Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Kroorasoor attacks ganesh with his asoor army.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh telling both of them now you will compete with a line of control & to pull each other’s tail beyond that line & whoever does that will be the winner. The evil woman is saying what kind of competition has been given saying if kroorasoor understands this he’ll too get bugged while kroorasoor thinks why the woman has not yet come with any information as all my army too is ready or is it that now competition has not started yet.
The competition is about to begin cut challia asks permission to hug last time to my friend & mushak understands saying it must be his plans but challia hugs & murmur’s saying accept your defeat as I am stronger than you which again disturbs him but mushak moves back saying I won’t take his words seriously & will concentrate only on competition. The competition starts & they are pulling each other’s tails but mushak is becoming lose hearing his words again & again but wishes to be strong while all are cheering mushak but challia is strongly pulling him & finally he picks mushak with his powers & throws him beyond the line & wins the competition. Ganesh declares challia as winner while all are feeling depressed towards mushak’s conditions. The evil woman also says now finally there should be war between them which we had wished so that our motive will be achieved.
Challia tells everybody to declare me as ultimate winner & become ganeshji’s vehicle but ganesh tells him not yet as one more competition is left & tells them now mushak will decide what to compete on & mushak says yog devotion & ganesh tells challia as decided by mushakji you have to do this competition while indra asks what is this devotion like & kartik explains them.
Challia tells muhshak be ready to lose in this too & they both sit for yog meditation as all are watching how the compete. Mushak uses his powers to make a large modak of sky while challia says thinking you are very hungry for food so now I’ll show you how to destroy food & he too uses his powers to break the modak through meditation & they are fighting against both of their motives towards ganesh’s vehicle to become while all are watching but kroorasoor is feeling why still no sign is coming from his evil woman & becoming restless as the evil woman is thinking this is right time to give signal to kroorasoor to attack while challia & muhshak finally jump high on the sky to get dashed towards each other to save large modak & they fall down on the ground instantly.
The evil woman signals kroorasoor to attack & he orders his army to attack while ganesh is feeling trouble. Both mushak & challia are saved falling down on the ground & evil woman thinks may be I have given wrong signal to kroorasoor as both are safe because kroorasoor can only be killed by mushak so need to alert kroorasoor & kroorasoor is challenging ganesh to fight war between them as kartik is shouting who is it who is challenging war as indra & kartik are trying to move ahead but ganesh tells them to stop as he has challenged me so I’ll go. Ganesh tells mushak & challia that your competition is still pending so now think this is your competition hence you both should accompany me to fight this war & challia is thinking otherwise that kroorasoor had told me mushak can only kill me & I can’t kill him so it’s my duty to kill mushak but thinks that I have to go & all three are moving ahead towards kroorasoor & kroorasoor is watching confusingly how come both mushak’s are coming wondering has challia turned against me while evil woman comes informing him that ganeshji has played game towards you so he tells her to inform challia to kill mushak or I’ll kill all of them & she goes to inform while kroorasoor orders to attack all three.
Ganesh throws his powers towards the army which gets killed as kartik is smiling & mushak is making his huge form to attack all army killing them instantly & shouting that nobody can touch my prabhu or will get killed.
Mushak is on spree killing all army while evil woman is warning challia as he was going to kill the army but tells him are you a fool & don’t you remember what kroorasoor had told you so kill mushak to save yourself & he turns his weapon towards mushak while indra understands telling kartik that there might some trouble for mushak as challia is on kroorasoor’s side but kartik tells him not to worry as ganesh understands everything.
Ganesh is warning kroorasoor but kroorasoor is challenging ganesh saying your weapon can’t do anything to me & ganesh shoots his weapon but nothing happens to him so ganesh is wondering he might be having some blessings I guess.
Challia is triyng to attack mushak while mushak is attacking evil army & as challia shoots his weapon then mushak saves himself but finds it is challia & gets emotional saying you my friend tried to kill me & the army is hitting him as challia murmur’s saying you can’t be saved now & mushak gets lose by his words. Mushak is hit by evil army & falls down getting hit. All are shocked to see mushak getting injured.

Precap : Mushak lifts weapon & throws it to cut the head of evil woman while kroorasoor thinks now I have to run away from here or mushak will kill me. Kroorasoor goes towards his den & ganesh takes mushak towards the den telling him now it’s your turn to kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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