Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Vinayak avatar emerges.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh telling mushak that gods felt bad leaving them but mata aditi had faith I’ll come for her in her expected form.
Mata aditi is making idol of vinayak & praying him emotionally to come soon as she is awaiting for him eagerly.
Narantak & devantak are telling their parents to take seat of indra which we have captured by our powers as per your advise but he says I didn’t expect this from you instead I had told you to use your powers to spread blessings & good deeds but you both are misusing it.
Brahamdev in form of ganesh comes to bless her on her prayers to vinayak.
Narantak & devantak sit on the seat showing their attitude towards the entire world having achieved powers by their pure meditation & also telling their father about it as per his wishes itself happened but he ignores both of them.
Mata aditi prays brahmadev to come soon as I am waiting for you so eagerly but he tells her I’ll only come if you listen to me & she asks what? so he tells her as & when my motive is achieved I’ll have to leave & you won’t be able to stop me & she becomes emotional hearing this but she tries to tell him to not to place such promise but brahmadev says I am helpless due to my work spread across entire gods place & entire world. Mata aditi prays him accepting his decision & thanks god for blessing such a child in gods form.

Mata aditi sees bright light coming near her house & sits in front of idol pleading him to come soon & she hears ganesh’s voice in child form while she also hugs her swami telling him god has heard my prayers & soon child vinayak is arriving to our place. She sits making all kinds of things preparing for ganesh whatever he loves like dresses, pooja materials, food utensils, food & sweets etc. & keeps calling ganesh to come soon as everything is kept ready.
Mata paravati hears ganesh’s voice but wonders from where he is calling also imagining him but vanishes & gets emotional of he not near her & falls in depression towards thoughts of ganesh saying after meeting your old mother not to forget me.
Ganesh explains mushak the kind of emotions mata has never changes in any phase.
Mata aditi is becoming more & more eager calling ganesh child vinayak while her swami rishi kashyap calming her to control as he’ll come soon.
All gods come to complain about narantak & devantak & pleading her saying we are also in trouble facing hard days if they find us then anytime they’ll arrest us to put in jail but rishi kashyap tells them to not to worry & panic as may be vinayak is taking birth to clear these evils only & help gods while mata aditi gets emotional hearing this. Gods smell somebody following them so they go to hide somewhere else taking leave from mata.
Mata aditi feels very emotional towards all gods saying how trouble my sons are facing & prays vinayak’s idol giving him promise but he doesn’t accept promise & she understands saying I take back my promise as light blows off & cries saying now I have lost my control to wait for you & as she turns then child calls her & she stops seeing form of ganesh emerging from idol while rishi also wonders seeing & ganesh asks her will you keep seeing me or won’t hug me & she hugs him emotionally crying lovingly as rishi kashyap also hugs him. Rishi blesses him while ganesh asks him to give him name mow as mata decorated me through her art so he gives him name as bhukad vinayak who’ll wash out all evils in this entire world.
Brahmadev prays ganesh’s name as well as mata aditi & rishi kashyap’s blessings to ganesh while all gods are blessing ganesh’s new name & form.

Precap: Narantak & devantak are warning gods using this child to face us so we won’t leave him too & will understand what kind of powers we have. Ganesh vinayak comes sitting on huge lion with his huge form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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