Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update – All are busy in arrangements of ganesh’s celebration.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh watching something moving in bushes & gets confused if mushak is here then whom I saw there but it disappears & ganesh is again confused thinking how come it’s not there? while mushak is appreciating ganesh & kartik too is appreciating ganesh while ganesh asks kartik what I did & kartik is explaining how you took avatar of your form & killed all asoors here so we’ll celebrate your birthday here & he says if it’s your & devsena’s wish while ganesh is concentrating on bushes who can it be but it’s a mouse who is moving & hides as he sees ganesh while mushak asks what happened & ganesh sees him again & reminds what had happened in past of mushak & another mouse jumping so another mouse falls down with the powers of mushak.
The mouse is moving thinking somebody is following me & he is followed by an asoor woman who tells him you cannot get released from my clutches & she is tying the mouse saying you must have thought that the mushak with ganesh will save you but never & she throws the mouse to her guru’s den & he gets converted into a injured man who is intimated by evil person & he moves towards mahasoor guru of that evil asoor woman. Some brahman’s are also clutched by him torturing them inside den.
Guru tells one Brahman to go & convince him about me & he tells the injured man to not to get scared as all are your friends but he watches a door open & tries to run but guru signals the woman to stop him & she stops him so he says you can’t scare me but asks guru why have you brought me here & guru is explaining him that the truth can’t be hidden & also told you to not to get scared by me as I am your friend & the man thinks he is trying to play with me by his simple talks trying to attract me & guru is trying to instigate him towards his friend but the man is explaining him that it was our competition towards each other & I lost the game so we are not enemies but only a game & while playing competition he fell down from the mountain. Guru tells him it was your friend who made you fall down so there & man tells him it was just a game as he came to save me too & the man is telling guru to not to instigate me against my friend but the guru is telling him the base behind your falling was because it was done by mushkasoor & he thinks asking why? so guru explaining him mushkasoor kept the stone to make you fall down so that he’ll become stronger to become the king but the man again refuses no he can’t do that then too guru is trying to explain him asking think what he said while competing with you? & he reminds mushakasoor said after this competition you’ll get to know that how much I am strong so guru tells him you got the answer now as he became king & also vehicle of parampujya ganesh & he gets angry on him crying & saying how could he do this to me while woman & guru get delighted thinking now he is instigated. The guru comes & tells him I’ll help you to take revenge with him & the man takes oath that yes I wish to take revenge.
Ganesh is trying to recollect those incidences what had happened with mushak & other mouse but things not getting clear still for ganesh.
Mushak is discussing with devsena how much ganesh loves the flowers as she is plucking for arrangement of ganesh’s birthday.
Ganesh is thinking that now mushak has the assignment ahead to prove himself.
The injured man says I want to take revenge & guru tells him I’ll give you that power if you are ready & he tells him yes I am ready so guru flows his power in his body by which he gets stronger & all other Brahman’s are shocked to see him jumping nicely.
All are busy arranging materials for ganesh’s celebration while mushak is bringing things one by one telling them all that I have brought this for prabhu’s arrangement while ganesh is feeling watching how all are excited & more over mushak’s excitement is more than everybody it seems.

Precap : The injured man getting converted in mouse again & goes to challenges mushak to do competition with him & whoever wins will become ganeshji’s vehicle. Ganesh accepts his challenge while mushak is thinking about competition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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