Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb asks Malhar to give the cost of Anupriya’s blood

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Desitv.top

The Episode starts with Pawar kaka thanking Kalyani for bringing Maayi at the right time, and tells that now Avni is out of danger after blood transfusion. Kalyani asks Pawar to bring fruits for Aai as weakness comes after donating blood. Pawar says he will bring. Kalyani gives him money forcibly. Malhar comes there, takes money from Pawar. Pawar goes. Malhar tells that he is not poor that he can’t feed fruits to the woman donating blood to his wife. Kalyani asks why this poor matter coming? Malhar tells that he has always 500-600 rs in pocket and asks her to keep her money with her. He congratulates her for her alliance. Kalyani asks what is your problem and grabs his collar. She says you have problem with my alliance, but you couldn’t wait before making another relation, got married soon after I left and second child is also going to come. She says you have a happy family and when I am trying to move on, you have a problem, questions his attitude. Malhar holds her and takes her to pillar. He says you was alive since 5 years and asks did you ever think about me, if I am alive or death or in what condition. Kalyani pushes him and reminds that he had shot her with his hands. She says you have no rights and says you didn’t tell me why did you shoot at me? She says you got habitual to hide the things. Malhar tells that he is not hiding the truth. Kalyani asks him to go and tell Avni, who is she? Malhar turns his face. Kalyani asks him to go and tell Avni about his past. She says she is not like him, but she will tell everything to her would be husband, that the person whom she loved from her heart, had shot at her heart. Malhar gets angry and feels helpless.

Pallavi gets angry on Anupriya and tears her photo with Kalyani. She says Anupriya has ruined her daughter’s life for Kalyani’s life. Vivek says I don’t understand why Damini changed her mind. Pallavi says she had showed the politics and asks how did Aao Saheb agreed. Vivek says Aao Saheb just wanted to send a girl to Damini’s house and doesn’t care if she is Kalyani or Godaveri. Godaveri comes there and tells that she is not interested in this marriage. Pallavi asks her to hear carefully and tells that Vikram will marry you only.

Malhar brings Avni home. Pawar calls him. Malhar tells that he has brought Avni home, she is still weak, but will be fine soon. Door bell rings, Malhar goes to open the door. Pallavi calls Damini from Swara’s phone with her voice changed and tells that Kalyani is not a good girl, she has to abort her child once and tells that she can’t be pregnant again. She tells that this is Kalyani’s third marriage as she had married Rachit also. Damini asks who is she? Godaveri comes and ends the call. She says why did you call Damini? Pallavi tells that she has called her from Swara’s phone. Swara comes there and finds Damini’s call on her mobile. Malhar opens the door and finds Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb shows the sweets box and tells that Kalyani’s marriage is fixed in a big house and tells that she is celebrating for his suspension also. She throws laddoo on him and tells that she will follow him like a reflection and will take revenge from him. She says eat the laddoos, it is free. She says the blood which my daughter gave for your wife is not free and asks him to pay the cost of the blood. She throws the laddoo on him. He catches and smashes it. He says he can bear the insult, but can’t bear her favor. He asks her to tell what he shall do.

Anupriya comes home. Kalyani comes behind her and says you would have told me before leaving. Anupriya says why to tell you, who are you to be? Kalyani asks her to tell until when this thing will go on, and says I am agreeing to your every sayings. Anupriya says you want to say that you agreed to my sayings and says that you agreed to marry to save Malhar’s wife, it was your decision. She says do you want to know why you saved Avni, risking your life. She says even today you can’t see Malhar in pain and living in the past. She makes her see her face in the mirror. Kalyani turns away. Anupriya says now you will try to break the alliance and get Aao Saheb insulted. Kalyani says when did I say this? Anupriya says if you do this then you will prove that you are Madhuri’s daughter. She says if you take out this bangles, then you will fall down in my eyes, and our relations will break right now, at this moment. Kalyani says atleast you have accepted that we have some relation even now. Anupriya holds her head and feels weak. Kalyani asks her to have something. Anupriya says I am not hungry.

Godaveri tells Aao Saheb that she was not upset with her as she agreed for Kalyani and Vikram’s marriage. Aao Saheb gets happy and gives her money to buy a new mobile. Godaveri gets happy. Aao Saheb tells her that Kalyani will ask her about her fight with Malhar, she shall never know that there was no parking board there. Godaveri asks why Kalyani agreed to marry Vikram, if she agreed to save Malhar’s wife. Aao Saheb gets thinking.

Kalyani tells Anupriya to take out ring from the pot and tells that don’t know how did you get Rane family qualities and asks her not to forget that they are Deshmukh family and knows to handle Rane’s. She asks her to get her ring out and says you have already wasted my 55 seconds. Anupriya keeps her hand inside the pot. Kalyani keeps Anupriya’s other hand inside the pot. Anupriya asks her to take out her hands. Kalyani says let your hands be there, do you have any work now? She asks her to have food with her hand. Anupriya tries to take out her hands. Kalyani says your hands will not come out, if you are done then stand at one place. Anupriya says you are forcing me. Kalyani says yes and asks what did you make today? She serves the food in the plate and asks her to open the mouth to scold her. Anupriya opens her mouth. Kalyani feeds food in her mouth.

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