Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 51

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Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 51

A quick recap: Usha manages to convince Twinkle and Kunj that the apparent tense situation at home isn’t for them to worry about post which Kunj drops Twinkle off at Leela’s place. When the two of them begin to miss each other terribly in just a couple of days, Kunj surprises Twinkle by sneaking in through her balcony.

“How could we leave on the night of the wedding? There’s so much that Ma will need help with once everyone goes away, it’ll be such a burden for her!” Twinkle pointed out to Kunj when he reminded her of that bit of information some time later. “I know, I’m so sorry, but that’s the best I could do, Twinkle! I tried to push things further, but then we would have to wait for another month!” He tried to reason with her, and watched quietly as she sighed and looked around tensely. “We’ll help Ma out in all possible ways before we leave, I promise! Usha Ma could stay over and assist her if required!” He suggested, but whatever her argument would have been remained unsaid since Chinki and Yuvi burst in curiously. “Oh my God! Did we just hear the two of you quarrelling?” Chinki asked, earning bored looks from them. “It’s called a discussion.” Kunj informed her, glancing over at Yuvi who was having a hard time controlling his laughter. “We’ve never ‘quarrelled’, in case you wondered.” Kunj added, making Twinkle smile as the realisation hit her. She was amazed by how well the two of them had been able to deal with things without creating much of a fuss, and not even in the direst circumstances had they let it lead to a discord between them. Of course they had had their share of misunderstandings and disagreements, but they had managed to get past all of it well, and they couldn’t be more glad. “Greece? Woah. It’s my wedding, and the two of you are going on a honeymoon? And for the second time?” Chinki blurted out when they disclosed their plans to her and Yuvi, making the two of them look away awkwardly while Yuvi giggled. “But how come you never told us before that you were starring with Kunj in his music video?” Yuvi asked, well aware that there had been a time when he and Chinki were the first people Twinkle told everything. Twinkle turned to look at Kunj and then the other two suspiciously. “Wasn’t this the big secret that Kunj had been hiding? Hadn’t he already told both of you?” She asked, watching the quick exchange of glances and confused shaking of heads that annoyed her. “Of course! I was only asking you why you hadn’t told us!” Yuvi covered up, stopping Chinki from speaking and dragging her away after throwing Kunj a knowing glance that was acknowledged with a quick nod.

Kunj had been waiting anxiously to see the colour Twinkle’s Mehendi had left, for hours now, but his ‘dear wifey’ was miffed and she had kept away from him for the rest of the evening and his wait now seemed to have exhausted all his patience. “Twinkle!” He called out the minute he saw her entering the room. She turned to him and smiled at him, but didn’t stop. She headed to the wardrobe and began looking for something to wear, humming softly to herself. He smiled when he recognised the tune, it was his new song; he couldn’t wait to begin shooting with her and knew she was excited beneath all her nervousness too, but for now she was angry, wasn’t she? “Are you… annoyed?” He asked as he stood behind her, and she turned around swiftly and smiled yet again. God, she was trying to depict that he was in trouble, but he knew better than that. “No.” She answered and watched him quietly. She didn’t expect him to tell her everything, and didn’t mind that he was getting along with Yuvi and Chinki so well, but for some reason, she was sure that this particular thing concerned her as well, and she wanted to know what it was. She knew all three of them too well to be fooled into believing that little act they had put up earlier. Besides, she really loved pestering him this way, it brought her the rare moments when he would say something that made her believe that there was still some hope for theirs to be a perfect love story. “You aren’t. Lovely. We are fine then?” His voice broke her train of thoughts, reminding her to play along. “Yes.” She answered, in monosyllable again and laughed internally. “And to what may I owe this cold behaviour?” He asked, looking adorably worried and she had to fight her desire to just reach out and pull his cheeks. “Oh, it isn’t your fault, Kunj! Chinki has been my best friend for so long, that has left me some perceptions of what a best friend is like. I’m only trying to now adjust to your definition of it.” She answered diplomatically and began to walk away, when he grabbed her hand.

“I always knew my wife was great at Drama, it always made me wonder where she got it from. Now I know. Her first best friend must have passed it to her. However, Mrs. Sarna might want to know that her husband cannot be fooled by these tactics. He’s smarter than she thinks of him.” Kunj spoke as he stepped closer to Twinkle in a painfully slow pace, his voice dropping to a whisper by the time he was standing right behind her. He heard her breath hitch and smiled to himself, he felt her stiffen as he put his hands around her, closing the gap between them. “Would you look at that!” He exclaimed as he held her hands up and looked admiringly at the deep shade her Mehendi had taken. Twinkle’s mind had given up thinking straight long ago, and his words fell on deaf ears. All she knew was that his touch was wreaking havoc in her senses. She opened her eyes and looked at her hands in his. They looked perfect together was her only thought until she heard him speak something about colour. She had been surprised by it herself, for never before had her Mehendi been so dark, and had spent a lot of time wondering why it could have been so. Kunj, on the other hand, had remembered the belief related to it from their wedding and wanted to see for himself. The possibility of him being in love with her was driving her crazy and she couldn’t take it anymore. She freed her hands and turned to him, with the intention of walking away, but the look in his eyes as he watched her dauntingly caused her to freeze in her position. Before she knew it, he had pulled her by her waist and his other hand was on her cheek, caressing it slowly, and she was breathing heavily yet again. “Kunj..” she stammered, but he seemed to have absolutely no intention of letting her go. “I..” He began, but quickly reminded himself that they would be in his planned destination in a couple of days and then he would tell her, when everything would be picture perfect. Twinkle took advantage of him getting lost in thought to free herself and ran out, telling him that she would be back later, leaving him giggling, since he knew for a fact that she would only return after she had made sure he was asleep, that encounter had left as restless as he himself was, after all.

Twinkle was watching Kunj and Yuvi having a hushed discussion for a few minutes now, and had been relieved to see that the two of them had actually set aside their differences and let the awkwardness between them melt away. She smiled as she saw Kunj burst out laughing at something Yuvi had said, sighing deeply as her mind drifted off to thoughts of how amazing she thought he looked even from so far away, wishing he was standing as close to her as he had been the previous night, making her heart thud wildly *coughs*. She had been so lost that she hadn’t noticed him watching her, and now he was grinning as though he had read her mind. She looked away immediately when she noticed, her eyes landing on the people rehearsing their dance moves, reminding her of her own wedding. She wished she would get to dance with Kunj on at least one occasion like all those couples, but perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. He had come too late for them to learn and perform was her go to reason whenever someone asked her, only her heart was not at all happy with the excuse. She tried reminding herself that she was the one hopelessly in love, and that he wasn’t, but his advances made that impossible to believe, let alone convince her heart. She turned around and went into Leela’s room where she had been helping out before she had come out to attend a call and got distracted by Kunj’s presence, hoping that would keep her thoughts at bay.

 “What?” Twinkle asked Yuvi stood grinning beside her after he found his way through the crowd to get to her. “Nothing.” He answered as he waved his hand at the other end of the crowd, and even when Twinkle immediately followed his glance she couldn’t find out who he was waving to, so she returned her glance to the dias where yet another performance was going on. ‘Where is Kunj?’ her mind wondered, she hadn’t seen him for quite some time now. “Right here.” She heard her heart and him answer simultaneously when she felt an arm sneak around her waist, and there he was, on her other side. He stood quietly beside her some time, and then, when everyone was cheered on to join in the dancing, he pulled her away, down the dark corridor into the moonlit garden where there was a small speaker that was playing soft, soothing music as opposed to the blaring one inside. “I know we might not have had enough time to put together a coordinated performance, but we can’t be missing this opportunity to dance! Even if it’s just you, me and the wind!” He whispered in her ear, and added, “Let’s thank Yuvi for agreeing to help me with this later!” She smiled wholeheartedly, her heart prepared to take flight at how dear he made her feel, added to the immense gratitude she felt for Yuvi, that guy deserved the world. She hoped that someday he would be repaid for his sincerity and love. Kunj snapping his fingers in front of her jolted her out of her reverie and she smiled as she placed her hand in his waiting one. “What made you think I didn’t want to dance with you, beautiful?” He whispered as they slowly swayed along to the music, making her shake her head vigorously, before she looked up at his eyes, drowning in them like she always did, what was different though, was that he seemed to lose himself in her eyes equally this time.

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