Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update – Soorasahi is blessed by kartik & they move ahead towards devsena.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with soorasahi trying to kill gajmukhi but she is defended by other women & they start beating soorasahi but soorasahi saves herself & tries to attack all women by her powers but gajmukhi tells soorashi I’ll show you now & as she is trying to attack soorasahi with her weapon then suddenly kartik comes to stop her & gajmukhi & all women pray him while kartik is telling gakmukhi to not to attack your own mother & soorasahi tells kartik good you stopped & now I’ll take revenge of all my sons & asoor people with you but kartik is trying to explain her because of you all this destruction has happened by which you have lost your own sons & he says I still have rishi kashyap’s powers but kartik says what’s the use of it which rishi kashyap too won’t help you now & just for you to win you might win but of what’s the use of it when your sons are not alive to enjoy the fruits of your winning & she says no as you have killed them but kartik tells her your ego has killed them because if you would had understood when jayant had told you to do you & denied his advise resulting all this destruction & killing of your sons which you sacrificed so they will itself answer you of your this restlessness & kartik takes her near her sons & tells her to see them here as this is heaven & she is watching all surprisingly & tells kartik all will welcome me with pride & she tries to talk with all of them but they ignore her asking who are you & she is shocked but she tries to convince soorapadman & he too tells her I do not know you & only if I know then it is ultimate god for whom we serve & she becomes wild saying now I do not wish to hear anything.
Kartik creates his huge god form to let soorasahi know who he is while jayant understands this & all are praising kartik’s form of god while devsena & the woman too feeling something good is happening & watched kartik in huge god form seeing mahadev’s blessings too & all are praising him as well as soorasahi too feeling great & prays him bending down on the knees asking for forgiveness & pleads for her all evils done & also says can’t ask forgiveness from sons now but you forgive now & she lies down on the ground praying kartik & kartik tells her to get up & he gives her blessings saying this day will be known for you & your sons in this world by celebrating for their acceptance of evil acts & getting forgiveness for it too. Ganesh also tells her that see how swami kartik is who has blessed you & now this day will be known by all for doing fast too. Jayant also praises kartik saying you came for me that’s a life’s gift for me to achieve your darshan & all are praising kartik while ganesh says now it’s time to go to meet devsena & kartik gets alerted for it while devsena too understands & prays for him as kartik comes to meet devsena & she gets very delighted seeing kartik & jayant too comes running towards devsena & she hugs him delightedly. Jayant praises kartik while devsena says where prabhu kartik’s blessings are there nothing happens to them & kartik smiles.
Devraj indra signals ganesh this is right time to talk with kartik about his marriage with devsena but ganesh tells him this is not right time but when we go ahead while jayant too tells ganesh to decide now but ganesh tells him too that first to go to take blessings of mahadev & mata paravati & then we can decide there & kartik also says yes what ganesh said to go first to father mahadev & mata paravati to take blessings & all start moving towards kailash while mahadev & paravati mata are watching them. Devsena feels the place where mushakji was found by ganeshji & also appreciates the place so thinks of spending a day here so she asks kartik that if we can spend one day here because tomorrow is ganesh chaturthi i.e ganeshji’s birthday so to celebrate here as we cannot with all of them at kailash & kartik accepts her advise while ganesh is watching something moving in bushes so wondering what is it feeling mushak but finds mushak in front of him itself.

Precap: All are praying & celebrating ganeshji’s birthday performing pooja for him. Also how the prayers reach from mushak’s ear to ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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