Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani decides to take Sanyas for Moksh

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar applying ointment to Kalyani’s back. Avni sees that and misunderstands the situation. She cries and goes from there. She shouts and says Malhar can’t forget his promise and I will not let you refuse your promise. She says Kalyani can’t snatch Malhar from me and shouts in anger. Malhar asks Kalyani if she is feeling pain and says she will be fine in sometime. Kalyani opens the bag kept there and finds Moksh’s clothes in it. She tells Malhar that this is her Billu’s clothes. She says I told you that our Billu is alive and says where to search him, there is nobody here. Malhar says we shall stay here and waits for neighbors to return as their doors are locked. He says we can get info about Moksh.

Avni calls Malhar. Malhar picks the call. Avni says I am waiting for you at home, as she needs to go for Sonography. Malhar says I will call you in 2 mins. Avni ends the call and looks angrily. Malhar tells Kalyani that he has to take Avni to clinic for sonography, it slipped from his mind. He says I will send Pawar with her. Kalyani asks him to go with Avni and says your wife and would be child needs you. Malhar says how can you handle alone? Kalyani says I am habitual to handle alone. She says Aai says right, I have to stay far from you as you have wife and soon to be born child. Malhar goes. Kalyani cries.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that kalyani went to search Moksh, and says Avni cursed her. She says I am worried. Aao Saheb says this is happening due to your kundali dosh. Kalyani buys chocolates and keeps in the bag. She says I used to stop you from having chocolates, but I will give you chocolates and toys. She sees a neighbor and asks him about Trilok and the boy who stayed with him. Neighbor says yes and tells that Trilok never let that boy come out of house and says when he was admitted to hospital, boy was sent to Dagdu baba Ashram. Peon comes home and tells Anupriya that the boy was in this Ashram and gives the address. Anupriya thanks him and thinks she will give her the biggest gift of her life, her son Moksh. Pallavi overhears her and goes.

Kalyani talks to Malhar ji and tells that she is going inside the Ashram, can’t wait to meet Billu. She comes inside the Ashram, but the Ashram workers refuse to let her go inside. Aao Saheb comes there and says I was going from there, saw you and came here. She acts. Kalyani tells her that Moksh is in this Ashram. She says I will see how they stop me. The Ashram guy tells that woman are not allowed in this Ashram. Aao Saheb says ok and asks Kalyani why she came here for Malhar’s child and says now you have no relation with Malhar or Moksh. She takes her forcibly towards the car and asks her to forget Malhar and Moksh. She asks Kalyani to sit in the car. Kalyani says I will drive the car and takes keys from the driver. She then locks the car just as driver and Aao Saheb sits inside. She says sorry to Aao Saheb and tells that Billu is her son and she will not go without her son. Aao Saheb asks driver to open the door.

Kalyani climbs the wall of the Ashram and gets inside. She thinks where is my Billu. The Ashram guy asks how did you come there? He calls the Ashram ladies. Kalyani picks Malhar’s call. Malhar hears the Ashram guy asking the Ashram ladies to throw her out. Kalyani says my son is inside and tells that she is DM of the city. They throw Kalyani out of the Ashram and tells that nobody is allowed in the Ashram. He says only those ladies are allowed who takes sanyas. Kalyani asks what I have to do to take sanyas? They laugh and asks her to take bath for Shuddhikaran, wear orange color saree and gets her hairs shaved off. Kalyani thinks I will get my son if I get my hairs cut. Malhar speeds up his jeep and senses that Kalyani is in trouble. Anupriya is walking on the road and thinks she was helpless not to give her love, but she won’t let her become childless. She says I will come there. The Ashram guy asks Kalyani to take bath with the water.

Aao Saheb manages to come there and tries to stop her. She asks how dare you to lock me in car. Kalyani says I have to take sanyas to save Billu. Aao Saheb asks if you have gone mad to shaved off your head and reminds that Moksh’s father shot at you. She says your age is just 24 and you want his responsibility at such a young age. She asks why you are doing this for a stranger’s blood. Kalyani tells that even Aai and her blood is not same, but it is the most beautiful relation of her life. She says I have taken my decision. Aao Saheb thinks once Kalyani takes sanyas and go inside, then she can’t come back. She says if she wants to raise Rane’s son then it is better for her to stay in Ashram.

Aao Saheb acts and says she can’t see her bald. Kalyani imagines Malhar complimenting her long hairs. Kalyani says even if I get my hairs short then also I will look good. Malhar warns her not to get her hairs cut. Malhar’s jeeps stop on the way. The Ashram lady asks Kalyani to wear the clothes and after that her hairs will be shaved off. Kalyani wears orange saree. Aao Saheb says what is the use to get educated, when you have to take sanyas for an unrelated boy. Kalyani asks the guy to come. He takes the scissor in his hand to cut her hair.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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