Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Mahadev comes to fight with shankchur.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shankchur again gets saved by his guard & rudra gets shocked thinking how he gets saved while he says see my powers which I have achieved which cannot harm me & your are defeated.
Tulsi is praying strongly for safety of shankchur.
Ganesh thinks what he had said earlier about his powers & feels his riddle should be solved before mahadev fights with him.
Devi’s asking permission from mahadev saying it’s time now to make him bloodshed which we are eagerly waiting while kartik too asks permission from mahadev for letting him too to attack him finally & mahadev allows.
Shankchur asks kartik what happened now are you feeling scared about my powers & challenges saying I’ll fight with all three of you with my army & let’s see if you can harm me & they attack all shankchur’s army killing them while devi attacks shankchur but gets saved then she uses such weapons which cuts him in pieces & all think he is dead now praising devi’s but ganesh still says not yet as need to see what happens with his body pieces but again those pieces join to make him alive with tulsi’s meditation powers of prayers which he has achieved.
Finally ganesh thinks what kind of power is saving him which he has uttered as he has two safety covers in which one is chest cover through krishna while other & reminds about tulsi’s meditation he had said which is his ultimate safety cover which saves him always while devsena & walli also wonders about his covers which is saving him.
Dev rishi tells Krishna that ganesh finally solved the riddle of safety cover of shankchur & Krishna says now to further see how it happens.
Shankchur is praising himself & his safety covers & also instigating mahadev now finally saying you that also can accept my powers being so huge so you too cannot fight with me but kartik is shouting him what are saying towards mahadev while mahadev is calmly listening to him.
All are wondering what shankchur is doing by challenging mahadev while ganesh says if at all mahadev goes to fight then too he cannot be killed.
Shankchur challenges saying mahadev that accept your defeat & return to kailash as I won’t attack kailash but leave rest of the empire to handle as per my choice & you be happy with kailash only while finally mahadev gets down from his rath & the whole sky shakes as mahadev walks towards shankchur while he is getting scared as if he has done wrong challenging mahadev.
Ganesh leaves to search the solution of disturbing tulsi’s prayers while shankchur understands that only vignaharta can create trouble in my path so plans to call storm god for help to divert ganesh & he goes as per his orders.
Krishna also tells dev rishi now ganesh only can create tulsi to get converted into plant’s birth searching solution.
Devsena also discussing with walli about shankchur’s powers hidden in tulsi’s meditation itself which is difficult to over power.
Mahadev tells shankchur that I am giving you one chance as krishna’s devotee to reverse your challenge & to take care of your devoted wife tulsi but shankchur replies saying are you hiding your scare to face my challenge & mahadev finally tells him then you attack me with your weapons & see what you’ll face as shankchur’s father too shouts saying now my son will defeat mahadev as he has those powers to save himself. Shankchur attacks his weapons towards mahadev but no use of it as they get destroyed only by mahadve’s eye powers & shankchur is shocked.
Ganesh is clutched by storm god under his debris & ganesh is telling him to not to do this but he says unless shankchur does not defeat mahadev I won’t allow you to go from here & ganesh is trying to blow his power but unable to do & thinks what to do as the war must have started.

Precap : Shankchur takes out narayan’s gifted weapon to attack mahadev while all are scared thinking both of their weapons should not get touch each other or world will get destroyed. Ganesh is also thinking this should not happen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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