Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Mahaganadhipati’s second avatar takes birth.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ahilya devi expressing rishi gautom how we’ll arrange everything on such dry land but he explains her to keep faith on prabhu & might be it’s his plans to send us here & this place will once become a spiritual land for people to arrive here from all sorts of areas.
Mata paravati praying brother shri Krishna to come soon to bless her while maganadhipati meets shri Krishna narrating him about sindhu’s terror & advising him to meet sister paravati to bless child who’ll be the second avatar of mahaganadhipati who’ll be called as mayureshwar but paravati has to stay at rishi gautom’s ashram to achieve this child as one hut is already ready for her.
Ahilya tells rishi gautom that extra hut is being built not knowing but rishi explains her telling it must be prabhu’s plan in this too.
Mata paravati is praying shri Krishna to come & he emerges while she gets delighted & both are happily talking about each other’s well-being. Shri Krishna says I know what you wish so she tells him to provide me accordingly & Krishna tells her a child will be blessed to you who will be second avatar of mahaganadhipati & name will be mayureshwar hearing this she gets joyful pretending about son mayureshwar playing with her. Krishna tells her that you have to go to rishi gautom’s ashram for this as once you & mahadev’s feet touch that land then it’ll be blessed with all kinds of things required there for everybody & she feels very excited.
All rishi’s are searching water around but do not find any drop of water & any tree around as all rishi helpers come to inform rishi gautom while ahilya devi also tells rishi that all are feeling dried throat due to no water to drink also but gautom tells her still northern side person hasn’t come yet getting any information so to keep faith in prabhu as the northern side person comes excitingly telling see I got water that too lot of water is available while mahadev & paravati arriving at trisandhya shetra & water starts flowing as well as greenery emerges & all get delighted while rishi gautom says see this faith in prabhu which repays devotee’s heavily.
All are getting to meet mahadev & paravati as devi ahilya & rishi gautom are tremendous happy to get blessed & they all are welcoming both with lots of love & arranging everything for them. Mata paravati tells rishi that I am here because my child will come here taking second avatar.
Narayan dictating devi laxmi that this way all happened & now ahead mahaganadhipati will be taking birth as second avatar known as mayureshwar.
Mata paravati sits for meditation of mahaganadhipati as she is served by devi ahilya sitting beside her & mahaganadhipati emerge as mahadev including all pray him & he informs mata that child will take birth in my second avatar whose name will be mayureshwar but when asks mata & he tells on ashtami.
Sindhu is keeping on terrorizing people & whoever do not listen to him is thrown in rishi gautom’s ashram thinking there is nothing in that land which will make then die only but rishi takes them in his ashram showing them the place blessed by mahadev & paravati as they feel happy getting released from sindhu’s terror.
Mata paravati gets signal on ashtami’s beginning & runs to alert all to get ready with everything as I am feeling my son will arrive & a child calls her mata as she gets hint & goes to that area searching him & he arrives in front of her so both of them hug each other while devi ahilya feeling tremendous happy seeing such a great form of avatar. Mahadev also comes to bless the child mayureshwar as he prays father mahadev too.
Dev rishi goes to inform sindhu telling him that your enemy has arrived as an avatar to kill you & he gets wild.

Precap : Sindhu plans to attack ashram through eagle’s form while mayureshwar gets signal of sindhu attacking. Mata paravati searching mayureshwar & telling everybody he was here only & now where has he gone do not know.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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