Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh begins his meditation.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brahmadev explaining ganesh why veersuchika can’t be killed but ganesh tells him she wouldn’t had asked for boon from you then if she is blessed from narayan so she is liable for punishment because she has affected helpless people in this world as veersuchika is hearing this feeling ashamed. Veersuchika is asking forgiveness from ganesh saying to please give me punishment for this & ganesh tells her the punishment by which people will be blessed through your punishment & she accepts the same. Brahmadev also says now she’ll go through the punishment while the girl’s mother is calming her & also ganesh in form of child comes to calm her explaining that ganeshji has helped all of them to make alive so be calm now. She is discussing with that child how to follow the rituals for not to happen this again & he explains her by giving a mantra which all should chant & she tells him this is only to make heart strong but to give such solution by which evil won’t harm to anybody of veersuchika’s powers so he tells her I have earlier said that one plant will take birth which will spread light & blessings to all within mind & body by which the evil won’t come near human. All thank the child & feel he has come in form of ganeshji itself.
Brahmadev praises ganeshji saying this will be known as vignaharta shree ganesh time which will wash out all problems in human lives who prays the plant given birth by ganesh for evil to not to harm them again.
Ganesh is feeling something is still left to complete & he meditates plant god for help & god tells him you are right as your work has still not completed as you have to do meditation to complete this. Ganesh goes to ask permission to go for meditation from paravati mata & mahadev but they are insisting him for staying as you have just completed your work of veersuchika & also need to marry you too but ganesh is trying to convince & also telling mahadev too to explain mata & he explains mata paravati to let him go for such meditation where there must be some work hidden to save this world & might be it happens for something to come out from this for his marriage too so let him go & mata blesses ganesh to complete your work & return.
Ganesh sits on meditation while dev rishi is watching him who is it who is meditating & looks narayan but again narayan goes & ganesh is seen so dev rishi prays saying it’s ganeshji itself who is creating this place so beautiful. Dev rishi is moving & praising around bullock, goats, peacocks, beautiful flowers etc.enjoying around ganesh & all over the place making the surrounding beautiful.
Dev rishi chants mantra lying down & praying ganesh seeing him & narayan comes to tell him this is what you are confused to see ganesh as me & me as ganesh as we both are same in each other but dev rishi asks him how is this & narayan tells him it’s because of mata paravati after dire meditation had asked such a child which will look like me, will have powers like brahmadev & will have powers & ability to spread his blessings & love to the entire world so I boned her the child who is ganesh which is my form & i his form. Ganesh who has given plant like tulsi which is blessed to the world & also shilajit which will also come to bless the entire world by which a beautiful human female form will also immerge for ganesh’s meditation & pooja to perform. Dev rishi praises narayan for this.
A girl is moving around in a village & prays ganeshji doing meditation. She too comes to narayan near dev rishi & he is appreciating her as she is taking blessings from narayan.

Precap : The beautiful girl is performing pooja of ganesh as ganesh is doing meditation & sees her putting flowers on his feet & ganesh blesses her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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