him. Malhar asks her to be quiet and shoots at her in anger. Kalyani gets shot and falls down in the cliff. Malhar stands shocked.

Precap: Voiceover tells that what will happen with Malhar after Kalyani left him. What will happen with Anupriya and asks the audience to see if the Raabta will still be there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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