Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Shankchur weds Tulsi.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna telling ganesh that now tulsi’s second phase has come near to begin & dev rishi thinks now it’s getting extended.
Shankchur thinks now I have to search proper woman for me but he thinks I’ll ask ganeshji & he prays for ganesh while Krishna tells ganesh that now sudama has sent you his request for proper guidance & ganesh says he also has to face some trouble to find such woman & ganesh signals shankchur & he feels glad about ganeshji helping him.
Shankchur faces trouble moving towards tulsi who is sitting doing meditation for shri Krishna. He understands where can be the perfect woman who is sitting whom he is searching for. He is passing through snakes while ganesh feels he is clearing all his hurdles. He is also going through a pond water swimming by which Krishna too says he has cleared this hurdle too while ganesh says anybody who wishes to achieve his target seriously is never stopped by any such hurdles.
Shankchur moves near tulsi who is meditating for shri Krishna & he is trying to talk with her asking who are you by which I am pulled towards & he proposes her asking for marriage. Ganesh says I have made shankchur reach till tulsi but ahead it’s his job to achieve his target.
Shankchur asks tulsi will you marry me giving his introduction as son of asoor raja while tulsi reminds ganesh had told her that your meditation will complete when somebody will come with his proposal to you & she opens her eyes pretending her marriage with shankchur. Shankchur thinks seeing her how beautiful she is.
Tulsi tells her I am not so easily to get attracted & divide myself from shri Krishna & he says I also wish not to happen with you this because I too respect shri Krishna but I only wish that I should become as per your choice & she reminds what she had heard from sudama in her last birth.
Dev rishi is discussing she is trying to know him with her queries & he is doing better to make her attract towards him so krishna says this is fate which has to happen.
Tulsi asks why you think I should marry you then he tells all the details about him how he meditated for brahmadev & as an asoor I won’t affect your life as well while she is reminding what ganesh had told her that you will get pure & clear from your curse once you do this marriage.
Shankchur tries to convince her to marry him in saying that we are made for each other in this birth & my asoor family will never disobey you as my wife & she accepts his proposal saying I have accepted you as my husband & ready to marry you.
Shankchur remembers Krishna had told him in his last birth that you will get rejoined with tulsi again. Shankchur also proposes her about his wish to marry immediately here itself without any kind of celebration & tulsi accepts his wish. Shankchur goes to arrange garlands for marriage while she sees flute & picks it thinking it’s like my prabhu’s flute itself & she reminds about her love towards her prabhu whatever she thought about him in the past so thinks she can achieve prabhu only when I dedicate myself to shankchur as Krishna feels happy & she also thinks about what ganesh also had blessed her that I’ll achieve prabhu shri Krishna only when I marry shankchur.
Shankchur brings garlands & she gets ready to exchange garlands & both take oath saying all this nature & gods seeing us are witness for our marriage.
Brahmadev sees & says it’s time for shankchur to get his second wish by giving him the power of shri Krishna’s support chain & he gets that by which he feels my wish has got completed.
Tulsi is steering the flute in which she sees the image of shri Krishna while shankchur watches her seeing flute & asks her so you have made this for me & she tells him I am handing my shri Krishna in your hands & prays it taking.
Dev rishi tells Krishna that how good behavior shankchur has inspite of an asoor which will be blessed in this world to reduce evils from asoors. Krishna also tells him that this is what we have to see but they haven’t taken blessings from vignaharta ganesh yet so dev rishi asks is it then there is one more curse to face & Krishna says it might be they or me to face curse & dev rishi is shocked to hear this.
Shankchur & tulsi arrive at asoor bhawan as they both are warmly welcomed by shankchur’s parents & army. Tulsi goes inside & sees everywhere krishna’s images feeling very beautiful & shankchur’s father tells her to get ready as grand celebration is also arranged but tulsi tells them not now because before any celebration we should first do pooja of shri hari & shankchur’s father appreciates her saying it was good to stop us doing this mistake by which we feel blessed having got such a great devoting daughter in law.
Devraj indra tells ganesh we are calmed seeing asoor devotes for god hari by which we feel evils can be reduced from this world. Ganesh also says still tulsi’s birth in form of plant is pending to happen.

Precap : Devraj indra is discussing with ganesh how asoor powers will react towards gods. Devraj indra is shaken by powers of asoors as shankchur comes in front of them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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