Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 60

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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the love this story is receiving, although it’s been extremely disappointing lately. Nevertheless, I do realise that finishing this story is my moral responsibility, and I will complete it for sure. The new story might not happen though. Happy reading!!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 60

A quick recap: Twinkle and Kunj finally get down discussing her hardships in the initial phases of their relationship, post which they return to their home. Later on, Kunj ends up disappointed when he finds out Twinkle has elsewhere to be right on the day when he got home early to spend time with her.

Twinkle cast a quick glance across the room that her hubby dearest had decked up beautifully with scented candles, which were pretty much the only source of light in the room other than the moonlight streaming in through the open windows, and the bouquet that he had got her placed on the side table beside her preferred side of the bed, before turning to her right where she knew the prince of her dreams was standing. “Kunj..” Her words, whatever they would have been, had she been able to think straight, remained unsaid when her eyes spotted him, a candle in his hand, held up between them. Her breath hitched, her mind reeling with anticipation as she saw the emotions pooling in his eyes, as he watched her as though in a daze, as though there was absolutely nothing else he would rather be doing right then, or ever after. “Ouch!” His interjection broke their trances, and she snatched the candle from him, having realised that the wax had melted and flowed down to his finger, because he had been too occupied to pay attention to it. “Kunj! What do you think..” She began, and he finished it for her with “’re doing?” adding “I know, and gosh, I’ve missed this line so much!” He burst out laughing as she threw him an annoyed look after blowing off the candle and putting it away. “Be serious for once, will you?” She chided, giving his hand a closer look to ensure he hadn’t got a bad burn. “I’ve been serious for quite a few instances now, haven’t I? Like, that night back in Mycenae, or the one in Athens, and several others..” He spoke thoughtfully, pulling her into his arms. He smiled when he saw her eyes widen at that, and he dropped his voice to a whisper as he suggested, “How about we turn to my romantic side now?” She felt his hands lingering on her bare waist, and slowly put her own hands around his neck, her heart thudding wildly.

Kunj could just watch her like that for an eternity, and with her looking back at him with so much love, he would have absolutely nothing to complain about, but he also knew for a fact that she wasn’t one to believe that he actually thought she was the prettiest in the whole wide world. However, he would do anything to make sure she knew. “And to answer your question, I was too busy to notice the melting candle because I was lost. In the most beautiful sight ever!” He spoke, already aware that she would have an argument to make, and so, before she put it forth, he undid the messy bun she had her hair up in, letting her curls fall freely and asserted, “Guess what? I like both that and this equally! Equally tempting!” His voice was teasingly low, and when he saw her cheeks turn tomato red, he knew he had assured her enough, and she wouldn’t hit back, at least for the time being. He looked at her lowered eyes, his own eyes welling up as he recalled how patient and loving she had been for so painfully long, and raised her chin by his index finger to get her to look at him. “Twinkle, I..” His attempts went in vain though, for his tears had scared her, and she had immediately headed to wipe them away, concern evident in her eyes. He smiled at her, shaking his head before proceeding to hold her hands in his and placed gentle kisses on them. She looked at him intently, his actions causing a tingling effect in her that made her try to free herself from his grasp. She knew what he had planned for them that night, and although she might never tell him aloud, she had been looking forward to uniting with him in all terms too, ever since he had professed his love for her, but now that this moment was actually here, she felt anxious or nervous, she couldn’t be sure which.

Kunj pulled Twinkle back by the Pallu of her Saree, the jerk causing her back to crash into his chest. He put his arms around her, his hand unintentionally landing on her tummy beneath the clothing, but neither seemed to complain. She gripped his hands tight, trying to get accustomed to the new sensations bubbling within her, but it only made him smile yet again. He knew it was unchartered territory for her, but he had to admit that his heart had leapt at the thought that she still trusted him, letting him lead her, as he pushed her hair out of his way and planted lingering kisses on her shoulder, slowly moving to her neck, she leaned back into him, resting her head on his shoulder. He placed a kiss on the side of her head observing her shut eyes and quickened breath. He softly hummed their song to her, hoping it would help her relax, for in no way did he want her to be uncomfortable, even if it meant that his wishes would have to wait. “Kunj..” She called out when he paused briefly, adding “I love you, and I trust you.” Both of them knew that that was exactly what would free them of all that had been holding them back, and he didn’t need to be told twice. He twirled her in one full circle, and then sprinkled rose petals on her, surprising her. He then ran a finger down her back in a wavy pattern, stopping at the couple of strings that basically held her blouse in place. She stiffened at that, and then quickly turned to him and hugged him tight, something that he had already anticipated, and so, about a minute later, he parted from her, just enough to be able to look at her properly, and placed a hand on her cheek, his eyes speaking a language of their own to hers, asking for permission. She responded by giving into the kiss that he initiated soon after, and he undid the strings expertly in one go, and then taking advantage of her gasp to pick her up and carry her to the bed, dropping a gentle, reassuring kiss on her forehead meanwhile.

Twinkle smiled shyly at Kunj as he laid her on the bed carefully, his eyes never leaving hers. He kneeled down beside the bed, taking off her accessories one by one, and just when he was done with the last earring, she sat up and scuttled back to rest her back against the headboard, stealing glances of him, awaiting his next move. He sat beside her, his hand tracing down a path along her arm, as he leaned in for another kiss, one that left Twinkle breathless, while he nuzzled his nose down her neck, alternating with a feathery kiss every now and then, making her grasp the sheets. She looked away when he unpinned her Pallu, and he had to soothe her with a long wet kiss on her neck that she was sure would leave a bruise. She grabbed his hand when he proceeded to pull that piece of clothing off her, and so he got her to lay back down, and slouched down beside her, he was in no hurry, they had a long way to go after all. He pecked her on her forehead right after, and spared her a few moments to relax before he proceeded, this time she didn’t hold him back. Not much later, more clothes had come off, and a blanket covered the couple so in love that the rest of the world didn’t matter to them any longer, it was just them, being there for each other, loving each other and just being in the moment. Kunj placed a series of kisses on her shut eyes, her nose, her cheeks and then returned to her lips as he headed towards the final act, which left them panting and worn out. He looked down at her finally, whispering endearments until she gave into the slumber that had been waiting upon her, and fell asleep with her cuddled in his arms, feeling complete.

(Guys, I’ve really, really tried to keep this as decent as I could, trying to infuse all that I meant to along the way, I hope it was acceptable at least. P.S. I’ve never done one of this kind by myself before. Keeping my fingers crossed! )

Kunj was woken up by his phone ringing into the oblivion, since Twinkle was still asleep beside him to notice it. He giggled at the realisation that had she been awake, she would have picked it up before it disturbed his sleep and then given him an earful about how he has no idea about keeping his working hours strict. What he heard on the phone though, shocked him and he sat up suddenly, rousing Twinkle in the process. She looked at him questioningly as she rubbed her eyes lazily, trying to make some sense of her surroundings. Her cheeks took on a deep blush yet again as she recalled the previous night, and images from them flashed before her eyes, making her hesitate to sit up, she was only wearing Kunj’s shirt after all, but one look at him made her realise that something unexpected had happened, and Kunj wasn’t pleased with it to say the least. She sat beside him, holding his hand tight, as she tried to join the dots from the words he was uttering, but failed, for he seemed to intentionally restrict himself to just humming to all that the person on the other end was saying. He didn’t want to bother her with it evidently. “Kunj?” She asked right when he put the phone down, but he wouldn’t relent. “It’s nothing. Not important at all. You should go back to sleep maybe, it’s only 6 after all.” He spoke in such a hurry that he was making it too obvious that he had been hiding something. “Kunj! I know you well enough to buy that little act you just put on, and you know that. You also know you can tell me anything and everything! Why are you pushing me away?” She demanded, her voice weighed down by emotion. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that! Besides, I couldn’t push you away ever!” He spoke slowly, leaning close to her. She felt the heat rise to her cheeks and looked away immediately, her mind all foggy with his advances.

“Kunj, I need you to tell me what’s going on! Else there’s no way I’m letting you go!” Twinkle informed him as he began to leave her side a few minutes later. He hated having to leave her thus, on that day of all days, for that reason of all reasons, but he had no choice. “Twinkle..” He began, but she slid close to him, her hands going around his nape as she shook her head in a firm no. “We are in this together, remember?” She asserted as he struggled to keep his mind from getting distracted by how delectable he thought she was looking right then. If he had his way, he would have probably just dragged her in for a repeat, but he couldn’t. Not then. He sighed as he gave in to her persuasion and revealed, “It’s Alisha.”

That’s it for now, guys. Tell me how it was if you will! I’m still unable to reply to comments and am looking for a solution to that, but would love to hear from you all. Lots of love!!

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