Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 57

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Greetings everyone! Thank you so much for all the love and affection this story is receiving!! Before we proceed, I want to make it clear that I intend absolutely no copyright infringement, and all the credits for the beautiful melody I’ve included in this episode belongs to its makers. For the purpose of this fiction, we’ll assume Kunj sang it. Also, to honour the wish of a reader, I’ve put in the links to the images of the locations, hope you’ll like them! Happy reading!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 57

A quick recap: Twinkle finally discloses to Kunj that she’s been in love with him for years now, giving him a fairly big surprise. They get to the shoot location for their video, where he manages to calm her anxiety before they head out to find a quiet place to spend some time alone.

Twinkle looked up at Kunj who shot a thumbs-up in her direction when they had taken their positions and were now waiting for the director’s call. She smiled at him and nodded with a deep sigh before looking away quickly. She still felt the chills from their little moment a couple of hours ago, and knew for a fact that continuing to look at him would only make it evident to the world. She recalled Kunj telling her that this song made absolute sense to him when he was recording it, since they hadn’t confessed their feelings yet, and had gently reminded her to go back to that phase for the song. Although she had pretended that it wasn’t much big a deal back then, the butterflies in her tummy had an entirely different tale to tell. “Action!” She heard the call, and waited to hear the first strings, her cue to make a move.

The scene opened with Twinkle and a couple of other people standing up and leaving from what was presented as a casual meeting with their friend circle that included Kunj, who looked oh so good in his deep brown jacket; he grabbed Twinkle’s hand, making her turn around and look at him confusedly while the others went along their ways. He looked up at her with the same admiration and warmth that she knew he reserved for her, and she had to struggle not to lose herself in his eyes, to not smile brightly at him.

Zara Thehro Zara Baitho

Karni Hain Baatein

Paas Aao Aur Thoda

Sard Hain Raatein

Aasaan Hota To Main

Kab Ka Keh Chuka Hota

Aise Tumhare Saamne

Khamosh Na Rehta

Kunj sang along to the track playing in the background, and smiled when Twinkle sat down on the chair beside his, still looking at him slightly suspiciously. Her curious look changed into a happy one with a pretty blush when he presented her a red rose, but it turns out to be just him imagining it, and he is jerked out of his thoughts when she snaps her fingers in front of him. She then shakes her head at him, giggling at his state while he loses himself in her eyes.

 Zara Thehro Zara Baitho

Karni Hain Baatein

Paas Aao Aur Thoda

Sard Hain Raatein

Twinkle gets up and takes her leave, and this time he does not stop her. Instead, he walks to the little arch of the café and watches her go. She stops by a group of kids playing on the street and enjoys a small game of hop scotch on her way, only making him smile wider to himself.


The scene now shifts to the Acropolis, where Twinkle is seen walking by herself in a pretty jumpsuit in the gentle breeze, musing to herself with a dazed smile. She then sits down in a corner, and is joined by Kunj, who is wearing a floral shirt complementing her outfit. He fondly puts his arms around her and offers her chocolates that she accepts gladly, pulling his cheek while he chuckles.

Meri Aankon Mein, Saanson Mein

Pehle Bhi Yeh Khwab Chalta Raha

Teri Neendon Mein Chupke Se Jaane Se

Jaane Kyun Darta Raha


Kunj drags Twinkle along, telling her something animatedly, while she simply watches him like there’s absolutely nothing else in the world she would rather be doing. He twirls her around randomly mid way, surprising her, and when she looks around after that little turn, she finds him gone. It was her day dream this time around! She smacks herself and then grins at the wallpaper on her phone, a picture of her and Kunj, blowing it a flying kiss before putting it away and heading out, but it begins to rain right then, and she appears to be annoyed by it.

Baarish Ki Boondon Sa Ye Dil

Girta Barasta Hai

Tum Paas Hote Ho Magar

Phir Bhi Tarasta Hai


Zara Thehro, Zara Baitho

Karni Hain Baatein

Tumko Paana Chahti Hain

Meri Barsaatein


Kunj appears out of nowhere with an umbrella, and Twinkle is obviously overjoyed to see him. He gets her under the umbrella, close to him, but when he sees a few drops still dripping onto her dress, he pulls her even closer, both of them stilling when they realise that they were just inches away. They don’t even realise the clouds clearing and making way for the evening sun until a few streaks hit their eyes, and he quickly puts the umbrella away, but neither of them seem to have the heart to part ways, but step away reluctantly nevertheless, both of them turning to steal glances of the other when they thought the other wouldn’t be looking, but their eyes meet, causing them to pause there for a little more time, simply looking at each other.

The location then shifts to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, where Kunj has brought Twinkle with a blindfold on her eyes that he takes off when they get to the central structure. She first looks at Kunj and then at the breathtaking view around her. Dressed in white, with little streaks of black, the two of them look no less splendid either. She looks down at their entwined hands and blushes, before quickly turning away so that he wouldn’t see it. He, on the other hand, seems to know exactly what he is doing and looks a mix of anxious and excited, just like he had looked that night in Mycenae, Twinkle recalls, after all she could never forget those moments that changed her life once and for all.

Koi Aaye Na Jaye Na

Aao Na Aisi Jagah Pe Le Chaloon

Jahaan Waqt Humara Ruka Ho

Aur Main Apni Dil Ki Kahoon

Dhadkan Ko Apni Ek Pal

Aaram Na Dena

Iss Mod Pe Aa Karke

Dil Ko Tod Na Dena

Twinkle and Kunj begin to speak at the same time, but then they even paused together and burst out laughing, asking the other to go first, but again simultaneously, making them laugh some more. When Twinkle turned to him the next time, he was on one knee, his head bowed as he uttered the magical words, reminding both of them of their confessions a few nights ago, bringing them unknown cheer. Kunj then looked up at her hopefully, spreading his arms, and where she had been instructed to hug him back, she ended up knocking him over, and they lay on the ground, chortling uncontrollably, and the crew didn’t seem to mind, for they thought the couple looked too adorable even in this not so successful take, no wonder they decided to keep it.

 Zara Thehro, Zara Baitho

Karni Hain Baatein

Aur Thodi Der Chalne

Do Mulakaatein

It was Twinkle’s turn to try and stop Kunj from leaving when they had been watching the sunset from a balcony, but he pulls her along instead and she gives in with absolutely no protests. Right when she’s about to free her hand, he picks her up and puts her down on the bed, and sits down beside her, leaning close as she looks into his eyes shyly. The camera moves away from them right when he places his hand on her cheek, and shows a picture of them hung on the wall behind them as the music fades away.

The entire shoot had taken almost a week to complete, and they had shot the last bit at Twinkle and Kunj’s room in Athens. The two of them had been really satisfied with the way the video had turned out, and Twinkle had overcome her fright and had secretly begun enjoying the entire process too, but she wouldn’t tell him obviously, because she also love the encouraging talk he gave her every morning before work began that always came with a warm hug that seemed to last a little longer each day. It was definitely one of the highlights of their packed schedules that always left them so tired that they just dropped to their bed as soon as they got to their room, now the idea that they snuck out a lot in between their shots, snuggled up together, simply walking wherever the wind took them or discovering a quiet place for a conversation, definitely added to it all, but then they were always surrounded by so many people all the time that that one hug held so much more value for both of them. What she didn’t know was that Kunj had figured it out pretty soon, but he had decided to play along since it only meant he had her close to him, even if it was just for a few minutes longer. She smiled to herself as she watched Kunj see off the last few members of their team and shut the door before turning to her. She looked at him longingly as he took slow strides towards her, grinning wide. She stood rooted to her spot, anticipation rising within her, and was more than just glad when he finally stood before her. He slowly pushed away the wisps of hair on her forehead and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, his right hand going around her to find its place on her waist, while the other entwined with her hand, bringing it up and placing it on his chest. “We still have a day here. What say?” He whispered with a wink, and she looked up at him for only a second before lowering her eyes to the ground, her cheeks turning crimson. “Do I take that as a yes?” He teased, only to end up shell shocked when she quickly kissed him on his cheek and stepped away, but he recovered quickly enough to grab her in time.

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