Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Shankchur is saving himself with his security guard on his chest.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shankchur’s father wondering about his safety while shankchur says I can’t be killed by their powers while nine gods flowing their eye powers towards shankchur but he isn’t harmed & ganesh tells devsena & walli that he said was right that he cannot be harmed due to his safety guard so I only have to search for a solution to kill him.
Tulsi is praying for safety of shankchur & he too thinks its right that till my wife prays for me I’ll be always safe & he plays flute which makes nine gods calm while kartik is wondering how he did this.
Ganesh says he is having blessings from Krishna through tulsi so he is able to play flute.
Shankchur is explaining all nine gods telling them you have the powers but not beyond shri Krishna as I am blessed by him itself because of his devotee & also blessed by shri hari narayan due to the powers being achieved through meditation of narayan & all nine gods accept his advice saying yes we have to keep you safe & guard you instead fighting with you as we can’t fight with devotee of narayan. Shankchur asks kartik what happened as your nine gods are of no use for you now so kartik asks permission from mahadev can I go but mahadev signals him to stop & kartik sends ashtahashu & aswin kumar gods towards him to clutch him through their powers.
Ganesh is telling devsena & walli about his powers achieved through narayan so as his evil limit keeps increasing then finally at one point his evil will deeds will kill him ultimately & then tulsi will get new birth of plant for this world.
Shankchur says now you have come so you too will face my powers which will attract you & he plays flute to make them lose their mind & heart in his flute playing & they become restless getting clutched by him.
Ganesh says he is using more & more evil path doing mistake for getting himself killed.
Kartik sends other gods towards shankchur but they too get attracted in his flute playing while devsena says he is using more evil ways but ganesh tells her he is doing mistake for inviting his killing.
Kartik sends finally powerful rudra god to attack him & shankchur again playing his flute but rudra does not get attracted towards his flute playing & he gets disturbed through rudra’s powers which shakes him.
Dev rishi says to Krishna so this is final point which will happen of shankchur to start a new phase & Krishna smiles accordingly.
Tulsi keeps praying getting scared of shankchur’s condition understanding while rudra god attacks him with is sword & shankchur thinks of using his weapon so he too throws his weapon to destroy rudra’s weapon but instead his weapon gets destroyed & hits his chest which shakes him as well as tulsi seeing lighted candle which should not get blown which also shakes lightly. The weapon gets blown away by the powers of security guard of shankchur & all are stunned while shankchur says see due this guard rudra’s sword has also not done anything to me & see I have also clutched all your gods in my guard & ganesh thinks what kind of power this guard has which I need to see calmly & he understands that all gods are seen in his guard while walli tells ganesh to ask brahmadev about his secret but ganesh tells her it’s wrong to ask because brahmadev also is bonded to shankchur about promise & I only have to search some solution for this.
Mahadev’s avatar veerbhadra asks permission from kartik for allowance to attack him as it’s high time to show his status compared to us because he is playing pranks & mahadev allows signaling kartik so veerbhadra goes towards shankchur as he comes down challenging him too but advising him that your all nine weapons cannot harm me but only I am worried about tulsi who will keep praying for me long time without having any food or water but veerbhadra tells him to not give any excuses to run away as you are in battlefield & shankchur says if you can’t kill me with all your weapons then you have to accept your defeat & veerbhadra keeps shooting his weapons which gets destroyed with his guard but finally a sword hits him piercing in his chest while tulsi too is about to fall watching candle light which reduces should not get blown.

Precap : Ganesh is wondering where am i going instead i should be near mahadev & falls down around a bhawan so mushak asks where are we & ganesh says this might be some evil power which has brought us over here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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