Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorapadman’s brother gets killed in the war.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with devsena talking with mahadev of appreciation for supporting to make this pooja completion comfortably while kartik is facing the huge form of soorapadman’s brother & kartik understands what devsena is talking with mahadev as devsena is thanking mahadev while mahadev is praising devsena too & kartik praises devsena saying without your support I cannot win this war as devsena is watching herself & kartik in the mirror happily as married couple while kartik is attacking his weapons killing soorapadman’s huge formed brother instantly making soorapadman & his wife shocked in grief.
Soorapadman gets wild taking oath that now I’ll show them what I am as soorasahi says now this havan will work while soorapadman’s wife & his brother’s wife take oath against soorasahi to destroy her & as they are walking towards soorasahi, soorapdaman stops them telling to not to disturb her in performing havan & to make his materials ready for tomorrow’s battle.
Soorasahi is performing havan which is working while kartik tells his army that now soorapadman is hurt by losing all his people so he might do something new tomorrow & also thinks where ganesh is? Ganesh is thinking this havan of soorasahi should be stopped anyhow or terror might happen as kartik too says this havan has to stopped but gajmukhi gives them advice & also jayant understands this so he thinks of helping his swami while meditating for him.
Ganesh tells kartik I’ll do something till then you get ready & he moves towards his goal as jayant gets a signal thinking it might be from swami so he sees besides & finds ganesh’s image & he tries to talk with ganesh but ganesh vanishes & a paan moves ahead him & he too moves towards the paan which is sent by ganesh to let him come out of the den to inform both soorasahi’s daughter in law’s to stop this havan.
Kartik & all are discussing is it jayant to get help from while ganesh is taking jayant with his paan towards both the soorasahi’s daughter in law & jayant reaches to explain them how he got released with the help of ganehsji but they are telling him if anybody knows then they’ll kill you but jayant is telling them that you both only can stop this havan so they ask how while ganesh is explaining gajmukhi that woman has that powers to destroy this havan as she has those mata’s half powers to destroy such evil creations while jayant understands this & tells them the same giving both of them the knowledge if you do not do this then your sons will face trouble in retrieving life’s also & they say no we won’t be reason for our son’s troubles & as jayant is trying to explain more then soorapadman understands both of them are still here & goes to shout them while they are restless seeing soorapadman coming & trying to hide jayant behind them but jayant goes back to the den again & sits for meditation while soorapadman does not find any one & shouts them to go & make everything ready for tomorrow’s battle.
Soorasahi orders soorapadman to go & fight the battle tomorrow & to not to return without winning if at all you lose your life but not to return without winning. Soorapadman remembers what soorasahi had told him earlier about how she has brought them up facing all kinds of trouble so he too promises that without winning I won’t return or else I’ll die but won’t return.
Kartik says now only mahadev will help us with his blessings in tomorrow’s battle while vishwakarma’s daughter will do their work of destroying the havan.
The sun rises of the next day as kartik is performing pooja of mahadev kund while soorapadman too is performing his stunt pooja in front of mahadev’s stone.
Soorasahi is keeping on performing her havan to make alive all asoors again while kartik & soorapadman are getting ready for battle.
Devsena is plucking flowers while she is day dreaming about her swami coming near her but as she tries to go near she finds the woman & gets shocked as woman says it’s me & not swami. The woman tells her let me help you while devsena is thinking about her to tell her now that she has to leave from here but the woman is asking her what has happened as we have to go to do pooja soon but devsena is thinking otherwise again & again about why the interference of this woman always in my swami’s pooja performance.
Soorapadman is getting weapons from his wife while kartik is too getting ready with the weapons asking blessings from mahadev as mahadev watches him.

Precap : Kartik & soorapadman come in front of each other in battlefield. Gajmukhi brings all asoor woman’s in form of crows flying against soorasahi & soorasahi is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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