Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh saves humans affected by evil powers of veersuchika.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh wondering who is meditating for brahmadev while mata paravati is asking ganesh why you haven’t asked for food yet & where have you lost so ganesh says nothing & give me food so both sister in laws are serving food for ganesh telling him what all has been prepared for you see as kartik is complaining paravati mata saying all’s favorite ganesh has become forgetting me now so they start serving kartik too.
A woman is meditating for brahmadev as ganesh gets aware of it & brahmadev too is getting to know about meditation for him done by a woman.
Ganesh is appreciating both sister in laws so nicely served food for him & paravati mata is telling him now you have to do something so ganesh says I know they have to be gifted so I’ll go & come immediately & takes along mushak too. Ganesh is searching something in trees around while he is becoming aware of a woman meditating for brahmadev so mushak asks ganesh what happened & ganesh tells him I am getting intuition of somebody meditating & some evil is definitely going to happen as she might ask something wrong which will bring terror in this world.
Brahmadev tells woman named karkari that I am impressed with your meditation so ask what you wish & she is thinking what to ask as she is thinking of various wishes but can’t decide what to ask while mushak asks ganesh why she is thinking so much so ganesh says she is feeling difficult to decide as person gets selfish if she asks wrong. Brahmadev tells her to ask what you wish so she tells him I wish such a thing which can last for long long years but still cannot decide & finally asks to bless me with invisible form while mushak asks ganesh what is this form & after thinking so much she finally asked such form which is so foolish but ganesh tells him that it might create evil in this world by becoming like fly too which nobody can know if her powers enters anywhere.
Brahmadev asks her why such form so she explains him that I wish to create helpful powers in humans if he feels restless so that I can enter his body too becoming minuscule & eat food which harms him. As also to provide food for needy who too becomes restless due to hunger so brahmadev boons her the wish saying now you are blessed with this form for good cause & so you’ll be known as veersuchika henceforth in this world & brahmadev leaves so the woman feels great for fooling brahmadev & she converts herself into minuscule person thinking now I can generate so much food by which my children’s will never stay hungry forever & create hunger for humans.
Ganesh understands feeling that I knew she’ll be creating evil in this world now.
Ganesh’s sister in law come to ask him where are our gifts so ganesh tells them to play this swing & they are feeling happy playing swing in kailash around beautiful flowers surrounding. Suddenly the flowers become pale & ganesh wonders how did this happen as a woman comes complaining ganesh that veersuchika has created evil all over humans in this world getting blessed by brahmadev as she is explaining ganesh that she is troubling all humans entering in foods creating poison for humans to get killed so please help in this or the whole world will get destroyed. Ganesh tells her that I’ll make a plant grow in this world for whom women will always perform pooja which will generate positive vibes around the world destroying such evil spread powers.
A girl is performing pooja for ganesh to help in destroying this evil’s powers & ganesh is spreading his powers towards humans who are unconscious with the powers of veersuchika entering in their foods & all humans becoming conscious as the girl’s mother tells her that everything is alright now as ganehsji has blessed us & she is crying happily sitting in front of ganesh’s idol while ganesh is pulling veersuchika from the food particles entered with her evil powers as brahmadev too wonders telling saraswati mata that this has happened because of my blessing to veersuchika but how can ganesh destroy her & ganesh makes her clutched with his powers in a round powered ball as mahadev, narayan are too watching this & brahmadev thinks can veersuchika be killed as ganesh warns her saying now it’s time for you to get killed but brahamdev arrives telling ganesh to stop as she can’t be killed & ganesh asks why who has created evil to kill humans taking boon from you which she was misusing & brahmadev explains ganesh that she is having powers of narayan which is part of her yog meditation achievement of narayan’s one part of powers as kakari ie. veersuchika so she cannot be killed due to narayan’s blessings on her.

Precap : Which ever women performing pooja for ganesh through a plant gets blessed by ganesh which ultimately reaches to him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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