Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh allowed to go by mata paravati.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devi aditi prays ganesh & tells all children’s to eat all laddos while she sees ganesh eating in children’s & says inspite of trying i can’t forget you seeing you in these children’s & feeling happy about it & also waiting for you to come & will eat laddoos by my hands.
Mahadev explains paravati to understand mata’s emotions also towards her son but she tells him i have always faced such conditions being away from ganesh but this time if he forgets me then what & mahadev tells her he is your son itself & will never forget you so she leaves while mahadev says I understand this is very difficult time for you.
Devi aditi keeps praying him to come soon while ganesh says I understand mata’s difficultly for allowing me & mata paravati comes to tell him you can’t go empty handed & he asks happily so you are allowing me & yes she says while she gives her blessings to him hugging her & saying I only can understand difficulty of a mata’s emotions how she must be bearing without you & also blesses him saying you’ll get to know slowly of all your last memories.
Mahadev praises mata paravati while ganesh leaving with mushak & directing him how to reach but also feels how i am able to direct mushak properly? Ganesh stops him saying I’ll do those things which I use to do from here & he is explaining mushak all those things he use to do when mata use to get bugged on me when I use to play smartly hiding from mata & also showing him from where mata use to bring water.
Mushak asks ganesh how your last avatar was happened? & ganesh tells him it started with a dream which became truth.
Devi aditi sees dream & wakes up suddenly while rishi asks what happened & she is explaining him like a blessed dream of a child i was seeing who was pulling me like a god & how a child pulls his mother & rishi tells her it may be due to maker sankrant nearing which happens to be children’s great day for enjoying sweet & food from your hands so she goes to prepare food for all of them as indra & all gods have sat for food while she is serving but waits & indra asks is anybody going to come while child Brahman comes & devi aditi prays him including all & Brahman asks is all hurdles cleared & he explains him saying because of your blessings everything is cleared.
Mata aditi tells child brahman to sit for food but after sitting he asks why are you waiting now & she says I feel somebody is expected while serving food thinks whom I am waiting for he hasn’t come yet.
All have food & take blessings from mata aditi but child Brahman asks her you have given food to all children’s then why are you not satisfied & she tells him one more son hasn’t come yet & he tells him he’ll definitely come & rishi asks who? so child Brahman tells him the son who came in her dream but mata aditi tells him he wasn’t clear to me when he’ll come but he tells her he’ll come in an avatar for you & she is delighted hearing this.
Rishi kashyap explains her behind every avatar’s birth there is a motive of god giving her examples of various avatars who got birth to end evils but he asks this time for what purpose & child Brahman tells him narantak & devantak who took blessings from their parents for achievement & they told them to achieve with your pure meditation towards mahadev & earn your wishes with your own efforts.
Mushak asks ganesh so is it you took avatar from this time & ganesh explains him how?
Narantak & devantak are meditating to mahadev & mahadev comes telling them I am impressed so ask what you wish & they ask him we should not be killed by any gods, human’s or any animals & he blesses them.
Both get happy & delighted changing their attitude as an evil & discuss within each other that now nobody can kill us & will rule this world capturing all & they start with defeating indra & all gods so they come to mata aditi’s place & she asks them what happened as you are in such conditions so they tell her what all lost by them due to narantak & devantak & immediately rishi tells devi aditi that’s why may be now your son will take avatar & come to you for this world‘s rescue due to the reason of narantak & devantak so indra & all request mata to pray for avatar prabhu & she says I am doing it & will now do it more strongly.
Ganesh tells mushak this way I came in avatar of vinayak.

Precap: Huge ganesh sitting on lion while all people are performing pooja of ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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