Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Mushak loses one part of competition with his friend.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mushak’s friend challia is about to kill mushak but ganesh understands & saves mushak by making challia’s weapon thrown from his hands & he is wondering but sees ganesh in meditation & feels that good it was ganeshji did not knew or I’ll lose my wish of becoming his vehicle & thinks to speak in his ears to instigate him & he says you you can’t defeat challia as he is stronger that you & it keeps on echoing in his ears making mushak uneasy but ganesh tells mushak to not to worry by his talks as nothing will happen & mushak becomes calm.
The evil woman is watching what challia is planning & goes to inform her asoor guru as he is delighted saying now I can enjoy my life for long long years once this happens.
All are taking ganesh towards his seat made for his celebration with shouting his slogans praising ganesh while mahadev & paravati are too watching celebration of ganesh.
Mushak is clapping hands praising ganesh shouting slogans while challia is trying to instigate him again by saying that you have lost your excitement & power to compete with me & you are going to lose by me & these words keep echoing in mushak’s ears continuously as mushak is going towards calmness.
Ganesh reaches the seat & sits while kartik asks ganesh why you told to make one more small seat then ganesh explains him that as humans need respect the same way animals too need respect & this seat is for mushakji but challia is hearing this & tells ganesh that it was decided that whoever wins in the competition will become your vehicle but now it seems no competition will happen as mushak has disappeared but ganesh & all are calling mushak wherever he is but does not come & all are calling him still as challia says to declare me as winner because mushak won’t come who has ran away but mushak is discussing with ganeshji about how to tackle & ganesh is explaining him to face the challenge as you have to prove you were never wrong & mushak comes telling him i was here only but watching you to feel yourself better about that this will be last time for you to see ganeshji & all are praising mushak.
Challia is trying to instigate mushak but mushak is responding him saying you always felt I’ll run away but you were wrong to understand as I’ll definitely face you with blessings of ganeshji.
Ganesh decides how to start competition which will happen in four parts & they accept the challenge & challia tells ganesh that they need quiet place to start & ganesh blesses with a separate place as they start their competition.
Challia is instigating mushak continuously in his ears saying you can’t win because I am stronger than you & I’ll only become ganeshji’s vehicle so it makes mushak uneasy & starts feeling lose but they are fighting with stone throwing towards each other but mushak is hit by challia with a huge stone throwing on him & mushak falls down while competing & challia enjoys his win & also the evil woman watching happily says challia is doing good job & this should had to be seen by guru too as he would had also felt happy about it.
kartik tells challia it was wrong doing this & against competition ethics but ganesh tells kartik that challia has won this competition because a person should use his brains which mushak did not so mushak lost & challia is happy but ganesh tells challia that still competition is not yet over as there are three more parts to face & tells them to prove who will be the great devotee of me but challia tells ganesh that you don’t decide the winner of this competition & let all others decide it as you might be partial towards mushak then ganesh accepts it. Challia goes to murmur in mushak’s ears saying you’ll see how strong devotee I am better than you which again disturbs mushak due the words echoing continuously. Challia moves creating a sharp point on a small mountain & stands on the edge of it starting meditation of ganesh’s name while all are shouting mushak why are you waiting & start your competition too but he is standing still due to words echoing in his ears & challia is chanting slogan of ganesh standing on the edge as blood is also falling down from his feet too & all are watching him so dedicated he is not caring for his blood too. Mushak picks flowers & goes towards ganesh & starts singing prayers by which mahadev & paravati too immerge to bless ganesh & mushak as all are praising mushak’s pure dedication & mushak tells ganesh that the competition of devotion of yours is wrong as per my thought because my devotion towards you is to take your name with prayers & love pouring on you with flowers which makes me very happy of devotion & devraj indra praises mushak saying this is called as pure devotee who truly knows what ganeshji wants so this is true devotee & indra gives name as “shiromani” mushakji’s jai ho. Challia hears this saying mushak named as shiromani & thinks what I did was wrong or what by going through lot of pains & he gets bugged shouting all of them to stop this & kicks a stone in fit of rage.

Precap : The asoors guru comes challenging ganesh for war while ganesh tells mushak & challia to help him in this war to face the fight strongly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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