Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Kroorasoor is killed by mushak & ganesh’s celebration takes place.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kroorasoor is clutching mushak while challia is enjoying seeing mushak clutched but the evil woman says seeing challia that it’ll happen with you also & kroorasoor takes away challia’s powers given by him & challia becomes pale without power & helpless to do anything so shouts saying betrayed by kroorasoor & kroorasoor clutches him too with his powers & the evil woman is delighted.
Mushak is thinking what ganeshji was always intimating me so I’ll take the support of my ganeshji’s words while ganesh is intimating mushak to become strong within your will power & mushak takes name of ganesh & destroys the chain around his body clutched by kroorasoor & kroorasoor is shocked how he got the power & also evil woman too is shocked. Mushak makes challia too released from the chain & he is happy with mushak helping him. The evil woman is trying to attack with her weapon throwing towards challia but mushak saves holding it telling woman that when challia has a friend like me nobody can kill my friend & challia feels great about it. The woman is trying to use her powers towards mushak but mushak throws the weapon held by him towards evil woman cutting her head instantly & kroorasoor is shocked.
Challia gets ashamed of himself doing wrong against mushak so he asks forgiveness from mushak & mushak forgives him saying whoever accepts his mistake has rights to get forgiveness & we are already friends.
Kroorasoor is getting scared & ganesh asks kroorasoor now what you will do but kroorasoor tells ganesh nothing will happen to me by your weapons so ganesh throws his weapon & hits his legs making him injured so he runs away from there to his den but challia tells mushak that he had told me that he can only killed by mushak so mushak says if this is it then I have to be with ganeshji & kroorasoor is followed by challia showing his den to ganesh & mushak. Challia reaches in the den & makes kroorasoor sacred about him but kroorasoor tells him to not do anything & he uses his powers to make him stun. Ganesh & mushak arrive in his den releasing challia & kroorasoor is shocked how they reached here while all Brahmans get up praying ganesh as kroorasoor tells them to sit & complete my meditation but they do not listen to him. Ganesh gets down from mushak & tells him that now it’s your turn finally to show your powers to kill him & mushak makes himself huge while kroorasoor tries to murmur in mushak’s ears & mushak gets disturbed but ganesh helps him & mushak again gets out from the disturbance & throws a knife to cut kroorasoor’s throat bleeding him profusely. Kroorasoor is falling down in pain while a big pillar falls on him killing him instantly & all are praising ganesh.
Challia pleads ganesh for coming in evil kroorasoor’s talks & getting selfish for fighting with mushak & ganesh tells him you have accepted your mistake which is a biggest thing in life & mushak says now celebration should happen.
All are celebrating ganesh’s birthday & singing prayers for him while mahadev & paravati are watching smilingly how ganesh’s celebration happening.
Kartik asks ganesh now the seat is still free so to decide whom to sit on it & ganesh says it’s none other than mushak as he has won the competition with proper ethics & also given forgiveness to that person who wrongly played with him which is ethics of game & mushak gets very delighted but challia gets depressed. Ganesh tells mushak to accommodate the seat & also says that on this occasion I also bless mushak that whoever devotee murmur’s of his wish in mushak’s ears will reach towards me finally & also tells challia to enjoy the celebration.
Devraj indra says I’ll do this first honors & he asks ganesh for wish of devsena to get married with kartik very soon & ganesh hears saying I too wish the same. All others are too asking something or the other wish through mushak’s ears. Devsena is trying to go but kartik too tries & both clash so kartik tells devsena to proceed but ganesh tells you both can say together & kartik says I am ready for marrying devsena while devsena says I wish to marry swami kartik very soon & without anybody’s interference but ganesh says thinking this can’t happen as it’s already decided by fate that walli also is to marry kartik.
Mahadev & paravati are watching kartik & devsena asking wish but paravati gets confused & mahadev asks her what happened so paravati tells mahadev that kartik has accepted to marry devsena but how can walli be also stopped to marry kartik?

Precap : An elephant is following walli as she is running from the elephant while kartik comes to stop elephant.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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