Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Gunesh eats all poisoned food to save people from eating.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata ahilya forgiving gunesh while gunesh pressing the scorpio with his feet as he gets hurt & thinks this child seems smart so has to inform sindhu but can’t go there also as he might kill me for not doing my job & plans something else.
Gunesh explains children’s about being forgiven by mata ahilya due to he himself is gajmukh so they ask him how we believe this & he shows his form of gajmukh as the aslasoor hiding sees this getting surprised but plans to attack in different way unknowingly gunesh.
Mata ahilya prepares laddoos for bhog again to put for pooja & she goes to see the store room being open while gunesh again goes in hut to take laddoss sharing with children’s sitting & eating as ahilya again arrives & this time she takes him to complain mata paravati as she is preparing all kinds of food items for everybody. Mata ahilya is expressing in details of earlier mistakes of gunesh to paravati mata but gunesh is trying to explain asking for chance & mata paravati is explaining ahilya it’s fine you showing his mistakes but mata’s responsibility also is to explain him properly which mata can only do for a child & also child has rights to give his explanation so mata paravati tells gunesh to give explanation & he says mata ahilya kept bhog taking name of gajmukh, gajanan which i am already so i took with her wishes but mata ahilya says so you are thinking yourself as gajmukh is it while mata paravati explains gunesh taking without knowing is wrong instead you should ask & take & henceforth this should not happen while gunesh sees scorpion entering into hut & wonders what is he upto as the aslasoor scorpion spreads his poison in all food items while gunesh understands this so gunesh asks mata paravati can i eat food now as i am very hungry which i can’t tolerate so mata allows him but asks again can i eat how much i wish so yes says mata & he enters hut while aslasoor is watching him. Gunesh feels all this food if eaten by others than it’ll trouble them so gunesh eats everything & seeing this aslasoor is shocked of nothing happened him so thinks of informing sindhu about this now.
Mata paravati & ahilya come to serve all food items to people sitting outside & gets shocked seeing all food is finished. Mata ahilya asks gunesh shockingly that is it you have eaten everything while children’s & mahadev also arrive to see as children’s are blaming gunesh because of you now we have to remain empty stomach but gunesh uses his powers to make their stomach also full as they feel full stomach getting noise of full stomach from gunesh as same happens with children’s. Mata paravati is shouting gunesh while children’s are stopping her to not to scold gunesh as aslasoor trying to leave & gunesh shows his huge form to him signalling his powers towards him to inform your sindhu now.
Mahadev appreciates gunesh thinking your tricky deeds you itself know while mata paravati gives him punishment saying now till sunset you have to be alone under tree sitting away from everybody & he accepts her punishment going & sitting under a tree.
Narayan explaining devi laxmi about gunesh who was doing all this which nobody was knowing.
Aslasoor is detailing sindhu how the child gunesh overcame his powers & as he spread his poison into food he ate all by getting killed but he himself gets shock why am i saying killed but again he says gunesh is dead but again he is shocked because gunesh’s words were coming out of his throat. Sindhu says so that child is killed & you wish reward so take him to swarglok & enjoy there. Aslasoor thinks if truth known by sindhu then he’ll get wild.
Mata paravati as well mata ahilya feeling bad emotionally about gunesh thinking whatever he might be but this is bad to punish him while mahadev calms paravati & rishi gautom calms ahilya but mata paravati tells mahadev that gautom is the best teacher for gunesh while mata ahilya also tells gautom that i’ll advice mata paravati to make you gunesh’s teacher. Rishi gautom appreciates thinking i’ll be blessed getting a child like gunesh which i already know what he is.
Narayan intimates devi laxmi that still gunesh’s big devotee is yet to arrive who is devoting for him since so many years so laxmi asks who & he tells her devotee bhutkal.
Children’s are feeling bad about gunesh sitting idle without anybody around him & unless sunset happen we have to wait while gunesh understands his devotee bhutkal praying for him & he prepares the same tambora which is played by his devotee while sunset happens & he shows children’s tambora which plays so nicely & also dances like his devotee by which mata paravati & ahilya are surprised.

Precap : Gunesh is playing with his devotee bhutkal while mata ahilya is blaming gunesh to mata paravati for fooling rishi as mata paravati warns gunesh now your father will give you good knowledge.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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