Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani takes care of Malhar

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Anupriya that her pain is flowing from her eyes and tells that she couldn’t make Kaka understand. Anupriya is surprised to see Malhar’s blood in Kalyani’s forehead. Kalyani gets Pawar’s call who tells that he is out of danger and will be fine very soon. She tells the same to Anupriya and promises her that she will never try to snatch Malhar ji from Avni. She says but my Billu is just mine and I will not let anyone snatch him from me. Anupriya thinks I will not let Sarthak snatch Kalyani’s happiness. Sarthak tells Malhar that Kalyani is responsible for his condition and added glass pieces in the laddoo to take revenge from you. Malhar doesn’t believe him and shows trust on Kalyani. Avni says if Kalyani had not added it then why she didn’t eat it. Malhar says Kalyani will never do anything against me. Sarthak tells that he is elder in the house and promises that he won’t let Deshmukh family do anything wrong. He says I am repenting to trust Anupriya and asks him to take care of Avni for the promise given to his baba. Malhar tells that he remembers the promise, but Kalyani loves Moksh dearly from her heart. Sarthak says Moksh is our Rane blood and he will not go to Deshmukh house until I am alive. He asks Avni not to worry and says if Kalyani comes here then she will pay big compensation for it. He goes. Malhar cries. Avni tells that she will take care of him. Malhar misses Kalyani and cries. He looks at his Baba’s photo and cries, says God snatched everything from me and then you also left me. He says God couldn’t see my happiness. He says you left me and handed over big responsibility to me. He says I will take care of the baby and will never let him know that he is not my blood. Avni brings food and makes Malhar eat it. she says Doctor said that it will take 4 -5 days for his wounds to get healed. Kalyani is standing out and peeping inside through the inside. Avni goes to bring water for Kalyani. Kalyani comes to the kitchen window and asks Avni to hear her. Avni asks her to leave Malhar ji. Kalyani says you are not unwell, so let me make Malhar ji have food and asks her to sit there. Avni says if you don’t go then I have to take legal action. She thinks this girl is not leaving us. She brings water and gives to Malhar.

Malhar asks Avni to go and rest. Kalyani rings the door bell and hides. Avni opens the door and doesn’t see anybody. She thinks she will not leave Kalyani and closes the door. Kalyani rings the bell again. Avni opens the door and comes out. She thinks who is troubling her. Kalyani manages to come inside. Avni closes the door and thinks if Kalyani comes here then she will repent so much. Kalyani thinks sorry Aai, I can’t leave Malhar ji in this condition.

Anupriya comes to meet Sarthak at his house. Sarthak calls Anupriya. Servants come there. Sarthak calls them Anupriya 1 and 2 and assigns them work. He calls everyone Anupriya. His Assistant asks why you are calling your both Servants as Anupriya. Sarthak gets up and tells that he had relation with her, now her status is of a Servant. Anupriya realizes how much he hates her and goes.

Malhar sees Kalyani coming to his room and asks what are you doing here, as there is court notice against her. Kalyani says I know. She asks him to open his mouth. Malhar says I will have it and asks her to go. Kalyani says open your mouth and tells that she can’t leave him in pain, have to make him fine soon so that they can search their Billu. She says I have seen how much you are feeling pain. Malhar says nobody can be Moksh’s Aai rather than you. Kalyani says I know, and nobody can snatch this right from me. Malhar coughs. She makes him have water and wipes his face. Tum hi ho music plays….Malhar looks at her and cries. Kalyani also cries looking at his condition. She asks him to sleep and rest for sometime so that medicine can work. Malhar tells that his head is paining badly. Kalyani massages his forehead and feels his pain. Malhar looks at her and sleeps. Kalyani also sleeps. Avni comes there and sees them sleeping. She shouts Kalyani and asks how dare you to come again? She asks did you know what will happen to get against the court notice. Kalyani asks do you think that it is easy for you to get me arrested. Avni says I will call Kaka. Kalyani says our law tells that no woman will be arrested after 6 pm till morning and tells that even law or Kaka can’t stop me from taking care of Malhar ji tonight. Avni looks on upset.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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