Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Malhar gets emotional for Moksh again

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar reaching MG garden to meet Kalyani early in the morning and says Jai hind Madam and asks why did you call me now? Kalyani says she has some important work and says FMN. He asks what is it? She says follow me now and starts jogging. He starts jogging behind her and asks why did you call me. She says you have become miser in these 5 years as you have given my earrings to your wife. Malhar asks if this is your professionalism. She says whatever it is, you have to deal with it. Malhar gets tired and takes a heavy breath, keeping hand on his chest. Kalyani thinks what happened to him, he used to run for 10 kms easily. She gives him water and asks how did you become constable from ACP, as far as I know you was a good police officer. She asks how did this happen? Malhar throws her water bottle and asks her to enquire with the department, why they don’t him to be ACP. He asks her to come and runs. She says follow me means you have to follow me and asks why you are getting angry, as I am not answering you. She says your question is that, where I was living since 5 years, how I survived your bullet shot and why I didn’t contact you. She says you are getting angry as I am asking you.

Malhar says if I can’t have reason for getting angry according to you and tells that he is cursing himself daily since 5 years and punishing himself. He says if you had told me then I would have repented less and would have felt less pain. Kalyani claps and says what a thought? She says you used to tell me when my childishness will go and says you are talking like a child now. She says what I would have told, that Malhar ji..you shot me and I got survived. She holds his hand and says let’s start again. She says my life was saved, but my heart is broken, what about that. Malhar asks her to let him go as it is 8 am and you will not reply to my questions. Kalyani says I don’t want to tell you and tells that you have no right to enquire about me. Malhar says why you are digging my past, why you are affected with my job position and feeling pain to see my wife wearing your jhumka. He runs.

Kalyani runs behind him and says I will answer you, but first tell me why you shot me? She says we couldn’t save Billu and you had accused me for that and shot me. She asks did you think that I have no right to live? She asks him to answer. He turns and she falls. He holds her and they look at each other. She pushes him and asks why did you shoot me? Malhar’s alarm rings and he says it is 8 am. He walks away. Kalyani goes behind him and says I will not let you go, if he had romance funda at 8 am. She says she didn’t see romance timetable before. Malhar takes out kite from his jeep and flies in air. Kalyani gets emotional to read the message “Baba misses you Moksh”. She cries. The Kite gets stuck in the tree, the thread gets cut and is falling down. Both of them run to catch the kite. Malhar manage to hold it. Kalyani takes the kite and hugs it. She says Billu…and then asks Malhar not to break his wife and unborn’s baby heart. Malhar gets upset and leaves from there. Kalyani gets Avni’s call.

Later, In room, Kalyani thinks why does Avni wanted to meet me? Anupriya comes to her room and tells that Aao Saheb sent Poha for her. Kalyani asks her to eat with her, else what she will tell to people outside. She says she will tell people that Deshmukh family have no manners, and left me alone to have food. She asks Anupriya to sit and have food. She says guest will make you have food with her hand. Anupriya says guests don’t do this. Kalyani tastes it and says it is having sugar instead of salt. Anupriya tastes it. Kalyani says this is formula no. 463 and asks if she like it? She says I fed you. She says how you thought that my Aai can do any mistake. She asks if besan laddoo is at home. Avni calls her again. Anupriya looks at her. Kalyani goes outside.

Anupriya cleans the roof top of the house with a large broom stick. She sees Kalyani talking to Malhar’s wife Avni and gets shocked. She drops the stick on the charger and it falls down. Godaveri comes there and shouts at Anupriya for breaking her charger. She calls Pallavi and tells that Anupriya broke charger of 3000 Rs. Pallavi scolds Anupriya and tells that she is not suitable to earn even 30 Rs. Anupriya says it was a mistake. Pallavi asks how you will repay this? Anupriya sees Kalyani and Avni missing and goes out.

Avni takes Kalyani to her house and says she came to know something. Kalyani thinks if Malhar ji told her about our past. Avni tells that she came to know that she will not come if not called. She tells that Malhar is gone for work and tells that she needs help to organize puja as it is the first puja after her marriage. She says her husband is a sub Inspector and asks if you will feel bad, if I ask your help. Kalyani asks if you respect DM this much and tells that she will get her husband suspended. Avni says sorry. Kalyani laughs and says I was joking. She says I have to go for urgent work. Avni asks her to stay for tea and feels pain in her stomach. Kalyani makes her drink water. Avni tells that she has forgotten to take medicine and asks her to bring from her room. Kalyani goes. Anupriya is standing outside and thinks what is Kalyani doing, if she got only Malhar’s wife to befriend. Kalyani goes to the bedroom and sees Avni and Malhar’s pic. She thinks why you didn’t wait for me Malhar ji, if our Raabta was so weak. Kalyani finds Malhar’s clothes on the bed and gets upset. Anupriya looks at her from outside.

Precap will be added after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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