Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Vinayak kills narantak & devantak’s giant uncle.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with naresh tells vinayak why you challenged this giant & vinayak sends the weapon towards giant while he says you are a fool & now i’ll get this in my hands & kill you but instead giant gets killed instantly. Narantak & devantak gets shock understanding their uncle being killed & become arrogant on their power while naresh appreciates vinayak asking who are you but vinayak tells him you know I am son of rishi kashyap & mata aditi.
Vinayak thinking here mata aditi is eager to see me while there in kailash mata paravati is waiting for me to return eagerly.
Mata paravati is praying ganesh to come soon remembering how she use to hug ganesh & becomes very emotional.
Sons of giant uncle tell their mata strom goddess how could you leave that child so she arrogantly replies I am not going to leave him but planning how to execute & they tell her we have a plan.
Kashi naresh is trying to alert vinayak saying now those both narantak & devantak will plan their attack as they might be watching us so vinayak tells him let them see as they too will be watched by god. Vinayak sits under a tree but naresh sees him saying now he sat down but ganesh explains him that see how lovingly mata has prepared these laddoos so you too eat & will make you calm.
Rishi kashyap is trying to give something to eat to aditi mata but she isn’t eating saying how can I eat without my son so let him come then only I’ll eat while vinayak is also thinking of her telling mushak I feel to immediately go near mata & eat these laddoos by her hands feeling emotional.
Rishi is keeping on insisting aditi mata to eat food to make your son happy or he’ll become restless & she happily eats feeling son is feeding her.
Mata paravati is calmed by mata laxmi but she depressingly expresses her uneasiness towards ganesh but mata laxmi explains love about mother where mata aditi also must be doing it for him.
Naresh is becoming uneasy telling vinayak to eat soon as we have to leave but vinayak is calming him & he tells vinayak that enemy must be ready to attack us while storm goddess comes with her sons to see vinayak eating & plans to attack while vinayak is insisting naresh to eat laddoos but he doesn’t also feeling I wish to eat but how should I ask him while storm goddesses son coming in disguise as a woodcutter while naresh becoming eager to eat laddoos & vinayak says now only two left so which to eat but naresh asks permission if to eat one & vinayak gives him while after eating the son of storm goddess falls down with woods on his body as naresh holds him & he thanks naresh but ganesh sees his hands like woman & feels something fishy but he insists raja naresh to come to their hut as his mother will make good food which will make you relaxed to leave comfortably later & vinayak along naresh go to their hut as they are welcomed by his mother storm goddess who is also in disguise of an old woman & she is serving food to them.
After eating food both her sons tells their mother to bring oil which will make this child vinayak relaxed after massage so she goes to prepare oil while vinayak understands seeing the mark on his face which reminds him she is one whom he had hit by his arrow while it’s taking time for preparation of oil then they both ask vinayak what more you wish so that we’ll be happy to serve you & he asks them to bring coconut from tree & they go to bring getting bugged saying within themselves that we had brought him to kill but instead making work from us. Their mata brings oil while vinayak understands that the oil contains poison & deliberately tells her to apply on me but she thinks how I can or if I touch then I’ll be affected but she tries to touch & vinayak stops her explaining I won’t allow you to touch this poison & she is shocked but he explains her what mother’s love is towards her son i understand so how can I allow your son’s too to get affected by this poison which you won’t as my mother too won’t like her son getting affected & she realizes her mistake which is explained by ganesh so nicely to her giving various examples & she bends down on her knees as ganesh shows his form to her sitting on huge lion & she sacrifices her life to vinayak putting oil on her & also getting blessings from vinayak.
Naresh realizes who vinayak is & prays him while they discuss about her sons so vinayak tells him I’ll hide in hut & as they arrive let me know.

Precap : Naresh & vinayak on the way ask water from an unknown person but he tells them it’s in that well & vinayak tells naresh to wait as I’ll bring water but the person comes out to be an asoor & pushes ganesh in well as naresh shouts for vinayak while narantak & devantak are watching this which was planned by them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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