Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update – Paravti mata discloses kartik about walli.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata paravati awaiting kartik & devsena’s arrival as she is very excited while he is coming with devsena along ganesh & devraj indra as mahadev too comes to welcome & his warm welcome takes place while ganesh also tells mata to welcome me too & she welcomes ganesh with love.
Ganesh signals devraj indra to now take this opportunity for proposal of devsena to put in front of mahadev & indra puts the proposal while mahadev tells him it’s kartik’s decicion now while devsena is nervous remembering her earlier pretensions & kartik tells indra that I accept the proposal of devraj indra & indra informs devsena happily. Kartik is appreciating devsena’s help & support with full devotion in this war so he says that I am ready to accept devsena as my life partner & all are delighted but devsena remembers of what that unknown woman had said & she leaves from there while all are confused why she left but ganesh & paravati understands thinking in what confusion she is so ganesh goes to console her & devsena is telling ganesh what she feels showing the mirror which he had given her0.
Kartik tells mata paravati devsena has not left blushing so what can be the reason then mata paravati tells him it’s because of other reason & he asks what so she tells him because of one more woman & that is walli while kartik & indra are shocked.
Ganesh tells devsena to see completely what mirror is showing & she watches walli as well as herself together with kartik & is shocked.
Ganesh explains devsena this is the true picture of your life which has to be accepted by you.
Kartik tells mata paravati how can this happen & why there must be injustice towards devsena.
Ganesh explains devsena by what angle you both relate through blessings by narayan itself which is fate for both for you to become wife’s of kartik & devsena understands it so ganesh tells her now to explaining kartik is your job.
Kartik is pleading mata paravati saying I cannot do injustice towards devsena as I have already accepted devsena as my lifetime partner & cannot justify or give that kind of treatment to another woman while devsena arrives with ganesh & kartik tells mata to ask her if she can accept another woman too in my life sharing her state with other woman also in the same way & kartik asks devsena you only give your answer for this problem now & devsena tells him I’ll accept & kartik is shocked while paravati mata is happy & devsena tells kartik how ganesh explained her that actually walli & myself are on same place as reminding kartik of his promise given in last birth that you’ll marry us & also tells about that narayan itself has given our birth by his eyes flowing through tears from both sides & making both of us born on the same platform for you to be married with us together & also we are of two different forms for your support as your life partners.
Narayan arrives telling kartik this is the truth & kartik tells narayan now it’s you to advice me how to contact walli as now she has to decide about her wish towards me as I cannot do any injustice towards her too.
Mushak tells ganesh to plan for walli’s meet with kartik & ganesh also tells mushak now to speak with kartik separately.
Ganesh tells dev rishi to convince walli to make kartik & she meet unknowingly & dev rishi goes to walli’s house as she is talking with her father who is bed ridden. Walli & her father welcome’s dev rishi & dev rishi tells her that you are selected to become wife of swami kartik as her father is delighted praying dev rishi & walli is very excited happily hearing this & also reminding kartik’s promise to her too.
Kartik, ganesh & mushak arrive where walli performs pooja near mahadev’s kund in a jungle & kartik asks ganesh to advice how to go ahead in front of walli as walli is coming with pooja plate to perform pooja & ganesh advices kartik to change his form & go ahead. Walli is disturbed by tree shaking as she gets scared & kartik uses his bow & arrow to hit the tree to stand still as walli appreciates him for help but kartik thinks walli won’t realize me in this form & now it’s her test towards me so talks in awful way planning saying that a beautiful girl like you has to be saved which is my pleasure but she gets bugged & kartik also proposes her for marriage & then she gets wild saying you are crossing your limits as you do not know whom you are talking to as I am daughter of this jungle king & also know how to use this bow & arrow which I have studied & if my brother comes then he won’t spare you while her brother arrives asking who is there & kartik hides forming a tree with ganesh’s advice & he is searching him but feels must have disappeared. Walli is performing pooja & praying mahadev’s kund & her brother asks her was there anybody here & she tells him he had come here & was behaving weirdly so he is searching him but finds a new tree so asks walli was there any tree here earlier & she tells him no so he says might be some evil is there is this tree so goes to cut the tree in which kartik is while mushak tells ganesh to help kartik quickly hiding in the tree & as he is about to hit the tree with his sword?

Precap : Kartik in disguise tells walli to take him to her father at the earliest to ask your hands from him. Walli is moving on other side & mushak informs ganesh to do something as walli is going elsewhere & an elephant comes towards her very fast as she pleads help from prabhu & kartik immerges in his original form for her help as she watches him gladly understanding it’s her swami kartik itself.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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