Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram traps Malhar and Kalyani

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The episode starts with everyone questioning Godha why she ran away. Godha says she did not want to marry in simplicity. She also disliked that they first liked Kalyani, and she was their second choice. Pallavi scolds Godha for understanding wrong. Aao Saheb already promised to buy her anything needed. Kalyani asks Godha if there is any other reason that she does not want to marry Vikram. Aao Saheb tells Godha to say she wants to marry Vikram. Godha gets a call from Vikram and leaves the hall.

Malhar gets a call from Pawar that Avni is in hospital. Malhar reaches the hospital. Pawar says his wife brought Avni here. She was unconscious on her way the doctor says it’s a panic attack due to stress. The doctors warned that they might lose their child if there is another attack. Pawar says the hospital boy has taken a leave and run away but they are trying to find him. Pawar leaves. The hospital boy comes with a slip of medicines. Malhar recognizes him at once. He tells Malhar he was ousted from the previous job as Malhar complained against him. Malhar promises no one will oust him if he recognizes the lady. The boy was reluctant but Malhar promises that he is here. He leaves to bring the medicines.

At home, Kalyani overhears Aao Saheb tells Anupriya about Vikram’s anger. Malhar fought with Vikram and dug a hole for himself. She cares for Malhar’s wife, she is so young and how she will survive without Malhar. Vikram and Damini are princely people with huge approach.

Malhar reaches his car but was hit by a steel rod on his head. Malhar falls faint. Vikram smirks that he will now see who protects them from this insult.

Aao Saheb says Avni was admitted to hospital last night. If Kalyani goes to meet Malhar, her life will also be in danger. In the room, Kalyani was extremely tensed for Malhar. She decides to jump off the balcony. Aao Saheb thinks Vikram only wanted that Kalyani goes behind Malhar; she could do this for her son in law to be. Anupriya hears the sound of jump and was tensed for Kalyani. Aao Saheb sends Anupriya to find a Diya, she will pray for Kalyani’s safety. Aao Saheb then calls Vikram that Kalyani has left for hospital and she knows well how to keep Anupriya home.

In the storeroom, Anupriya’s foot was stuck in a rat machine and bleeds badly.

Aao Saheb tells Vikram to complete his work only. He must never allow Kalyani and Malhar maltreat him. They need to be punished.
Kalyani was headed towards the hospital in an auto. She spots Malhar’s jeep and stops the auto. She screams at once finding Malhar unconscious. Vikram place a cloth piece on Kalyani’s face. When she goes unconscious, Vikram calls his men to take them both and the jeep to designated place.

In the storeroom, Anupriya hears Pallavi speak to Vikram. She discusses about Kalyani’s insult at Malhar’s place. Anupriya thinks she must not tell Aao Saheb. She must dig into Vikram’s intentions herself first.

Kalyani and Malhar lay on the same bed in Malhar’s house. Vikram smirks and pushes Kalyani over Malhar.

Anupriya jumps outside from the window of the room. Vikram thinks Avni will leave the hospita and will be shocked to see them in this state. How Kalyani will bear the insult as she is the DM of the city. Anupriya walks outside the house with a bleeding foot and walks barefooted.

In the hospital, Avni was awake. The doctor was also there. Vikram brings flowers for her. She was angry at him. He tells her to keep them, he had come to inquire about her health. He regretted that Malhar was not here. Avni was furious, she returns his flowers and tells him to leave. Malhar has send the car for her, and he takes great care of her. Vikram thinks she is stupid to think Malhar sent the car for her. He wishes her all the best for the scene that awaits her. Avni calls Malhar but there was no reply.

Avni requests the drive to go fast. Anupriya struggled to walk towards Malhar’s house.

Aao Saheb looks for Anupriya in the storeroom. She spots blood stains on the floor of storeroom, leading towards the window. She calls Vikram warning that Anupriya left home and might reach Malhar’s house before Avni.

Avni comes home and goes towards the room door. She was shocked to see Malhar and Kalyani in the room.

PRECAP: Malhar comes to arrest Aao Saheb with the witness. The ward boy spots towards Anupriya stating she brought the cheques.

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