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“The prettiest smile acts as a veil on the deepest pain; the prettiest eyes have cried the most and the prettiest heart holds the deepest secrets.”

He read these lines as he opened the first page of her diary. Fortunately for him, he found a small note on it which had name and address of someone scribbled over it. ‘Twinkle’, he muttered her name as he decided to send over his driver to this place and return it. But he was unsure of it. What if someone wrong lays his hand on it. He flipped over his decision as he decided to go himself and hand over this thing to her.

He was sitting in his car when something struck his mind and he took a spare page and pen and started scribbling. ‘To the possessor of this dairy, I don’t know why you think the way you have written on the first page but this is always not true. I DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS.’ He wrote the last sentence in caps as if he wanted to escape from something. He folded the paper thrice as he finally kept it between the first page and the cover of diary. His car finally reached his destination as he went towards the house and rang the bell.

‘Miss. Twinkle?’ he asked after seeing her standing in front of him.

She nodded her head in affirmation as she mouthed, ‘Yes.’

‘I guess you know the person to whom this diary belongs. I found it outside a café. Your address was written in a paper so I thought that you might know to whom it belongs.’ He showed her the diary as he finished saying what he had to. She had quickly grabbed the diary from his hands but before she could thank him, he was out of her sight. She saw him sitting in his car from far end as it drove off.

Destiny made them friends as they would often bump into each other and the occasion of their common friend’s marriage served as the perfect catalyst as they bonded really well. But that note he had left for her in her diary always used to linger in her head. She decided to bring up this topic in front of him one day. It was a really pleasant evening. The cool breeze was swaying her hair as she entered his house. The servant directed her to the lawn where he was sitting.

‘Kunj,’ she called out to him excitedly as she ran up to him and sat on the swing beside him. ‘This place is really beautiful,’ she complimented the place for having beautiful flowers, well-trimmed hedges and the clear sky beneath which they were enjoying their time.

‘Thanks. Do you want to say anything?’ he inquired her, upon seeing a look of hesitation on her face.

‘Actually, the note which you gave me on that day…’ she stopped mid-way on seeing his changed expressions.

But she decided to continue after they remained silent for a few minutes. ‘I mean that I have never seen you getting angry on anyone, however pain that person might have given you. You never get angry or cry… Don’t get me wrong. I mean that there should be an outlet for your emotions. Why do hide so much pain within you?’

‘What’s wrong with you? And why the hell do you think like this. I don’t get upset with anyone as I forget everything easily. What do you think of yourself? Just go away from my life.’ He left her there in tears as he went to his room and slammed it shut. Maybe she was right. The loss of his mother was a big blow to him during his teenage days when he was struggling with peer pressure. It only worsened situations for him as he slowly started remaining aloof and started slipping into depression. Fed up of everything, he had one day used a knife to slit his wrist. The next day, when he regained consciousness, he found his dad beside him in tears. From that day, he started valuing his life and himself. He didn’t want anything to hurt him anymore and had confined himself into a shell, in his world where everything was just nice. He used to forgive everyone just to protect his vulnerability. But he was not liking the fact that she was coming too near to his impenetrable heart.

However, it was too late for him to realize that he was in love with her. She was the only one who could handle his heart more gently than ever he could. She was right in stating that there should be an outlet for your emotions, they shouldn’t be piled up. “Just go away from my life”, he remembered what all he had said to her in anger. He searched for her everywhere but she was not there.


A tap on his shoulder brought back him from his past memories as he stood up and left her hand. Her hand dropped on the hospital bed lifeless. He took a step back as the doctor stepped forward and examined her. ‘Mr. Kunj, she really has drastic improvement in her condition. We can expect her to get up from this coma state really soon, today, tomorrow or in this week.’ As soon as the doctor left, he again sat on the stool beside her as he held her hand between his palms. A smile crossed his face after hearing what all the doctor had to say. He kissed her hand as a tear escaped from his eyes and fell on her hand. He remembered how he found her after months of searching but she was here in this hospital. He came to knew that the day she had left his house she had been victim of an accident. Brain swelling had led her into this state and doctors were trying their best from the past two months. Finally, they had started noticing positive changes as everyone’s hopes were revived.

He kissed her hands as he began talking to her, the way he had been doing since the past two months. ‘You should wake up to see that I don’t pile up emotions and pain anymore in my heart. I love you Twinkle. The only thing in my heart is you. Please get up. Don’t try to leave me again. If you’ll leave, then where will I live?’ He drooped down his head on his hands as he heard her saying, ‘In my heart. Yes, you’ll always remain in my heart.’ She replied to his question as even that oxygen mask was unable to prevent him from seeing her smile. He gave her a bone crushing hug as she reciprocated to his feelings.



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