Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update – Gajasoor is defeated & sits to get knowledge from mata.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gajasoor challenging mata & son ganesh both together for war & ganesh gets ready while mahadev, paravati are happily watching. Gajasoor says it’ll be happy to fight with both of you & he starts fight as ganesh takes permission from mata & he attacks ganesh while ganesh retaliates & makes him bow down. Mata tries to attack gajasoor but ganesh tells mata to stop as I’ll fight with him.
Ganesh attacks him hitting him & he bends down but does not lose so mata is shocked what kind of power is he having while ganesh is also thinking what can be the secret of his power & reminds of sweat fallen of mushak on his hands & he was shocked shaking his hands so ganesh tells mata about it while gajasoor is instigating both of them saying what has happened to both of you & what are you thinking that you cannot defeat me?
Mata is telling ganesh to act fast to save this world & gajasoor is telling them I have such a power from my guru shukracharya that nobody can kill me & Brahman understands asoor guru has given him something by which he is saved while mata & ganesh are also in confusion.
Gajasoor is spreading his powers while soorapadaman & soorasahi gets to know what gajasoor is doing & thinking to support him.
The Brahman is saying that I won’t allow gajasoor to create destruction in this world as asoor guru shukracharya has definitely given him some powerful weapon & kartik is also feeling big trouble from gajasoor so intimates mata & ganesh to do something quickly.
Gajasoor is flowing in such a speed with the powers of soorasahi in which he is finding it very difficult to control himself. Soorasahi had called him to intimate him to finish this war as soon as possible or I’ll feel you are a mistake called by me & he assures her & leaves from there. Soorasahi tells soorapadman I have told him what I wished as to kill both of them immediately.
Ganesh tells mata that gajasoor must not harm this world & mata tells him that this world is by me so nothing will happen. Gajasoor is challenging mata & mata watches the weapon as gajasoor arrives & mata tells him this is the weapon which you were having your power so see how I destroy this & she destroys the weapon & gajasoor gets wild challenging mata that now you have to face me & he also feels that I am still alive inspite the weapon got destroyed.
Ganesh tells mushak that I have to leave from here as his weapon is destroyed now but you take care of gajasoor while i’ll search water. Mushak is playing with gajasoor to harass him while ganesh is searching water with his nose deep in the land & as mushak makesh gajasoor tired & asks ganesh if you found water & ganesh says I have found water & he brings water all over the world spreading through his nose by which all are delighted & happy. Soorapadman & soorasahi are also happy watching the world has got water again but soorasahi understands it means gajasoor is defeated.
Kartik & all are praising mata & ganesh for making this world again happy with providing water.
Gajasoor is angry & talks with mata wildly but mata tries to make him calm & explains him to understand that if you did all sorts evil but could not achieve your goal so you have to understand why this happened so he accepts mata’s advice & does as per whatever mata says. Mata tells him to sit all together down to eat food & ganesh along with Brahman too sit with him to have food. Mata provides them the petal plate to eat food & tells them all to search your pockets in which you will find your food & ganesh gets 3 puri’s, Brahman gets nothing & gajasoor gets 5 five puri’s so gajasoor tries to start eating but mata tells him to wait & the best humanity is to share your food with the person who has not got anything & who has got less than you but he refuses saying it’s their fate if somebody has not got or less than mata explains him this is a real test of a person’s life how he behaves in his life if he needs blessed end of his life then he says thinking that I do not wish to but I too wish to understand your knowledge so I will share.
Ganesh tells gajasoor how to share but he refuses so ganesh tells him let mata decide & mata decides to share as all can eat equally & he accepts so they share accordingly & mata provides them cooked vegetable also & they start eating. All get contented so mata tells Brahman that won’t you gift them something then Brahman tells mata I do not have anything but he finds gold coins & he gets signal from mata so mata tells him to give them accordingly then gajasoor says I will have to get more as I have shared more part of food but ganesh tells him I also have shared my equal part so I have to get equal coins how much you get then gajasoor blames saying so you god will play trick now. Then ganesh tells him let mata decide then & mata decides that ganesh should get only one coin & rest of the others to gajasoor so Ganesh asks mata how can this be justified?

Precap : Devsena wishes to see her marriage in the piece of peacock mirror given by ganesh to her & some other woman comes ready so she gets depressed thinking I am not the person? The evils are moving to fight with kartik & all & devsena prays that the winner should be justified.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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