Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update – Vinayak gets warm welcome in kashi.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vinayak & naresh reach kashi while vinayak praising kashi about its purity which blesses people.
Narantak & devantak watching bhupat & gandhar killed and they get wild planning to attack naresh & vinayak with proper plans.
Naresh welcomes vinayak while a person is performing pooja of vinayak with his wife while his wife explains him its good you perform pooja but need to work also for leading day to day life but he refuses to leave prabhu but she is insisting him telling family members will get angry so to go to work but he insists her too to forget & meditate for prabhu without any thoughts & prabhu will help us.
All kashi villagers are welcoming bhukat vinayak while a child is appreciating the looks of vinayak & the person who is devotee gets signal of vinayak arrived & decides to welcome prabhu with his pooja celebration & he is supported with his wife too but his sister in law comes stopping them & is arrogantly abusing him & he tries to explain her but she is insulting him saying eating in this house doing nothing. The person’s wife is pleading her telling I’ll send him to work but he isn’t going & again she is abusing both.

The person’s sister in law’s son also comes to him appreciating about bhukat vinayak & the way he looks which is exactly like the idol he does pooja of. His sister in law is abusing him for fooling her son also while he is pleading to let him go to meet him to welcome in my way for which I was waiting for so many years who is my god & his brother too comes & he is pleading him but he stops him saying you have to come to work with me but he insists pleading to let me go who is arrived with king naresh but he tells him he is a king & how he’ll wait for a foolish person like you but then too he explains them saying prabhu has his eyes on his pure devotees so let me go & his brother finally allows him.

The person is running behind prabhu bhokat vinayak but they enter the palace & guards do not allow him inspite he pleading them & one of the guard tells him if your prabhu wishes to meet you then he’ll come on his own so he feels right so he pleads prabhu to come only once to my place to have food & vinayak signals him as he gets delighted & runs happily to tell his wife to prepare all kinds of food which prabhu loves but his sister in law comes telling food is required for you & taking name of prabhu so you won’t be allowed to use any materials from this house & he falls in confusion depressingly so the person is requesting his brother to please explain your wife as he has signaled me but he is joking with him saying I knew he won’t meet you & you like a fool took seriously as if your prabhu will give you lot of wealth & everything so started doing all this foolish things but he pleads him to atleast give me some materials so that I can only welcome my prabhu comfortably.

A rishi comes appreciating naresh of welcoming guests so nicely but look on our side too but naresh says I can’t be questioned by anybody whom I welcome but naresh’s wife welcomes rishi explaining king naresh that he is an ultimate predictor who is famous to tell the truth of a person’s future & also had predicted long time ago about you’ll come with bhukat vinayak but he tells her unless he doesn’t prove me I won’t believe. King naresh tells him to give me two reasons how I became king & rishi explains him the two achievements due to which he got to become king & naresh is impressed so he asks him what you see in my future & he explains him all against vinayak which he has faced with vinayak to reach till here which was his ultimate plan to conquer your seat as a king & king naresh falls in his prey of explanation which makes him to think that might be vinayak has done all this with ultimate planning to squeeze my seat.

Precap : Naresh decides to tell vinayak to return while rishi laughs happily but king naresh do not find vinayak in his room so wonders where he has disappeared. The person sees vinayak coming in their house & he lies down on the ground welcoming vinayak .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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