Tujhse Hai Raabta 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update: Trilok destroys the handycam and steals data card

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 31st July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Malhar asking Pawar to keep eye on Pooja and tells that he has doubt on Trilok. He tells that today he will work from home and spend time with Moksh. Anupriya checks the nightie in the mirror. Sarthak comes there. Anupriya tells him that the nightie seems to be costly and no village woman wears such nightie. Sarthak says I said as we were pretending to fight outside. He says it is the nightie’s good luck if you wear it and tells that you are precious to wear it. Anupriya says leave it. Sarthak says I want to see it on you and comes near her. He asks her to trust him. Aao Saheb comes there and sees Sarthak and Anupriya closer to each other. She turns her face and tells that she had made some masks from sarees and is going to distribute among the villagers. She asks if she wants to come along with them. Anupriya says ok and goes with her. Trilok is in Malhar’s room and asks Suhana about Kalyani’s handycam. He says Kalyani must have sent the video through the laptop and thinks handy cam is the only proof. Malhar comes there talking to Pawar and tells that he has a feeling that the voice was familiar on call. He comes to room and sees Trilok searching in his room. He asks Trilok what is he doing here? Trilok tells that his paper fell down as his window is open. He says he has a meeting to attend. Malhar says you have less time, wind is fast. Trilok leaves. Malhar tells Suhana that he didn’t do anything to scare her, his face is such. He says your smile is cute and asks her to play with Moksh. He finds handy cam in the shoe box and thinks Kalyani has hidden it here. He thinks to delete the video made by Kalyani and then thinks to let it be in the cam, as Kalyani will smile seeing his video.

Trilok thinks where to search the handycam and is going out. Anupriya and Aao Saheb see Trilok there. Anupriya worries that Trilok might change his decision. Aao Saheb says this will not happen. She asks Anupriya about her married life with Sarthak and asks if she refrains him from husband and wife’s love. Anupriya says I have a grown up daughter and these things doesn’t suit her. Aao Saheb tells that the desires didn’t end with age and tells that she (Anupriya) is his new bride.

Kalyani comes to Malhar’s house as Kelly and calls Sarthak. She introduces herself as Kelly and tells that she came to marry Malhar Rane. She compliments Sarthak’s looks. Sarthak thanks her. Kalyani thinks sorry Aai. She says she has some conditions to marry Malhar, he has to do all the cooking, my nails break if I do cooking. She says he has to do laundry, cleaning and everything as her hand are soft. She says Malhar has to take my dogs out in the morning as she gets tanned if she goes. She says she will take all decisions of the house. Sarthak says you want to say that Malhar will have to do all the work and you will rest. Malhar comes there and tells that he agree to all his conditions. Sarthak says she is Kelly? Kalyani says she is Kelly Lopez. Malhar says lets talk in the bedroom and takes her with him. Sarthak tells Anupriya that the girl is very beautiful. Malhar closes the door and says it is good that you have come, tells that he is bored of his wife and needs new company. He touches his cheeks. Kalyani asks if he behaves like this with every girl and says it is weird. Malhar says you talk in good hindi, I like talking such things, but not now for the moment. He pushes on the bed and tries to get closer to her. Kalyani closes her eyes. Malhar holds her hairs and pulls out her wig. He asks Kalyani to say what is all this? Sarthak and Anupriya come inside the room. They see Kalyani on the bed. Anupriya says Kalyani. Malhar says no Kelly Lopaz. Kalyani says what is the issue, if I do some acting and tells that if he meets the girls like this then she won’t let him meet anyone. She goes. Malhar and Anupriya laugh. Sarthak says I thought why firangi will praise me, but…

Suhana sees Trilok’s video in the handycam. Trilok comes there and snatches handycam from her hand. he says you didn’t tell me when I ask you. Kalyani is coming there and tells that Malhar ji always identifies her. Trilok breaks the handy cam and smashes it under his feet. He asks Suhana to be good girl next time. Kalyani comes there and asks Suhana how the handycam broke? She says it might be broken by mistake. Suhana nods no. Kalyani asks if Malhar broke it? Suhana nods no. Kalyani asks if kaka broke? Suhana signs her . Kalyani asks if Trilok broke? Suhana nods yes. Kalyani asks if he came here? Suhana says yes and signs that he went. Kalyani asks her not to cry and checks the handycam pieces, thinks where did data card go from here?

Trilok tells Malhar that he has stopped drinking for Moksh and can refuse to become his donor. Malhar says he doesn’t believe him. Kalyani winks her eyes and asks Malhar to apologize to Trilok. Malhar is confused.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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