Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani sends lie detecting test video to Trilok

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar accusing Kalyani of making profile at marital website and writing his name as her brother. Anupriya comes there and tells that she has made Kalyani’s profile. Sarthak says I created Malhar’s profile. Anupriya fights with him and accuses him for copying her idea. Sarthak asks if she has copyright on the website. Anupriya tells that she will get her daughter married. Sarthak says even my nephew will get married. Suhana sits on the lie detecting machine and watches the video in the handy cam in which Trilok is lying to Kalyani in handycam. They all hear Trilok’s voice, but ignore it. Kalyani closes the handycam. Suhana tries to alert her, but in vain. Kalyani is angry at Malhar for thinking about marriage. Malhar says yes, I will get married. Kalyani says I am not doing anything because of social distancing. He asks her to get married and tells that she will also agree for the first alliance. Anupriya gets scared and tells Sarthak that if Malhar agree then Kalyani will also agree. She gets Aao Saheb’s call who tells that she sent two months ration to workers and asks about Kalyani and Malhar. Kalyani tells that she will get more alliance and praises herself, saying she is pretty, beautiful and intelligent. She says your height. Malhar asks her not to talk about his height. She tells that she will tell about his height, bad hairs, black skin and dry hands. Malhar says I am dark, I will moisturize my hands. He uses glues on his hands. Kalyani turns and asks if you didn’t know the difference. Malhar asks who keeps glue on dressing table. She laughs. Malhar gets Commissioner’s call and asks kalyani to help him, free his hands. Kalyani asks him to say please and tell that she is best. Kalyani takes handycam to record him saying the same. Trilok’s video gets played again, but she doesn’t see. She watches Malhar’s video and shows to Suhana.

Suhana smiles seeing their cute fight. Malhar asks kalyani to help him free his hands. Kalyani says ok and helps him free his hands using oil…the song plays….laadla re…She then makes him wash his hands. Malhar says there was peace in the house when you was silent. Kalyani says you are different, I thought you will thank me, but I am foolish to have expectations from you. Malhar thanks her. Kalyani says welcome. She asks Moksh to become fine and tells that they will make Malhar weak so that he agrees to their sayings. Suhana comes to Kalyani. Kalyani says I have to send your birthday video to Trilok. Trilok sees birthday video, along with that Malhar’s glue video is also sent. Trilok thinks why she sent me Malhar’s video. He is about to go, but hears his own voice. He comes to the laptop and watches the video. He thinks who has recorded this video.

Kalyani gets ready and wears googles. Jalwa song plays…Malhar asks where is she going? Kalyani picks the dustbin and says going to throw bin. She says she didn’t go out in lockdown so that’s why she has decided to dress nicely for every work which she will do in the house. She says she has worn this dress to throw the garbage and she will wear another dress to clean the kitchen. Malhar says let me guess, purple dress. Kalyani gets upset with him. She gets Trilok’s call and asks him if he liked the video. He says birthday video is good and along with it, there are two more videos, one of it was of Malhar in which his hands are glued and other….Kalyani gets shocked and says did I send you that video in which Malhar ji’s hands are glued. Trilok says there is another video. Kalyani asks him to leave it and asks him to delete Malhar’s video. She ends the call. Trilok checks the video again and says lie detecting test is done on me. He thinks why Kalyani or Malhar haven’t told anything, this means they haven’t saw it till now. He thinks to take the handy cam from her. Malhar gets angry at kalyani for making fun of him. He takes her phone and deletes the mail. He tells her that he is bearing her because of Moksh and bearing Trilok because of her. Kalyani asks him to stop doubting him and tells that only Trilok can help their Moksh.

Just then they hear Anupriya and Sarthak fighting. Anupriya shows them nightie and says who brings such clothes. Sarthak says it doesn’t suit you. Kalyani says Malhar ji gave me talcum powder as the first gift. Malhar says what is the time to talk about this. Kalyani tells Anupriya that what doesn’t matter is gift, but the feelings. She tells that she had kept that talcum powder even now with her. Malhar asks is it still there with you? Kalyani says you had given it so much love, I had kept it safely. Anupriya says she will accept the nightie and goes. Sarthak tells Malhar that an alliance came for her. Kalyani takes him to side and tells that video is still in her data card and she can make it viral. Malhar gets angry and agrees to meet the girls. Kalyani thinks she will fulfill his wish to meet the girls.

Precap: Kalyani meets Malhar indisguise as Kelly. Malhar tells that he is fed up of his wife and wants new company. He says I like to talk such things in hindi. She asks what? He pushes her on bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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