Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 55

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Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 55

A quick recap: Twinkle finally discloses her love for Kunj, still careful not to reveal too much. Kunj then presents his remaining surprises for her, and she’s happier than ever to be at the receiving end of them. He then carries a fast asleep Twinkle to their room, proceeding to tease her yet again.

Twinkle had been annoyed when her phone suddenly started pinging continuously all of a sudden, ruining the perfect silence that she had been reading her book in. She tried ignoring it for a couple of minutes, but when it continued to bother her, she picked the phone up, her eyebrows furrowing when she opened the first notification that led her to Kunj’s social media page. Over a few hundred people had commented on the picture he had just posted and tagged her in, and as she spotted the caption, she felt her cheeks begin to redden yet again. “When love knocks on the door, but she’s too lost to notice 🙁 ” it read after all. What was he even thinking! She stood up hastily and slid open the balcony door and walked into the room, where he stood grinning widely at her. “All you had to do was call out to me, Kunj! What made you want to get the whole world to put forth your point?” She questioned as she held up her phone, the screen still displaying his post, a picture of her he had clicked a few minutes ago, while she sat blissfully unaware of it on the other side of the sliding glass door of the balcony. He hummed thoughtfully, pretending to consider whatever she had been saying, and then giggled when she shook her head in response. “Would I get to see that priceless expression then?” He spoke finally, tilting his head to look at her lowered eyes, and smiled brightly as the blush crept back to her face. “Exactly this one!” He teased, playfully poking her cheek, evoking a squeal in response. “I love you!” He reminded her, his voice deep, his tone soothing. She looked into his eyes in the exact same way she had the first time he had said that, and he felt a familiar warmth spread within him. Just as she about to respond to that though, she felt him pull her closer by her waist and an idea struck her. She stepped closer to him and slowly put her arms around his neck, laughing internally as she saw anticipation in his eyes. “I know that!” She whispered, biting back her smile when his eyes widened, an annoyed expression taking over the dazed look on his face.

“How cute!” Twinkle pestered Kunj when he put on his best puppy face, trying to get what he wanted. “Not cute! I’m a guy!” He protested, but she only laughed a little more at that. “Besides, I’m not just your best friend anymore that you chose to call me ‘cute’! Now even the whole world knows that I’m your love, just as much as you are mine! Why don’t you go for something like handsome?” He continued when he figured that she was too busy mocking him to listen the first time. She gave him a ‘Really?’ look and he nodded sincerely. “You’ll always be my cutie though!” She answered nevertheless, pulling his cheek. “Twinkle, yaar!” He objected, but didn’t as much as loosen his grip on her. She, however, seemed to be in no mood to give in so easily either. “Kunj, yaar!” She imitated, her attempt at copying his tone made him laugh some more. “You have no idea how desperately I wanted things to work out this way for us!” He confessed a few moments later, adding “Even when I hadn’t accepted my love for you, perhaps my heart always knew you would end up being extremely dear to me, it always sings a melody of its own when you are around.” His gaze had suddenly become too much for her to bear and so she did what she thought was the best way to escape it – she hugged him tight, as though trying to hide herself in his embrace, for her mind was racing, her heart was thudding, the butterflies in her tummy were performing what seems like a circus act, it was driving her insane. Just a few honest words from the bottom of his heart did that to her, and she couldn’t help wondering if she would actually be able to retain her sanity if this continued. Maybe his proximity would do that to her even years later, for even though he was all hers, she couldn’t believe it for herself yet. She sighed when he somehow made the hug even warmer, stilling when he placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder. She pulled back and looked at him, he was watching her with so much love that she would have complied to anything he said right then, but before he could speak, they heard a phone ringing, sounding to them like it was far, far away from them, until their eyes managed to look away and found the phone right in Twinkle’s hand.

“Twinkle!” Kunj called out, grabbing Twinkle’s wrist as she passed by him to get their clothes out for the next day when the shoot would finally begin. She turned to him and smiled, letting go of her intentions to free herself when she noticed him hesitate. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” She asked softly, wondering if it would be acceptable for her to lean closer and have him look at her so she could figure out what he was up to. He nodded quickly and shot back, “You know the same goes with you, right?” She hummed in response and added, “What is it that you’re dying to ask right now, though?” He looked up at her and pulled her to himself in a flash, having made space for her to sit on the bed in between his legs. “Kunj!” She exclaimed as he proceeded to wrap his arms around her and giggled at her shocked look. He smiled when she gave up squirming real soon and relaxed in his embrace, and rested his chin on her shoulder, nuzzling gently, wreaking havoc in her senses. He sighed as her characteristic fragrance engulfed him, always leaving him craving for more. Her eyes flew open when she felt him push her hair out of his way as he turned his attention to her nape, although she didn’t seem to recollect when she had shut them in the first place. Her breathing had turned frantic by then and she resorted to an involuntary attempt to get away, but he was faster than her and before she even knew it, he had her lying on the bed, pinned down by his firm grip on her waist, and he didn’t seem to have moved one inch! She gathered every ounce of courage in her and looked up at him, curiously and in anticipation, her heart thudding wildly and thoughts all over the place. He, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to bring himself to believe that the love of his life was finally his, and was now looking at him with so much love that he felt his heart would turn all mushy. He gave her a warm, assuring glance that clearly meant ‘We won’t get ahead of ourselves until you’re actually ready’ and heard her let go of a breath she wasn’t even aware she was holding in. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead nevertheless, and she blushed profusely before turning to him and grabbing onto his shirt, for she needed something to anchor herself to right then.

Neither of them were aware of how long they had been lying there, in soothing silence that was only interrupted by a couple of words that were exchanged every now and then, simply relishing each other’s company as each other’s one and only, something that they felt deprived of for so long, especially in Twinkle’s case. “What is it, Kunj?” Twinkle asked, recognising that his thoughts had changed course when the tiny patterns he had been drawing on her hand with his thumb had turned chaotic. “There’s something I’m really curious to know.” He confided, his eyes carefully avoided her gaze, and she propped herself up by her elbow to listen, earning a chuckle from him. “Oh my goodness! The Kunj Sarna is being reserved? Who did this to you!” She blabbered when he preferred to hold the silence than just tell her. “You did!” He replied casually, pushing her elbow so that she fell to the bed, and mildly rubbed her nose with his. He giggled as he saw goosebumps erupting on her skin all from his little action. “Will you just tell me already?” She demanded angrily, hoping that would cause the fluttering butterflies in her tummy to cool down, rolling onto her stomach, placing her crossed hands on his chest and positioning her head on them. She only realised what she had done when she saw his eyes widen. “Stay!” He managed to say just as her mind had come up with the idea of moving away slowly and pretending like it never happened, and she immediately laid back, eyes flittering over to anywhere but him.

 “I’ve been wondering for a while now..” Kunj began after a lot more pestering by Twinkle, and she watched carefully, her mind struggling to join the dots because of his hand on her waist, her being so close to him that she could literally hear his heart beating, which made her feel grateful that he had asked her to ‘stay’, she had never felt such belongingness to him before. “When did you realise you were in love? With me, I mean, but that’s so obvious, so.. when was it?” She heard him say, jerking her out of her thoughts. What was she to say to this? What if he freaked out when he found out the truth? “You first.” She answered instead, glad that her mind had found some respite, even if it was only temporary. He giggled and murmured something like ‘I knew it’, before he spoke “I can’t be too sure. Perhaps my heart had recognised the feeling when you had accompanied me to the rehab facility, or maybe when I realised I could always turn to you, for anything and everything, or maybe when I figured that my dreams meant as much to you as they did to me. But being the fool that I am, I only accepted it when Alisha calling me up and trying to be around me begun to irritate me, and I just knew that I was doing the most horrible thing by hiding it from you.” His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they wiped away the tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes, and she sat up immediately with her back to him. It didn’t take him much to realise that she had been overwhelmed, so he simply hugged her from behind, whispering “Such a cry baby!” in a teasing tone that he was sure would cheer her up as he had learnt from experience. She placed her hands over his, giving them a gentle squeeze before letting go and patting his cheek, as she spoke “You’ve become a master in these tricks now!” He laughed, but was smarter than to give in to that trick of hers – distracting him and getting away – so he caught her right in time. “Your turn!” He asserted and waited anxiously. “I’ve known for ages now.” She whispered as she turned around to face him, preparing herself to let him in on her biggest secret.

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