Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update – Mata durga & gajasoor are in continuous fight.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with durga mata thinking about saving this world & nature so need to shoot my arrow accordingly & she shoots her arrow towards his hands holding the weapon which falls down & he is shocked saying my weapon fell down & mata says just your weapon has not fallen down but now you will leave this world too. Gajasoor is trying to run away hiding but mata is following him & he goes in a hide out where mata too reaches & tells him to stay here itself now but he challenges mata saying you cannot fight against my evil spread across but mata says I have saved this world & now it’s time for you to end but again he says my spread evil cannot stop but she attacks him.
Ganesh is feeling there is some fight nearby happening with the asoor or how come this jewel has fallen down here coming from the other side & also asks mushak if you feeling thirsty while ganesh also feels that Brahman is meditating & some rock is going to hit him so ganesh saves him while he falls on the rock & understands ganeshji has saved him & he goes to meet & informs ganesh about fight happening between mata & that asoor gajasoor so ganesh moves there watching the ear jewel fallen down of mata & follows that jewel signal.
Mata is fighting with gajasoor as she attacks him but he is saving himself & gajasoor also tries to attack mata but she too saves herself saying that your end is near you evil fool but he refuses to accept his defeat challenging mata again & again.
Gajasoor is trying to attack mata with all his sorts of weapons but mata diverts his weapons with her sword everywhere in which one of it goes towards ganesh too & he too feels about strong fight happening.
Gajasoor comes with his new weapon towards mata but she defends herself by retaliating towards his weapon.
Brahman tells ganesh that the power is increasing of that asoor & asks ganesh why you do not help her but ganesh tells him unless mata does not permit me I can’t.
Mata is fighting vigorously with the asoor hitting him continuously & all are watching & getting to know about a big fight in process between gajasoor & mata durga.
Mata is warning gajasoor to accept your defeat & are fighting continuously.
The people in the world are feeling trouble of evil spread across & kartik is blaming whoever has done such evil will get tremendous punishment for this as mata’s anger won’t stop now.
Gajasoor tells mata that I won’t ever accept defeat & will keep fighting with you continuously attacking you.
Ganesh also says it’s time the result should happen in this fight as it’s being long time now.
Gajasoor tries to disappear & plans to attack from behind while mata is searching him & ganesh is feeling where have they disappeared as gajasoor tries to attack mata from behind but mata defends his attack & hits him with her powerful hands throwing him instantly on the ground making him unconscious.
Brahman & all are praising mata killing the asoor & are delighted.
All asoors are happily enjoying with water but as soorapdaman tries to drink water his glass becomes dried up & gets shocked how come this has happened & also soorasahi is shocked about this. Soorapdaman tells soorasahi to do something & she understands that still there is life in him.
Brahman says everything is clear now as this asoor is killed but ganesh tells him still not cleared & gajasoor again gets up challenging mata saying I was just resting as some time has to be taken for rest & he laughs.
Ganesh & mushak are discussing about mata who cannot lose & she’ll do something while gajasoor is challenging ganesh.
Mata tells gajasoor now you have rested so face me now while he still keeps challenging her.
Ganesh thinks I have to do such a thing that mata should understand my signal & he says in his different language which mata understands & thinks to plan accordingly to attack this evil.
Gajasoor says I will wait here for your future planning of attack on me.
Ganesh also plans with mushak to trick asoor unknowing mata & he walks towards him as gajasoor thinks why he is coming towards me as also mata feels surprised & he is discussing about how his father was killed & he is getting wild while mushak is feeling very scared & mushak’s sweat drop falls on his hands & he is shocked as ganesh feels surprised. Ganesh tells gajasoor that if I would have being fighting with you then you would have been in hell till now & he tells ganesh then why you do not fight with me but ganesh replies because mata’s permission is required for this so he tells mata to permit him but mata tells gajasoor that if you feel so strong within yourself then we both will fight with you together.

Precap : Mata creates her huge powers to kill that asoor & ganesh comes to support mata sitting near her with mushak besides them too. All are watching mata killing gajasoor with her trishul while mahadev, paravati & all are happy about asoor’s end.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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