Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb takes Pallavi’s blame on herself

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that the person she was searching since many days as he was lost, but today she saw a glimpse of that person, yes…although that person is not mine anymore, but he is still a good person even now. Malhar comes near her. Kalyani smiles and gets emotional. Avni calls Malhar. Malhar picks her call and tells that he was busy in work and will come. Anupriya comes there. She asks Malhar if he don’t understand and asks him to leave before Aao Saheb comes. Malhar goes. Vivek comes out of house. Aao Saheb asks where is Malhar? Vivek says how I will handle him alone and tells that he shall call Police. Malhar comes there. Aao Saheb scolds him for risking her Godaveri’s alliance. Malhar tells that you are getting good price of blood, when one grand daughter marriage couldn’t be fixed then fixed other grand daughter’s alliance. Aao Saheb says stop it, this was remaining, knowing something from a person who had shot his own wife. Malhar takes stick from her hand and breaks it. He throws on the floor and walks away. Aao Saheb looks on.

Anupriya thanks Bappa and says you have stopped my daughter’s life from getting ruined. She says what kind of mother, I was about to ruin my daughter’s life. She says if Kalyani had married Vikram and after marriage when we came to know about his behavior then I couldn’t forgive myself. She tells that she will do penance for throwing her in pit and that’s why she will do penance. She says until her wounds gets healed fully, I will walk bare foot. Kalyani hears her and thinks what happened to Aai? If she loves me so much then why don’t she talk to me nicely. She asks Anupriya if she will talk to just Bappa and not her. She apologizes to her for hiding the truth from her and tells that this was needed to expose Vikram. She asks her to say who had given her water bucket with nail polish removed in it. Anupriya tells that she don’t remember and asks her not to get involved in these matters. Kalyani says I will find out the truth.

Pallavi takes out gum from her mouth and tells that her lips are swollen. Godaveri tells that she will not talk to vikram. Pallavi tells that Malhar came and went, and tells that Vikram is a good guy and any guy would have done the same. Vivek comes there and asks why did Kalyani call Pawar now? Kalyani asks Pawar to find out who had tried to burnt her. Malhar comes there and asks why did you call me? Kalyani says I called you through Pawar Kaka, as you are eye witness. She tells that she will file the complaint and the complaint will be filed by Anupriya Deshmukh. Anupriya tells that she don’t want to file any complaint as she don’t remember who had put nail polish remover in the water. Kalyani asks if she don’t want to know who tried to kill her daughter and says she would have burnt and died that day. She says if you don’t care then I will burn and die. She brings match stick and is about to light herself. Malhar says Kalyani. Anupriya takes match stick from her hand and tells that I don’t remember who had given me bucket. Kalyani says you have proved today that I am not your real daughter and tells that if I was your real daughter then you would have stood silent. She tries to light the fire. Anupriya says I will try to remember and says that day….nail polish remover….Pallavi gets tensed. Aao Saheb comes there while blindfolded herself and tells that it was me. Anupriya rushes to her.

Aao Saheb tells that she had given water bucket to Pallavi that day. Pallavi thinks what happened to Aao Saheb today. Aao Saheb tells that both the bottles were same and she added it, thinking it as Gulab jal so that Anupriya look good. She tells that she will never taken off the blind fold and tells that she knew that Pallavi will not take her name and that’s why she is taking her name herself. Kalyani takes off the blind fold and tells that it is not your mistake, it was an accident. Malhar says it is not yet proved and tells that first her eye sight will be tested and then only it will be proved if she is saying right or wrong. He takes the hand cuffs and asks Aao Saheb to come. Aao Saheb forwards her hands. Kalyani stops Malhar and asks do you have arrest warrant, no. She says you have no right to arrest her. She tells that you are forgetting that you are suspended right now. Malhar says you are doing wrong Kalyani. He goes. Aao Saheb smirks. She comes out and throws the hand cuff on Malhar. She asks him if he is feeling bad that the girl who used to trust him fully, is trusting her now. She tells that this handcuff will be used for you one day. She tells that her eye sight is weak, but her sight to see future is so clear that she can see him behind bars. Malhar gets upset and goes.

Aao Saheb asks Pallavi if Vivek talked to decorator and asks her to talk to Guru ji. Damini calls her. Aao Saheb thinks if she has changed her mind. She picks the call and greets Damini, asking how is she? She asks her to tell how they can serve her. Damini tells that it seems Kalyani’s anger is not calm down. She tells that Vikram had submitted the tender of Nasik highway and Kalyani rejected it. She says Kalyani is taking revenge from us. Aao Saheb says I will talk to Kalyani. Damini asks them to understand well that Godaveri’s betterment lies in Vikram’s betterment. Aao Saheb says ok. She ends the call. Kalyani comes there talking on phone and tells that she can’t pass the tender, as there is problem in the papers. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani what is she doing? She says Vikram is going to be Godaveri’s husband soon and tells that if they get upset then Godaveri has to suffer. Kalyani tells that she can’t cheat her job. Pallavi says you want to break my daughter’s alliance intentionally. Kalyani says you are thinking wrong and says if you had thought right that would have seen that I am saving her life. She tells that we all have seen how that man is, and tells that Damini is not less than him. Pallavi says we didn’t ask your opinion and asks her not to interfere. Aao Saheb tells that she has taken right decision for Godaveri and tells that she will be happy with Vikram. Kalyani says why are we not asking her opinion and tells that Pallavi didn’t let her talk to her. Pallavi asks her to stay far from Godaveri. Aao Saheb asks her to do her work and pass the tender. Kalyani tells that she can’t pass the tender. Pallavi says your daughter will break my daughter’s alliance. Anupriya says whatever Kalyani said….Aao Saheb turns and looks at Anupriya. Kalyani comes out of her house and sees Moksh’s pram and old furniture kept outside the house. She comes near it and says Billu…only two people in the work understand me, one is you and other is Aai. Anupriya comes there.

Precap: Kalyani gets a call from Aurangabad Municipal hospital and the guy informs her that there is a patient in the hospital, who is critically ill and insisting to meet you. Kalyani asks what is his name? The guy says Trilok Marathe. Kalyani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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