Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2020 Written Episode Update – Veerbhau & his brothers fighting with asoors.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartik steps in asoor’s place & the land starts shaking & soorapadman thinks kartik is not a simple warrior while soorasahi challenges kartik’s stepping on their land.
All are praising bhanugopan for leading their army while senapati also challenges asoor’s for fight with veer brothers.
An unknown woman is shooting the arrow towards devsena but it moves away from touching her & passes besides her neck & devsena reminds that ganesh had told her that she won’t be harmed. The woman comes walking towards devsena & tells her I am here for other work while devsena feels she has seen her somewhere. Mata paravati too is watching devsena with the woman & remembers about kartik had said I’ll marry with both of you so paravati wonders it musn’t get disclosed about this to devsena.
The war has started happening between asoors & veer brothers & the brothers attacking the asoors strongly. Kartik is watching his army fighting strongly & feels happy about it. Soorapadman’s sister is praising kartik & his army.
Soorapadman’s brother is trying to explain him about their mother’s plan to make us go ahead to get killed but soorapadman shouts his to stop uttering against your mother. Soorasahi is informing bhanugopan to act quickly & show your talent by not just keep watching & he gets instigated by his mother.
Bhanugapan is using his powers to create his huge hands & picking his army people one by one & putting them besides brothers army to kill them from behind & indra is telling ganesh this is unethical.
Veerbhau senapati says now I’ll fight with these asoors alone & he jumps towards the asoor’s with his powers while all are happy seeing this & soorasahi including soorapadman are happy watching how smartly bhanugapon is attacking gods army. Veerbhau watches his brothers getting attacked from behind & kartik supports him with his weapon so veerbhau cuts bhanugopan’s hands & all are shocked to see this. Soorasahi helps bhanugopan with an artificial hands & soorapadman praises soorasahi telling his brother see how mother has helped bhanugopan & you were talking wrong about mother.
Devsena is wondering how this woman also watching of my swami & she prays kartik’s statue kept by devsena for meditating.
Soorasahi says I still can’t allow bhanugopan to get harmed or killed because still my work expected from him has not finished.
Veerbhau challenges bhanugopan saying now I’ll show you our powers & also tells ganesh to give your support. Veerbhau uses powers given to him & the asoors are getting killed by him & his brother’s too.
Ganesh & kartik are praising veerbhau & all other brothers to smartly fighting with the asoors while bhanugopan is getting wild & also soorasahi too getting wild watching asoor army getting killed. Veerbhau & all are praising kartik’s name.
The woman is trying to watch statue of kartik while devsena is feeling jealous about it so she tries to hide it & tells her to go now as I want to complete my pooja too so she too says I too want to pluck flowers & she goes. Devsena sits for doing pooja of kartik’s statue while the woman goes ahead & stops watching it again.
Bhanugopan brings brahmastra & hits all army of gods with the powers of it while veerbhau is also getting harmed by it & as indra trying to go for help then ganesh stops him saying it’s not ethical to go directly unless they do not cry for help & veerbhau cries for help from prabhu kartik & as veerbhau falls down kartik comes down to help all in front of bhanugopan. Bhanugopan says ultimately you came & now face this brahmastra while soorapadman & soorasahi feels delighted about it. Kartik fells to save veerbhau & army so shoots his weapon for saving them with its powers while bhanugopan shoots the brahmastra challenging kartik now face this & soorapadman including soorasahi feeling happy about it. Kartik prays for brahmadev & brahmadev blesses kartik.

Precap : Kartik’s form changes into a huge god there by shocking asoors & delighting all gods.

Updat e Credit to: Tanaya

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