Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update – Kartik is doing all sorts to make walli realize.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with walli’s brother is about to cut the tree but ganesh in disguise as a child in form of brahman stops him so both are shocked so he asks the child why you stopped me then he says you are asking me why because you may be thinking wrong as this tree which is near mahadev’s kund can also be blessed tree for good cause so walli feels yes as this tree seems so blessed & both of them pray the tree while ganesh & mushak feel happy about diverting them. Ganesh tells kartik to come now as they have left. Kartik asks ganesh what kind of advice you gave me by which he could had cut me so ganesh tells him I saved you but you are blaming me only as I advised you to do something else which can’t be noticed by anybody but you were completely noticed so kartik asks what to do then & he tells him to do something with devotion & love like woman does & kartik thinks about how devsena did for him & kartik tells ganesh I understood what you wish to & leaves towards walli’s house while ganesh is trying to stop him but kartik doesn’t.
Kartik reaches walli’s house & converts himself in a rishi calling for somebody & walli’s father tells walli to go & see as some rishi has come on the door so walli comes to pray him while kartik tells her to send your father but she tells him he can’t as he is not well but kartik tells her how can’t he who prays for mahadev so he has to take risk of coming out & he is trying to get up slowly from the bed while walli pleads kartik saying I’ll send him & he is getting up as walli is delighted seeing father got up & has become better now so both pray mahadev while kartik is happy for them.
They both come out of the house to pray rishi while kartik is smiling & they are praising him as also walli appreciates his presence because of him father got better & asks him who are you so kartik about to say shiv’s son but stops & walli asks shiv’s son? While her father is surprised too & ganesh also feels shocked what kartik is saying but kartik diverts saying we all are shiv children’s so I am also one of them & walli’s father tells her to take this rishi inside & has to welcome such a great person by giving all good hospitality to him. Kartik enters while ganesh is thinking what’ll happen now as kartik puts his proposal for marriage with her & she is shocked but tells him the truth that I am dedicated to my swami kartik so I cannot accept your proposal to be my husband & kartik is very happy while ganesh thinks telling mushak that it’s time to eat sweets so kartik thinks is she is so much dedicated to me then why cannot she realize me & he shouts her saying how come you rejected my proposal who has saved your father & blessed you but again she is telling him I am sorry but I can’t accept you as my husband as I am fully devoted to swami kartik & she is bending down on her knees to plead him but he tells her do not do this & I too praise your devotion so you are to be blessed & he blesses saying let you get your swami & leaves as walli is smiling.
Kartik reaches near ganesh as ganesh is praising him telling him now let’s go to mata & inform her about walli but kartik tells ganesh not yet as she hasn’t yet realized me inspite her devotion is true so need to do something more but ganesh asks him what while kartik leaves to plan something.
Kartik is remembering how he played trick then saved walli but also thinks am I creating hurdles for me itself so thinks of meditating for vignaharta ganesh so he chants for ganesh to save him while ganesh says that’s what I am trying to do but you are not understanding.
Kartik is talking with with walli how nice you do all this work & she is praising her god so he tells her to accept my proposal telling your father about it but she tells him that I cannot as I am devoted to swami kartik so please do not follow me or it won’t be good for you. Walli is going while kartik is telling ganesh now you can only stop her so ganesh comes in form of wild elephant as walli is shocked to see elephant wondering how come such a huge wild elephant here & she is pleading help from prabhu kartik as elephant is nearing her & she turns around for help watching kartik in disguise & suddenly sees prabhu kartik itself & realizes him so runs towards him for help as he holds her & stops elephant as ganesh was in elephant & he returns back. Walli runs away inside the house as kartik gets surprised why she went but ganesh tells him you were playing with her earlier so now she must be playing with you but to be calm as she must be blushed hiding inside the house.

Precap : Kartik’s marriage takes place with devsena & walli together while ganesh hears some evil doing meditation so wonders thinking now who is this to bring some new problems on nature.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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