Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani informs Malhar about Trilok’s truth

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Rao telling Malhar that Pooja was seen in Trilok’s house, half an hour before. Malhar says we don’t have permission to search his house and asks Rao to hide there. He disguises himself as the garbage collector and comes inside Trilok’s house holding the big bin in his hand. He rings the door bell and asks Trilok to give the garbage. Trilok says ok and goes inside. Malhar finds his beard falling down and gets tensed. Trilok brings the garbage bag and asks him to take it. Malhar asks if his Servant went to village. Trilok sees his shoes and looks angry. He finds the wine bottle in the garbage and thinks Doctor asked him not to drink wine, but he is drinking. He turns and looks at Trilok standing behind him. Trilok pulls off his mask and beard. He says you forgot to change your police shoes. Malhar thinks I should have planned like Kalyani. Trilok says you are searching here after Commissioner’s warning. Malhar says you are drinking without doctor’s permission and says if anything happens to my son then I will forget that I am a police officer, I will be just a father then? He says I know that Pooja is staying here. Trilok asks him to go and check in his house. Malhar records his words and plays the audio, thanking him for the permission. Trilok smiles and calls Kalyani.

Anupriya wears the nighty brought by Sarthak. Sarthak comes and gives her compliments. He tells that he never thought that they will come closer while trying to unite the kids, Malhar and Kalyani. Anupriya asks if he thinks they are coming closer. She says she is praying to Bappa that their love is more bigger than their stubbornness. She smiles seeing Sarthak.

Trilok tells Kalyani that until when he has to bear so much insult, first his house is searched, secondly he was forced to give the blood test. Malhar says wine bottle was found in your garbage and says if you had really care for Moksh, then you wouldn’t have drank it. Kalyani asks Malhar to calm down. Rao comes and tells that blood report is normal, wine is not found in blood, but BP is high. Trilok says if he got the proof now. Malhar says I know that it is your trick. Kalyani says please and signs Malhar, winking her eye. Trilok tells that he can refuse to become the donor. Kalyani winks her eye and asks what happened to you, just apologize to Trilok. She winks her eye again and again and asks if he doesn’t have mind. She asks him to come outside and talk to her. Trilok calls the doctor and thanks him, says your pill have done wonders and brought smile on my face.

Malhar and Kayani come out. She winks him again. Malhar says how can you trust Trilok. Kalyani says sorry to Malhar and hugs him. She thinks you are good, I trouble you always. Malhar smiles and holds her. Kalyani apologizes to him and says you was right, I did a mistake to identify him. She asks him if he remembers about her handycam being on when Trilok came. Malhar says Trilok had broken the handycam. Kalyani says but I have the data card. Fb starts, Kalyani wonders where is data card. She asks Suhana to stop crying and turns to go, when she sees data card inside the table and gets it. fb ends. She tells that she found that data card and shows him the video, in which Trilok is seen lying in the lie detecting machine. She tells that she was wrong to trust Trilok, but whatever she has done is to save Moksh. She says if anything happens to Moksh then…Malhar says I know that whatever you have done is to save Moksh and tells that he knows that she is not interested in Trilok. Kalyani asks what did you say and hit him. Malhar tells that Trilok will become the donor of Moksh and asks her to just see. Trilok gets a call and drops the key while taking off his mobile. He picks the call and goes. Suhana comes and takes the keys.

Swara comes back and tells that Baba is in Banaras, but there is no music programme due to pandemic. She tells that Baba is in quarantine. Sarthak asks her to rest and says we will meet for dinner. Sarthak asks Anupriya not to tell Swara about Madhav’s doing. Anupriya says father’s image shall not be spoiled infront of a daughter. Pallavi calls her husband and asks him to come and participate in the Mrs. And Mr. Aurangabad competition. She then asks Anupriya and Sarthak to participate in the competition as well. She says when I win this competition, I will put the video on social networking site. She tells that she was top model in college. Anupriya and Sarthak laugh. Anupriya asks how we will convince Malhar and Kalyani for this operation. Malhar tells Kalyani that he talked to the doctor and he informed him that Moksh’s operation can be done in 3 days. Rao comes there and tells that Trilok has reached police station. Malhar asks him to keep him engaged, and tells that Trilok will become Moksh’s donor on our conditions.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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