Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Gunesh kills eagle asoor.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh & all are running from honey bees which got disturbed by eagle asoor’s stick flown towards it so eagle also following them & in wake of running away from honey bees gunesh uses his trick to make the eagle asoor get attacked by bees while all things within ashram get scattered by gunesh as ladies helper’s try to stop gunesh but can’t & asoor eagle is attacked by bees but he eats them all as children’s see bees vanished feeling calmed.
Mata ahilya & paravati come asking how this happened so all children’s are blame due to gunesh & ahilya tells paravati see what has been done by your son while paravati taunts her saying you said my son & not our son & she accepts her mistake by correcting herself.
Gunesh explaining paravati that due to honey bees all this happened which were following us & paravati checks his body if anything happened to gunesh but he wasn’t harmed instead he tells paravati may be some other must be affected by bees which we do not know & children’s also support him. Mata paravati puts one more condition saying now you all must not play any such game in this compound which will affect internal disturbance & all children’s become depressed saying now we won’t be able to play. Mata paravati tells gunesh to sit at one side while we’ll all clear this mess but gunesh accepts his mistake from paravati mata saying no you won’t clear instead we all will do this as our punishment & mata allows him so gunesh & children’s are clearing the mess while gunesh is adjusting all grains properly & mata ahilya appreciates gunesh saying i had earlier said that because of gunesh all other children’s will learn good knowledge from him which mata paravati smiles on ahilya’s thoughts of gunesh.
The asoor comes from behind to attack him but gunesh defends himself using grains again & making the asoor flow & directly thrashes down on other side of the direction near his leader aslasoor while grains also get scattered again & eagle asoor explains aslasoor to not to take this child easily before dying. Aslasoor challenges saying i am a kind of asoor who attacks from behind & leaves near gunesh.
Mata ahilya again scolds gunesh for spreading grains telling him now I’ll complain this to mata paravati & she’ll decide what to do with you but gunesh explains her that you are also my mata then why can’t you take care of me as your child & her eyes open by his talks so appreciates him but gunesh accepts his mistake saying I’ll again arrange this properly & he uses his powers to flow the grains up & down & arrange on the cloth as ahilya & children’s are surprised seeing his power trick.
Mata ahilya gets late to put bhog towards prabhu mahaganadhipati’s idol so she goes to keep jaggery in front of prabhu which is seen by gunesh so he instigates children’s also to get & eat that jaggery when ahilya is away & they keep stealing from the plate as aslasoor is watching gunesh doing all this so he too plans to put poison if got chance. Ahilya thinks is it I am forgetting to keep jaggery but she sees gunesh’s foot prints & feels its his work itself so plans to catch him red handed so keeps fresh jaggery again & goes pretending of some work while gunesh enters hut again calling children’s but one of them see ahilya hiding to catch as gunesh keeps calling children’s but nobody comes & ahilya catches gunesh red handed as he gets surprised & mata tries to tie his hands to punish but gunesh again explains her saying you are my mata who can punish me but you can explain me also if I am doing anything wrong so that it won’t happen from me again & she gets emotional again in tricky talks while aslasoor changes in form of scorpion to enter hut for spreading poison in food as gunesh hears his noise behind him following.

Precap : Aslasoor is spreading his poison in all prepared food items while gunesh expresses his hunger badly & mata tells him to go & eat how much you wish. Gunesh eats gulping everything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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