Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Asoor guru is encouraging mushak’s friend against mushak.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mouse enjoying delightedly saying I have become powerful again & thanks the asoor guru. All Brahmans are pleading to help them & he thinks about helping them but guru understands & he immediately tells woman to make him aware of our powers & she throws him upside down & guru makes him understand that power is given by me to you only for my use through you & not to misuse it or I’ll destroy you & he accepts his advise but mouse asks him who is your enemy for whom you are doing all this through me & he tells him to go & take place of mushkasoor so that I can challenge ganeshji & as all these Brahmans can be saved by ganeshji for which I have clutched them for my motive so I want to stop ganeshji to help these Brahmans. The mouse asks him if ganeshji helps mushakasoor? then the guru tells him nothing will happen as you are feeling & do as I directed by me & he leaves.
Ganesh & all are looking into arrangements of his chaturthi celebration while devraj asks ganesh that now who will sit on this seat & ganesh is watching one more mouse coming so feels confused & all are too shocked to see one more mouse. Mushak is telling ganesh I am here so where are looking but the other mouse comes telling mushak that I am here & mushak welcomes him happily saying after long time my friend & mouse says I know as you had planned all this & mushak says I’ll introduce you too ganeshji & he introduces him to all.
Mushak asks him where have you being while he is cursing him that you did all those plans to make me lose & you came with ganehsji so mushak says no it was just a competition & how can I do any such thing with my best friend but he still curses mushak & mushak tells him it was just an accident but the mouse tells him you did all this to trick me & take this seat with ganeshji & the mouse tells him that let’s compete again & if I win then I’ll take your place to become vehicle of ganeshji & he is remembering what all tricks guru has taught him & also as per his confusion the woman will come for his hep if ganeshji helps mushak while ganesh is watching them confusingly. Mushak is confused but tells him now call me only mushak as I am not mushakasoor but the mouse challenges him & ganesh tells mushak to not to run from your duty towards your friends misunderstanding to clear his wrong perception about you so mushak asks ganesh don’t you believe me that I cannot do such unfaithful deed towards anybody then ganesh explains him faith is important to be proved so to accept this challenge & mushak tells him that I accept your challenge because my ganeshji knows I am faithful while guru & the woman are happy knowing this that the competition will happen & I can complete my motive too.
Devraj & kartik are going for completing other work while ganesh sits on meditation as the mouse is talking in ear of mushak, as instructed by asoor guru, saying that see ganeshji too wishes me to become his vehicle so now think about your competition & ganesh understands saying I know what are you upto while mushak is feeling pained hearing his friends words.
The mouse & mushak come in their original form & mouse appreciates watching his form again so he is again & again instigating mushak to be ready as you will be defeated tomorrow as how I did with the woman & mushak is getting depressed thinking how can I be away from ganeshji. The mouse is telling mushak to accept that he had played trick with me earlier but mushak again tells him you are wrong to understand me but he again & again instigating him against ganeshji saying i won’t kill you but only will get defeated by me & mushak tells him if I lose then you won’t have to kill me too as I’ll die on my own.
Ganesh understands saying how mushak is dedicated to me for which I have to look after him to not to happen anything to him.
The mouse is instigating him again & again in his ears saying tomorrow is your defeat so be ready & he gets bugged hearing his words which is echoing in his brains so he sits on meditation of ganesh’s name & feels relaxed so takes break for resting under a tree & the mouse plans to kill him as per instructions given to him by the evil asoor guru & as he is about to kill mushak, ganesh understands it.

Precap : Ganesh says to all of them that this seat is only of mushakji but the mouse tells ganesh that mushak hasn’t arrived yet may be accepted his defeat & kartik is calling mushak shouting asking mushak where are you?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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