Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update – Tulsi’s marriage is performed with shaligram.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna playing flute delightedly while dev rishi praising it’s time for marriage celebration to proceed of tulsi & prabhu in from of shaligram. Mahadev & all are moving towards performing marriage while saraswati praises narayan finally saying this marriage will happen between both of you now as tulsi’s wish getting fulfilled. Saraswati mata asks narayan why are you smiling so he says now my welcome will happen in bhawan.
Ganesh & all are welcoming narayan prabhu in form of shaligram & tulsi praying for them while ganesh appreciates both of their form. Saraswati mata also says now all people in this world will be blessed to perform pooja of tulsi in their house itself & all are performing pooja of tulsi keeping shaligram besides the plant.
Narayan appreciates ganesh because of whom all this has happened & all those mata’s also to be blessed by son like ganesh but says now world will get to know how ganesh took form of vinayak also.
Rishiwar kashyap is watching ganesh & appreciating him so much feeling son ganesh too is wished by his mother somewhere while ganesh watches rishiwar in thoughts & he calls him but is in thoughts so again calls him & he comes in front emotionally while ganesh asks him why are you weeping & he tells him I am looking towards my son & also a mata is waiting for you eagerly since so many years to come as ganesh gets confused & paravati mata too hears surprisingly & he leaves while ganesh feels to ask mata but she ignores deciding I won’t answer him due to rishiwar’s wish not to disclose.
A woman is calling ganesh whom she has kept him in huge form weeping & praying to come to me while ganesh hears her saying yes I will but looks other side & gets confused who called me.
Saraswati is asking narayan about what kind of this meditation of a woman is who is calling ganesh or is it this start of ganesh’s new avatar but narayan tells her you will get your answers very soon.
Ganesh is making garland for mata while gets confused as if he is feeling in some ashram instead kailash but mushak asks ganesh are you making this garland for mata only so yes says ganesh.
The woman is preparing laddoos while children’s are troubling her asking is it for vinayak & yes she says while ganesh is feeling who called me.
The woman is in confusion if vinayak coming while ganesh too in confusion if somebody calling me.
The woman is praying ganesh’s idol telling him to come soon as I am becoming restless while ganesh comes in front of the woman saying I have come but mata paravati is seen in front of him & she asks him what happened while ganesh is trying to tell her I am seeing somebody else who she is but mata thinks I too understand but I can’t tell you my restlessness towards you & she asks ganesh is this brought for me & ganesh tells her yes this garland is prepared by me for you.
Mata paravati brings modak for him while he sees again a woman’s image who is giving her laddoos & he appreciates her saying I love your laddoos but paravati mata tells him this is modak & he gets shocked what is this happening to me while mata paravati also thinks feeling confused saying how can I tell you the truth as I too am feeling restless so ganesh understands thinking mata must be knowing but she feels emotional so ganesh goes to ask mahadev & mahadev tells him to go & meet her as this was your first avatar of vinayak which has happened through narayan’s blessings by rishi kahyap & devi aditi & mahadev gives him details how he’ll get spread with all his avatars to this world & ganesh tells him I am very eager to understand my first avatar now. Mahadev tells him devi aditi is waiting for many years for you to give her darshan but ganesh asks mahadev I am confused if mata paravati will allow me to meet her as she could not tell me details of my first birth too & mahadev signals mata paravati but she asks him how can I do this you tell me while ganesh understands mata itself is here so to ask her & he asks her can you permit me to meet devi aditi but mata paravati thinks how can i allow you leaving me & if you forget me after going there then how I’ll live. Ganesh is asking mata paravati but she ignores him & leaves so he thinks I can’t go against my this mata’s wish to make happy other mata.
Devi aditi prays ganesh & tells all children’s to eat all laddoos while she sees ganesh eating sitting in children’s.

Precap: Huge ganesh sitting on lion while all people are performing pooja of ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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