Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani’s heart shatters seeing Malhar moved on

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Kalyani seeing Malhar’s clothes on the bed and thinks how he can forget his Kalyani so early and moved on in life. She folds his clothes and keeps back on the bed. Anupriya hears her and feels bad. She thinks you are doing wrong to return to me and also to love someone who has become of someone else. She thinks you will not get anything rather than pain on this way, don’t do this mistake. Pallavi complains to Aao Saheb about Anupriya and tells that she didn’t hear them and left. She says she got the wings because of Kalyani’s return. Aao Saheb says those feathers will be cut. She says you both are worrying unnecessarily. She says what is the use to make fake kundali and make her believe that she is inauspicious and her black reflection will ruin kalyani’s life. Vivek gets a call and tells that he had sent Parshiya behind Anupriya and she was seen outside Malhar’s home. Aao Saheb thinks what is her connection with Malhar. Pallavi says if she is meeting Anupriya secretly.

Avni couldn’t find kalash pot kept on the almira in the puja stuff and tells that she will get it. Kalyani stops her and gets the pot. Avni tells Kalyani that she has become lazy during pregnancy and tells that Malhar washed all the utensils and I was eating icecream here, sitting here. Kalyani recalls their moment. She helps Avni. Malhar comes there and is shocked to see Kalyani. He asks Avni if she called someone. Avni tells that Kalyani helped her in organizing the puja. He asks her to come to room and asks why did you call DM? He says I would have come and help you. Avni says Kalyani is my friend and helped me. She asks why are you getting upset. Avni asks Kalyani if she will help them to do puja, as Pandit ji will be instructing them online. Malhar says we will call neighbor. Avni asks if she will not pray for her friend’s happy married life and if she don’t want her husband to love her and if she don’t want her son to be fine. Kalyani sits to do the puja as told by Pandit ji on video call. Avni asks Malhar to give his hand. Kalyani ties the thread to Avni and Malhar’s hands.

Pandit ji tells about the Satyanarayan katha. He then asks when did you both get married. Avni says September. Pandit ji says no pandit solemnized any marriage in that month. Malhar tells that Pandit ji had agreed on my insistence, it was my stubbornness to get married to Avni fast. He holds her hand and tells that it is good that he got married to her, else he wouldn’t have get such a lovely wife. He says his happiness will be doubled as they will be soon become parents. Kalyani gets emotional and tells Avni that she has to make an important work call. Malhar looks at her as she goes out. Kalyani cries and throws the stone in the air. She asks why this is happening with her and tells that she is not very strong. She says I didn’t feel less pain that he has forgotten me and also he has forgotten Billu. She says he is very excited about his unborn baby. Anupriya feels her pain and is about to call her. She then stops herself. Kalyani turns and looks at Anupriya. She says I was fighting with Ganapati bappa, but I was wrong. He sent you for me. She says I had gone to Malhar ji’s house and asks her not to scold her now, says if you scold me now or get angry then I will break completely. She tells that Malhar ji said that he couldn’t wait to marry Avni and asks why he couldn’t wait and how he can moved on easily. She asks how can he forget me and it was easy for him to moved on.

She says I couldn’t forget even now that I had Malhar ji and Moksh in my life. She says I have no value in his life and that’s why he has forgotten me. She says Aao Saheb says right that Rane family men can give just pain and says I know how you felt when Kaka….She asks her to take out her anger today and asks her to throw the stones in air, and take out anger inside her. She asks her to say something and moved on. She says I couldn’t move on, even after thinking that he has moved on and started his life with new wife and child. She says I couldn’t accept and can’t move on, can’t forget that Malhar ji and Moksh was in my life. She hugs her. Anupriya pushes her and breaks their hug. She says don’t call me Aai, you are Madhuri’s daughter and her blood is in your veins. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya says you and your mother are both same, Madhuri had spoiled my life and now you are spoiling Avni and Malhar’s home. She says you can’t be my daughter who is breaking someone’s house. Kalyani asks what did you say? She asks her to take back her words. Avni comes there and says I was searching you. Kalyani says call just ended. Avni says I thought you left and gives her prasad. Avni’s mangalsutra breaks and falls down on the ground. Everyone looks on shocked.

Precap: Kalyani picks the pearls of the mangalsultra. Anupriya tells Avni that Kalyani broke it intentionally, Madhuri’s blood showed her true color.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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